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Product Tags About The Book A practical and comprehensive guide to free- range poultry-keeping, whether commercial or small scale. Product Tags Add Your Tags: Home-grown or commercial feeds? Housing and watering, Butchering and dressing. With plans for portable and permanent chicken coops, publications, equipment sources. Takes the mystery out of slaughtering and butchering everything from beef and veal, to venison, pork, lamb, poultry, rabbits and small game. Also processing and preserving. Clear and easy-to-follow, with detailed illustrations, complete, step-by-step instructions.

But "no-one else's fencing needs are exactly like yours. Practical, easy-to-use guide to selecting, planning, and building fences that work. Pros and cons of various fence systems, complete and well-illustrated directions on how to build all types of fences, and also gates.

The focus is on fencing livestock in and predators out, not a book for "pretty" suburban fences. A guide book to show the domestic poultry keeper how to make suitable houses, runs, brooders, feeders and drinkers. The dimensions and materials needed are given in detail. The emphasis is on practical houses and equipment. Poultry Houses and Appliances For a treasurehouse of useful how-to's and information on housing poultry and much else see "Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them" by Rolfe Cobleigh, Orange Judd Company, -- Cobleigh's devices and techniques were good answers to common farm problems and they're just as functional and useful now as they were then.

Small Chicken House -- Criteria for the "perfect" chicken coop, for birds, with three diagrams and details. Lots of user input.

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Good range of informative and useful articles at the Library, basics, background on breeds, how-to's, history, linked to categorized message boards. Directory of poultry people, breed clubs, new, used, rare and out of print poultry, pet and agriculture books at the Bookstore online orders.

Bantams, chickens and waterfowl, ducks and geese, peafowl and guineas, pheasant, quail, turkeys, chukar, pigeons and doves, emus, ostrich and rheas, rare breeds. Commercial production, diseases and disorders, farm sites, housing, incubation and brooding, equipment and supplies, nutrition and more. Subscribe, current issue, past issues, online library, Breeders Directory, resources.

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Clear and concise presentation, emphasis on practical techniques and DIY tips. Relevant to poultry keepers, waterfowl and game breeders, and anyone with an interest in domestic and exotic species of birds. Uses commercial heating elements or light bulbs in porcelain sockets. Gettings, Rodale Images Salatin says pastured poultry with mobile pens produces a safer, more environmentally sound and tastier bird.

For the farmer, it's also a more satisfying, wholistic, economically beneficial and integrated system. Salatin sets out a workable guideline for starting your own operation: Makes poultry a cottage industry once again.

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An interesting variation on Joel Salatin's poultry pasture pen by Maine grazier Chris Bailey, with a picture and construction details. Not inexpensive, though," Maine says. Why not try 1" PVC water pipe?

Kabaru Poultry Farm - Small scale deep litter system of commercial poultry farming

Schedule 40 for strength. Please support Journey to Forever: Introduction Sustainable farming Small farms fit References. Back to the land. Food storage and preservation. Introduction Pasture resources Silage. Pigs for small farms. Poultry for small farms.

Aquaculture for small farms. Composting for small farms. Foundation On-farm composting resources. Controlling weeds and pests. Weeds Weed control resources Insect pests No pesticides Insect control resources. What people are saying about us. Why we're doing this.

Everyone can grow their own food. The Wheel of Life.

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Fuel for the future. Manuals, how-to's, research reports full text online. Sun power saves lives and trees. Trees, soil and water.