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Moving from the evolutionary history of the brain to the disorders and neuroses associated with our technology-driven world, James Kingsland explains why the ancient practice of mindfulness has been so beneficial and so important for human beings across time. Far from a New Age fad, the principles of meditation have deep scientific support and have been proven to be effective in combating many contemporary psychiatric disorders.

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A Rumored Fortune Joanna Davidson Politano 0 2 0 Tressa Harlowe's father did not trust banks, but neither did he trust his greedy extended family. He kept his vast fortune hidden somewhere on his estate in the south of England and died suddenly, without telling anyone where he had concealed it.

Tressa and her ailing mother are left with a mansion and an immense vineyard and no money to run it. It doesn't take long for a bevy of opportunists to flock to the estate under the guise of offering condolences. Tressa knows what they're really up to. She'll have to work with the rough and rusticated vineyard manager to keep the laborers content without pay and discover the key to finding her father's fortune--before someone else finds it first. Award-winning author Joanna Davidson Politano welcomes readers to Trevelyan Castle, home of the poorest heiress in Victorian England, for a treasure hunt they'll not soon forget.

Undaunted Hope Beacons of Hope Much to her dismay, however, she immediately learns that there was a mistake, that the town had requested a male teacher. Percival Updegraff, superintendent and chief mine clerk, says she can stay through winter since they won't be able to locate a new teacher before then, and Tessa can't help but say she is in his debt.

Little does she know that Percival will indeed keep track of all that she owes him.

The Buddha: The Story of an Awakened Life

Their uncle and assistant light keeper, Alex Bjorklund, has his own feelings for Tessa. As the two brothers begin competing for her hand, Tessa increasingly feels that someone is tracking her every move, and she may not be able to escape the trap that has been laid for her. Beautiful Now - 90 Days of Drawing from the insights she shares in Becoming Myself, Stasi Eldredge offers reflections, Scriptures, and prayers celebrating how God delights in seeing you become who you truly are.

Living An Orgasmic Life - Heal Xanet Pailet 0 1 0 1 Amazon Best Seller!

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Women who are alienated from their erotic side due to sexual abuse or trauma will find healing balm in these pages. Challenges with sexuality are all too common in our society and not frequently discussed in an open and thoughtful manner. She teaches practical advice and tools to help women awaken to their sexuality in a healthy way and reclaim their libido.

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Add sex back into your marriage: And those numbers are likely significantly under-reported and do not account for the large number of women and men who stay in their marriage for other reasons e. Even so, the number of reported sexless marriages has quadrupled in the last 20 years. Quick Overview A simple, inspiring telling of the life of the Buddha by an award-winning, best-selling author. A simple, uplifting telling of the life of Buddha by an award-winning, best-selling author. This is the first account of the Buddha story that does not separate, but blends the elements of history, apochrypha, and the Buddhist tenets into a compelling, page-turning narrative: Not for Buddhist insiders, but for all readers, this tale reaches across time to those with similar yearnings and needs, because all humans wish to elude death.

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If the goal is to humanize an eminent spiritual leader from another time and place, the book succeeds, it is an accessible introduction to the life of the Buddha for general readers wanting a taste of a legendary life story. Episodes from the life of the Indian prince born around the fifth century B.

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In a narrative with a well-marked beginning, middle and end, the Buddha finds the middle way at mid-life after pursuing youthful extremes of sensual indulgence and mortifying asceticism. Some well-known Buddhist parables, such as the story of the mustard seed, are included. If the goal is to humanize an eminent spiritual leader from another time and place, the book succeeds.