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Skies of Fire is printed in a beautiful 8x11" oversized format that showcases the incredible talent of our artists. The size harkens to a European aesthetic, reflecting the diverse background of the people working on the project. In addition to the story, each issue contains a page codex in the back of the book. The codex provides additional background and context to the world much like an old school video game manual or tabletop rulebook.

Variant covers give us an opportunity to showcase and collaborate with artists whose work otherwise might not be shown in comics. For issue two, our variant cover is done by the extremely talented Pawel Fotek with letters by Alex Bucur. We mail our comics bagged and boarded in sturdy chipboard mailers. Chipboard mailers are incredibly durable and almost impossible to bend. They'll keep the comics safe as they're in transit to you while the bags and boards will ensure they'll continue to remain in mint condition for years to come. The rest of our of packaging includes three inch diameter cardboard tubes for posters and cardboard parcel packages for large orders, along with bubble wrap.

See a closeup of our Poster Prints here. To purchase Add-Ons, simply add the amount in red to your order. If you are adding-on a poster print and are based outside of the US, please add the following amount for shipping ONLY IF you do not have any other posters included in your backer reward: This will be our 3rd Kickstarter project and at this point we have a good idea of what to expect before, during, and after the campaign.

The main challenge we've faced in our past two is delivery - we strive always to deliver rewards to our backers in a timely manner, and though we've gotten faster each time, there is still room for improvement. For this campaign we plan on ordering the books as soon as we have a good guess about the demand, potentially weeks in. We also plan on streamlining the logistics for some of our higher-end reward tiers, and are looking into the possibility of a fulfillment service if the demand is great enough. The production of issue three is completely done, so the timeline is all about printing and shipping the books.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Comes with inks and behind-the-scenes features not includes in the pre-release.

Skies of Fire: Book I

This tier will only be open for the first 72 hours, so make sure to get your copies early! Comes with digital deluxe bonus material made for issue one detailing the complete Mythopoeia creative process. Over pages of story and content! This is the tier for you! Our variants are Kickstarter exclusive and will never be reprinted. Comes with all digital rewards.

Comes with digital rewards. Mar 22, - Apr 21, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Pin Email. A dieselpunk airship story of loyalty and revenge.

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The Aquilan Calendar by Alex Bucur. Get your poster copy of the variant with the "I want you in royal blue" slogan! Support Select this reward. Choose between an airship or broken sword. Casi no da tiempo a que arranque la historia T. View all 3 comments. Oct 12, Sara Garcia rated it really liked it Shelves: This one is a decent opening to the series. My rating is only this high because I continued and read 2 directly after this one so I have more respect for it.

The art style is very fitting to this story.

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Kind of a grungy steampunky feel overall. Which is always delightful. Story-wise there's a lot packed in all at once but it's not difficult to understand and the "extras" in the back clear up any confusion and really open up the world even further. Dec 24, Paolo Macri rated it really liked it. Interesting setup to an obviously bigger story with fantastic art and world building. Apr 18, Carly Vair rated it it was amazing. Lovely art, interesting world; characters and premise hooked me instantly.

Oct 08, Vincent Stoessel rated it really liked it Shelves: Simply beautiful oversized issue.

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Had all the usual Steampunk tropes in a good way. Oct 25, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: Infected by their enthusiasm for their project, I handed over five dollars for an oversized, glossy comic book called Skies of Fire. I had flipped through it and the artwork appealed. Airships and pirates, bearded men dressed in flight jackets and peaked caps, low-slung cities dotted with tall towers that served the sky. A brooding line of clouds called the Expanse. Fire, destruction, politics and a plucky naval captain who wanted to talk on the world.

Yep, worth five bucks. I like a good story, but my choice of comics usually comes down to the art. A good cover catches my eye, as does clever use of colour. Skies of Fire is a really pretty comic book. Inside the front cover they have a wonderfully detailed map of the Aquilan Empire. The style of art within, the line work and colours are consistent with the steampunk flavour of the story. The comic opens with an airship docking with a tower at Port Prince.

Pirates arrive before they finish unloading their cargo and a battle ensues. It looks fairly one sided with the airship going up in flames and the tower left crumbling. She is accused of disobeying orders and breaking formation.

OmegaMode - Skies Of Fire

Basically, her admiral is throwing her under a bus or over the side of an airship as the case may be. She defends herself by explaining that she disobeyed in order to chase the enemy and then asks permission to lead an expedition into the Expanse.

Skies of Fire #1

Obviously impressed by her compunction and courage, His Majesty grants permission and puts the crown at her disposal. The politicking against her adventure is fierce. The remainder of the thirty-three page comic is fleshed out with some extras: A copy of the Monterey Tribune does the same.

Finally, the last page includes portraits of the team done in the same style of the comic. Each has a brief bio. I really enjoyed the comic. Dec 21, Madeleine Holly-Rosing rated it really liked it Shelves: With an oversized first issue and terrific art, it is really a beautiful book to behold.

Set in the mythical land of the Aquilan Empire, the story starts at Port Prince where a cargo dirigible lands and begins to offload. It is a seemingly impenetrable area of which no naval vessel has ever returned. Called to defend her inability to stop the pirates from destroying Port Prince by the Emperor himself, Captain Pierce faces choices that will affect both her political and military future.

Skies of Fire Digital Comics - Comics by comiXology

The art in this book by Pablo Peppino is stunning and well thought out. There is a wonderful sense of motion and proportion. Bryan Valenza, the colorist, has done a marvelous job. Definitely all hands were on deck when putting this book together as the story is concise and you know exactly what you need to know about all the characters introduced to so far. My only major concern is that there are absolutely no people of color anywhere, not even in the background. I think this is a missed opportunity as the steampunk community is very inclusive and for a book so well done not to have them is just a shame.

I do hope the creators rectify that in future issues. Published by Mythopoeia, the issue also includes an amazingly detailed map of the Aquilan Empire on the inside back cover. Mar 30, Scott Sigler rated it really liked it Shelves: I saw these comics at WonderCon.

Part of the booth display was a poster of the different armored airships used by the navies within the world of the comic. The first issue is gorgeous.

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  7. The colors are subdued and seem tinged in sepia, giving every page the feel of a postcard. The effect is quite captivating — I loved the art. The story is off to an interesting start, I will see where it goes from there.