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Hand your completed playslip to the clerk or simply tell them how many plays you want.

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Remember, your ticket is your receipt. It will show your numbers for each play, the date of the drawing, and the dollar amount you paid. Be sure to confirm the accuracy of your number picks. Your ticket is your property.

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Protect it by signing your name on the back. If your ticket is lost or stolen, the only way to prove ownership is through your name, address, and signature. Ticket sales close at 7: Mountain Time the evening of the drawing. Until Vikram forcibly and without warning threatened to annul their marriage which ended in divorce stripping Lucky of everything she cared about: Completely unmoored and seeking refuge in New York with her old friends Alec and Susan, Lucky has no inkling that her life was about to take a dramatic new turn.

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But will she be able to open herself up to it? It is Alec who convinces Lucky to volunteer as a yoga instructor at the state penitentiary. I found the character "Lucky" predictable, arrogant, dull and very self-centered.

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I found it difficult to care about her, I really did. I mean, here she was having what I consider a very charmed and wonderful life particularly when compared to the lives of most other people but all she seemed to do was whine and complain and wonder why it wasn't better.

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Don't get me wrong, she did experience genuinely difficult and challenging moments but I just couldn't figure out why she wasn't dancing around joyfully during the times between them. She never seemed to have a truly happy moment and I kept wondering, why? There's a quote in this book that's used over and over again and is attributed to this book: It is one that has been used throughout history by many spiritual philosophies, texts and leaders, such as "The Science of Mind" by Ernest Holmes, several writings and teachings of Deepak Chopra, Dr.

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  6. Wayne Dyer and Don Miguel Ruiz just to name a few. It would have been nice for the author to give credit where credit is due even though this book is a work of fiction. I was truly hoping that this book would be an undiscovered gem for me but I never connected with it. Oh well, better luck next time I suppose. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I enjoyed this read, with its suspense, the main character's grit, and the conveyance of the power of yoga.

    It always caught me by surprise by one courageous lady named Lucky! I'm still dumb founded by the ending Once in a while comes an unusual novel that is a truly magical page turner. The number of books written by Indian authors, makes Bapsy Jain's book "Lucky Everyday" run the risk of being dismissed as yet another book by yet another Indian author. However from the start to the finish this is not to be!

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    Transporting the reader in time by moving between the past and present Bapsy Jain introduces us to vivid life like characters like Steve, the gruff prisoner, Mike her new business manager, Amay the nerd and Shanti the voice of spirituality that is timeless.

    Expertly introducing twists "Lucky Everyday" manages to avoid the trap of being a formula based thriller. What really elevates this book to a new level is the hope and inspiration and powerful message it holds, Reaching beyond the mystery we unravel the heart of the novel - Shanti's teachings which we can all use in our everyday lives too. For me it is a master piece I can refer to time and time again. A big thank you Bapsy Jain: A friend of mine recommended this book to me and I bought it from Amazon. Having recently gotten out of a long term relationship myself I could completely relate to Lucky Boyce's character and her struggle to start life from scratch again.

    As you read the book u realize that even though the problems that Lucky's character faces are different from ones we face in our day to day lives but sum where sooner or later our inner demons catch up to us and then there is no choice but to face them head on. And that's exactly what Lucky does We all find some thing in our lives that helps us find our inner strength for Lucky Yoga gives her the calm and the peace required to face her fears.

    Personally for me meditation and yoga have been very therapeutic too and hence I loved this book. For those who are new to healing effects of yoga this book will definitely be an eye opener. Bottom line this book was money well spent for me and I would definitely recommend it to one and all. Hats off to Bapsy Jain for writing a book with such well defined characters and a gripping story that makes it difficult to put down. I recently read on Bapsy's website that she is working on a sequel to this book and I cannot wait to read it.

    A great book for all readers, despite that Penguin appears to target young women in particular.