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Tony clothing stores are filled with the bright colors and styles of the era. Bands like the Monkees and Herman's Hermits have reunited and are touring the country.

'Jetsons' Revival Brings Limelight to Composer

One trendy Valley salon offers a Jane Jetson haircut. Curtin himself is a living reminder of that past. Dressed in a "University of Bedrock" sweater bearing Fred Flintstone's face, he looks like a red-headed Captain Kangaroo. He speaks in youthful musician's lingo: Man, that tune swings," Curtin said. The music has to have some excitement, some reason. Curtin watches Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons religiously. He videotapes the ones he can't see at air time. I can't get up that early.


Music is serious business at Hanna-Barbera Studios, which bills itself as the world's largest producer of animated entertainment. Over the past 28 years, Curtin has written the music to almost every one of Hanna-Barbera's cartoon series. His eight-man company of composers, Soundtrack Music Inc. The list of Curtin's theme songs evokes a Who's Who of cartoon history: Although a musical score may account for only several minutes of a live-action show, on a cartoon it plays almost continuously, even beneath dialogue. Music is vital to animation, explained Joe Sandusky, the executive who called for more danger during the studio recording.

Try turning the sound down on your TV some time. Curtin began putting music to cartoons in when, after graduating from USC with a degree in music, he landed a job scoring "Mr. The money, he recalled, wasn't much in those days. Hanna and Barbera were looking for someone to put music to cartoons for a different screen, the television.

In the early days, Hanna and Barbera would telephone Curtin and read him lyrics. So many of our optimistic ideas about an automated future come from this classic cartoon. Flying cars, videophones, conveyor belt sidewalks and robot servants suddenly did not seem so far away or far-fetched.

Fifty-five years later, it remains as relevant as ever.

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There was even a nifty commercial that recently reimaged the opening credits. But there are some things you might not know about the Jetsons! The cartoon itself never states the specific year, though characters often refer to living "in the 21st century. Only 45 more years to go!

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According to Danny Graydon's The Jetsons: The Official Cartoon Guide , the artists looked to books about futurism for a creative spark. A primary source was And the Changes to Come by Arnold B. Barach, which featured a man flying a jetpack and L. Take a look at some more pictures from inside the book. Of course, most viewers in could not watch the Jetsons in its full glory. The number of color televisions sold in the U. As hard as it is to believe, The Jetsons only originally ran for 24 episodes, from — If you grew up watching reruns over the next couple decades, you were seeing the same stuff recycled again and again.

The cartoon was revived for 51 more episodes in You are excused if you ever confused the two toons in your mind.

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Don Messick provided the voice to both cartoon Great Danes. It was on The Jetsons that Messick rerfected ris roice rith rall the Rs. Scooby would not come along until Penny Singleton provided the voice of Jetsons mom Jane.

The actress would have been quite familiar to older viewers, and aficionados of comic characters. Between and , Singleton brought the daily comic strip character Blondie Bumstead to life in 28! However, George and Jane Jetson were set to have different actors. It was rumored that TV sponsors had a say in the decision.

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How do you spell the name of the family's robot maid? If you said either "Rosey" and "Rosie" you're correct. Teenage Judy Jetson adores the ultimate pop idol of , Jet Screamer. She enters and wins a contest to pen a song for the guitar twanger. The result is "Eep, Opp, Ork.