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There are claims that some Chinese companies do not like to employ indigenous people Tanzanians and even if they employ them, the employee end up being paid low wages. What is your response to that? According to the statistics of TIC, Chinese companies have created more than 60, working opportunities and trained many skilled technicians for Tanzania.

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The Tanzanian people are diligent and pure, which I appreciate very much. Our Embassy had 5 local employees and decided to employ 2 more after my arrival.

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Another example is Huawei Technology which is a high-tech Company. I visited this company recently and the one who briefed me was a local engineer. I always require the Chinese companies to obey Tanzanian laws and try their best to employ more locals.

More than that, they need to treat the locals kindly, teach them knowledge and skills, provide reasonable salary according to their skills and contribution. If you find any Chinese company which provides salary lower than law requested, please let our Economic and Commercial Representation Office know. We will take it seriously and give you a favorable feedback. What is your comment to that?

I also heard this kind of reports. But as I learned, most of the Chinese businessmen in Kariakoo are for wholesale, and some of them sell products they have produced in their factories in Tanzania. They said that Kariakoo will not become the largest distribution center in East Africa if there are no Chinese businessmen and products. The Chinese businessmen contributed to Tanzania by paying tax, rent and creating jobs for the locals. China encourages its companies to invest in Tanzania, and asks them to abide by the local laws and benefit the local people.

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China will further educate its businessmen in Tanzania and support the Tanzanian government to clean its market by law. How do your business firms or establishments directly benefit Tanzanians? I have explained it clearly in your 6th question. By using this site, you consent to the use of cookies. For more information, please see our Cookie Policy. Across the globe, how companies do business is changing.

CHINA’S GDP 2010-2011:

Consumer behaviors are evolving as demographics shift and advances in technology are opening up new avenues for people to engage with content and brands. These new connections are unlocking opportunities for marketers to reach consumers.

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But knowing how and where to connect with consumers in this increasingly complex marketplace can be challenging. As multinationals seek growth across the globe and local companies look beyond their borders, they need help identifying the opportunities that are right for their business. For a print version of the brochure please follow Download Print Version link. Thank your for subscribing to our ETC Bulletin. You'll now automatically receive the new releases.

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