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But, with her taking his camera, for reasons I can only fathom as revenge, it should be interesting to see where this leads. Especially since she is seeing this whole wrestling thing as selling out and maybe consider this her saving him. If not just his legacy, or lack thereof.

The owner of the motel is Russian, Ruth wants to portray a more authentic Russian, so guess who spend the day together?

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Not because Gregory wants to, mind you, he just has a problem saying no. Even to women he is pretty sure are hookers. Nothing really changes between them or with Ruth. Something especially seen when it comes to her getting in the ring with her inevitable opponent. I feel like props need to be given for this not being conventional.

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For one might expect Ruth to understand Russian culture now and be all authentic. After spending the day with Gregory, Ruth just picks up on the Jewish stuff she saw and decides to make that into a character. Showing whatever was learned was more for the sake of appropriation, or spoof, than the understanding she claimed she was looking for. Well, he kind of softens up. If not, more so, he gets the kind of development I enjoy with a character in which he becomes more than meets the eye.

Debbie, The Liberty Bell, needs a villain. Oh, she was the worse. Not because she was bad to work with, but because she eclipsed Debbie. She was funny, made her the joke of her bit, and Debbie has no intention of playing second fiddle to no one. So, with her running through all the people not paired up yet, there is Ruth. The woman who screwed her husband but the only one who could, and would, make her look good. Hence why she gives her a chance. Not to become friends again, but to at least have a working relationship.

One which, as of their first tussle, seems like it will be mutually beneficial. I can see why. For while the two are continuing to grow on me, I still have little to no excitement about each new episode.

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It has become the type of show where, like Alice to Zorouku , that benefits from being short. A welfare queen vs.

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Oh you know which ones I mean! Those moments where everything just seems to be perfectly right, when the universe is very much on your side. Those moments that last a second but seem to stretch a lifetime, time slowing down around you so you have enough time to realise that, yes, every little thing is gonna be alright. Those important moments when nothing much happens and the outside world might not even recognise it, but they will stay with you.

Because they make you incredibly happy. Those moments that make living life so worth it. Let me just tell you, there were a lot of those moments in Africa.

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Are you ready for a little adventure?! Is what we used to say whenever we were waiting particularly long to pay for our groceries or whenever we were going from driving full speed to braking, with wheels locked up and screeching because there was a donkey crossing the road. Or whenever you shared your shower with five different types of spiders and a 30 cm long lizard.

But let me tell you what Africa means to me, let me tell you why I fell in love with this continent. This is my Africa: Sossusvlei is the famous Namibian desert where you can find the dead valley. Africa is little kids with naked feet and dirty legs, with ripped pants and too-small-shirts, but with the biggest hearts and huge smiles spread across their little faces. Star Gazing in the desert. Africa means beautiful people and campfires and guitar songs and strangers turning into friends and life lived right.

Africa is wild horses and cute little dassies in the rock arches of Spitzkoppe. My time in Africa was full of tiny, beautiful, perfect moments that filled my soul with joy and made my heart sing. A mother Elephant and her baby in the wild. Hanging with a child from Himba tribe.

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Have you ever had the chance to watch wild elephants in nature? It must be one of my favorite things to do. They seem like the happiest creatures alive- splashing and fighting and playing in the gentle waves of Chobe River, practically a huge smile spread across their faces.