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They are considered data stewards. Other people include management and important stakeholders in the data, since there are financial and personnel considerations when developing and implementing a master data management program. Most of the "buzzwords" you'll hear when dealing with Master Data Services are used in other data modeling techniques:.

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Perhaps the first place to look is for tables that are stored in multiple databases. Examples may include, but are not necessarily limited to, information on state and territories, zip codes, and domain-based information like colors, sizes, and contact types. The next bit of data to review could be the essential data required for identifying your customers, as well as the data required to get your products to clients, including contact names, company addresses, and phone numbers. Before you get too excited about using Master Data Services there are some limitations for installing and using it.

Introduction to Master Data Services in SQL Server 2008

Second, it will only be available for x64 versions of SQL Server. Lastly, the minimum framework it requires is the. All comments are reviewed, so stay on subject or we may delete your comment.

View all my tips. Post a comment or let the author know this tip helped. You can install both of these components on the same machine or you can install them separately on different machines.

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These are prerequisites for installing and configuring Master Data Services:. Click Next and then you will see the License Agreement screen. The next screen will ask your name and your company name to personalize your installation. Enter these details and click on the Next button.

Database Requirements (Master Data Services) | Microsoft Docs

If required, you can change this default selection to suit your environment and need. The next screen is the final screen.


Here, if you want to change your selection you can go back and change it or else simply click on the Finish button to start the installation of Master Data Services. The installation will take few minutes and then finally you will see a completion screen with installation status. You can do this either by stopping the application pool that contains the Web application and service, or you can stop the Web site that contains them.


If you stop the application pool, you stop requests for all applications in that application pool. If you stop the Web site, you stop only traffic to the Web site and any applications and services it contains. Stop any operations, such as scheduled jobs, that affect the MDS database. Review value for SchemaVersion and compare the value after you apply the MDS update to verify that the value has been increased.

Take a current backup of the MDS database. If you are using the full recovery model, take a log backup immediately before you upgrade the database.

Installing MDS cumulative updates on a server without an existing MDS installation

If you are using the simple recovery model, take a full or differential database backup. To apply an MDS cumulative update: On the server where you want to install the update, navigate to the location where you extracted MasterDataServices. The following message appears: A lower version of this product has been detected on your system.

Would you like to upgrade your existing installation?