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This book will show you how to recast the dead-end into a satisfying, financially sound career pathway. Alison Mathiebe is the trainer, the award-winning call centre manager and the success story.

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She provides stable, sensible solutions for call centre agents with the calming voice of a mentor. She will show you:. When Alison completed university she dreamed of working in a museum, but she had to survive.

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While she waited to land the coveted position in a museum, she took a job in a call centre and designed a career. Her success documents accepting a stop-gap job and carving a future in a sustainable field with more promise than she ever imagined.

Whether you are looking for work or are an experienced call centre professional, this book holds the key to your call centre success. Through Alison, access the personal pride in succeeding in a traditional role with a non-traditional work-flow. Alison Mathiebe is the one mentor to catapult you into career success and financial gain.


She will show you: It is always recommended to eat within an hour of waking up, and that is also true even if your wake-up time happens to be 4 pm in the afternoon due to your night shift. Try and turn these patterns into a regular basis, so your body can get more easily used to your reversed lifestyle. As we all know, call centers are about targets, targets, targets.

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If your employer allows it, try and talk to someone at least a few times during your night shift. So, instead of drinking that third coffee, focus on consuming more water. Some light exercise or a short walk around the office or outside will definitely keep you awake, and also help to refresh your mind. As a result, you may end up dropping by a fast food restaurant to grab some junk food, or even worse, just try to survive the night without eating. Both are definitely bad ideas!

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Instead, always make sure to prepare your own food for your call center night shift even if it requires some planning ahead. Always bear in mind that consuming caffeine during the second half of your shift reduces your chance of getting a relaxing sleep once you get home.

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Although most agents struggle with working night shifts, as you can see, there are some tricks that can help you survive those dark nights. Make sure to follow our pro tips, and you too will be able to start improving your performance during your call center night shift. And what are your tricks to make it through the night? Click here to cancel reply. Content Strategist and Copywriter 0. June 7, in Call Center Life 6 min read. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Here's how you can survive a call center night shift | VCC Live Blog

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