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I think the only one I really remember is Lauren I look forward to book 2! Very Bland I didn't like this book at all not sure that bull read the next one, it was predictable and boring. I mean there was little connection with the characters and you couldn't feel the passion between the characters.

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I was not imptes3sed! This was an awesome read! I enjoyed the writing, the characters and the build up at the end. That cliff-hanger has me dying to read the sequel Lighter To My Cigarette 2: Monique did such a fantastic job with it. Kai Ellis was a sweet young lady. She grew up in the world with a father that was biggest in the game, but she was also sheltered from a lot.

Spoiled at times, but she had ambition which I loved!

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  3. Chronicles Of Ancient Astronauts.

She was quiet, but badass when needed. After seeing how her fiance, Justic This was an awesome read! After seeing how her fiance, Justice, started to go haywire and put his hands on her, she left him. She wanted to learn to be on her own and work. She was ready to act like the adult she needed to be.

I loved how she had a strong head on her shoulder and knew how to take care of herself. She was kind, loving and didn't seek to harm people. She was a genuine person. Quentin Roberts is the guy that unexpectedly, but not surprisingly steals your heart away. He wasn't into chasing after girls. He was focused on his son Amir and working towards leaving the game. He was a hardworker, protective, sweet and gentle, but when he had to put on his "gangster" face he was bout it!

Justice Smith is a grade a asshole! I mean hitting on women, stealing, killing and playing mind games -- he was damn near delusional.

Pontiac G6 Questions - where is the fuse for my cigarette lighter? It has blown.. - CarGurus

I'm glad he got what he deserved at the end because I couldn't stand him one bit, but he did play his part extremely well. The love triangle was a pretty one. I loved that Kai left Justice and he went insane. He thought he could win her over, but he failed. I didn't care much for the romance between Justice and Kai. I did swoon over Kai and Quentin though. They were meant to be! All the other characters were awesome as well from start to finish. I'm definitely dying to see how this plays out in the next book!

Aug 19, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. This book was excellent. Well written and captivating. Loved the love story between Quentin and Kai. It was a wild, beautiful ride. Danielle rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Deja Jackson rated it really liked it Mar 30, Missy rated it really liked it Jul 20, C rated it it was amazing Oct 13, Yvette rated it really liked it Nov 05, Darlene rated it really liked it May 13, Lisa Wakefield rated it really liked it Sep 09, These are often held together at the rear with a nut, where the positive wire attaches to the socket itself, separated with a thin insulator, I have seen these shift around or overheat, distorting the socket and shorting it.

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  • There is also usually At least on the Japanese vehicles I've worked on; Ford may be different a fuse at the back of the socket that is part of the socket itself, if this blows the only recourse is usually to replace the socket itself. You can buy aftermarket add-on 12V sockets that usually come with wiring to connect it, this may be a good option if nothing obvious is found in the above inspection.

    If you've got a test light or other method of limiting the current as outlined in the above comments, I'd unplug the socket and see if the short is still present, from there I'd get ahold of a wiring diagram and see if there's anything else in that circuit that can be disconnected to test - will tell you where in the circuit the short is.

    If the socket itself isn't shorted, and it's not otherwise obvious, you may want to just add an accessory fuse and run new wiring to the socket vs tearing into the harness to find the problem. My suspicion is that someone overloaded the socket enough to melt it and short it out, but not enough to pop the fuse. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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    Fault find blown cigarette lighter fuse Ask Question. I have a ford focus mk2, nothing custom, nothing modified, all stock. The cigertte lighter has never worked so I thought it was about time I attempted to fix this. My question is, is there a probable cause and where would I start fault finding?

    Sometimes a coin or other foreign metal object ends up in a cigarette lighter and causes the fuse to blow. I'd check that first. FlorianCastellane, but to be clear, replacing the fuse is the easiest first step in troubleshooting this type of thing. For all the OP knew, someone could have tried to use a broken, shorted out device that blew the fuse. We had a car with lighters in the back doors, 80's era Oldsmobile, and the kids managed to take one apart and cram the pieces back in there doing this same thing.

    They also filled one up with dimes to the same effect after we removed the lighter elements. So, make sure to check all the sockets. It took hours of tracing wires before I realized there was a branch to the back seat doors. You have a short somewhere. In addition, disconnect the wiring from the socket and test the wiring using the multimeter for a short - if there is one, then moving the wires between the socket and the fuse box may make it disappear helping you to locate the short.

    The more I think about it, this must be happening between the fuse panel and whatever component is pulling the load cigarette socket or within the component itself. Anything before the fuse panel wouldn't affect the fuse, and anything after should be grounded by design. Yes, first thing to test is for a faulty cigarette lighter assembly.

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    Disconnect the wire from the back of it and see if that removes the short. If not the fault is "upstream" between the lighter and the fuse. Apart from a previous-owner "mod" it's possible that the wire has been chafing against the vehicle chassis and is now bare. Unlikely with a car, much more likely with a one! I like that bulb trick, and now you can get bulbs with wires already on them so you don't need any skill at all to use this test method: Why not just use the multimeter to directly measure the resistance between the circuit and ground?

    Bang on things, see if the reading jumps. Nick if you know which end of the fuse goes to the battery "live" and which end to the lighter, that may work.

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    Get it wrong and you might damage the meter. Current-limited testing across the fuseholder is safe either way round. What sort of meter would get damaged by feeding 12 V in when measuring resistance?

    You are probably correct if it is a modern meter, but I once completed a starter-motor connection through a multi-meter probe, which promptly vaporized, leaving me with spots in front of my eyes, ears ringing, heart pounding, and brass-plated fingers.