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Crouched on the floor near the bed, her knees drawn up, her arms resting on her knees, and her forehead on her arms, she wept and sobbed continuously, shaking her head from time to time as though to indicate that there was no more hope, absolutely none at all; while her plump shoulders and straight young back rose and fell in the tightly fitting yellow bodice, like a wave of the sea. The room was nearly in darkness; there were no windows, but through the open door which gave upon a bricked gallery, a stretch of dull grey sky could be seen, growing momentarily darker; and far, far away, against this dusky background, gleamed the yellow ray of a little, solitary star.

From the courtyard below came the shrill chirping of a cricket, and the occasional stamp of horses hoofs on the stone pavement. Typographical errors above are due to OCR software and don't occur in the book. About the Publisher Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings, such as: Forgotten Books' Classic Reprint Series utilizes the latest technology to regenerate facsimiles of historically important writings. Careful attention has been made to accurately preserve the original format of each page whilst digitally enhancing the aged text.

Read books online for free at www. Il fratello maggiore, Basilio, scapolo ma padre di un figlio illegittimo, era morto senza lasciare testamento. But he finds himself trapped by social and religious strictures, his passion and guilt winding into a spiral of anguish and paralyzing indecision. For guidance he turns first to the village priest, who advises him to resist temptation; then he turns to the pagan "father of the woods," who recognizes the weakness of human will and urges him to declare his love before it is too late. The novel begins with Costantino Ledda's conviction and sentencing for the murder of his cruel uncle.

Though innocent of the crime, he accepts the guilty verdict as punishment for marrying Giovanna Era through a civil ceremony rather than an expensive church wedding. When her husband is taken away, Giovanna has no way to provide for herself, her mother, and her son, who soon dies of malnutrition. Out of desperation she divorces Costantino, according to a new law for wives of convicts, and marries a wealthy but brutish landowner. When the true murderer confesses and Costantino returns, he and Giovanna begin a forbidden and ultimately destructive affair. Deleda's tragic story of poverty, passion, and guilt portrays the primitive and remote world of the church, pre-Christian superstitions, and laws dictated from the mainland, in her native Sardinia, where society hangs in a delicate balance.

Once this order is disrupted, none of these characters can escape the spiral of destruction dictated by fate, God, and society. Grazia Deledda was born on September 27, in Nuoro, Sardinia, into a middle-class family. Deledda's formal education ended in she attended elementary school and she was also educated by a private tutor. Thereafter she was largely self-taught through reading. Grazia Deledda was a practitioner of Italian verismo or "realist" fiction in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as well as a winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

In , Grazia Deledda went out of her village for the first time in her life and visited Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. L'amico d'Oriente Italian Edition. Set up a giveaway. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

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The film, Edipo Re, directed by Italian poet, novelist, and social and political activist Pier Paolo Pasolini, not only reconstructs the myth and adapts Sophocles' tragedy, but uses both as a basis of cinematic autobiography. This paper is a detailed analysis of the formal, stylistic, and thematic dimensions of this film, illustrating the complex manner in which Pasolini interweaves myth, play, and autobiography into a unique cinematic achievement.

This analysis is followed by speculations on the implications of the film's structure and techniques and on what they reveal about Pasolini's character, his sexual profile, and the ignominious murder that ended his life. The last decade has seen tremendous change in the commercial news media that play a central role in political processes in democracies around the world, as well as considerable progress in cross-national comparative media research.

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But despite the impact of Daniel C. In this piece, we call for further institutionally and system-oriented mixed-methods comparative research to advance our understanding of how current changes are impacting journalism, the news media, and ultimately politics in different settings. We suggest that existing conceptions Robotic exploration of the solar system. In Robotic Exploration of the Solar System, Paolo Ulivi and David Harland provide a comprehensive account of the design and managment of deep-space missions, the spacecraft involved - some flown, others not - their instruments, and their scientific results.

This third volume in the series covers launches in the period to and features: The story will continue in Part 4. Full Text Available This article reveals key elements of the Neapolitan intellectual map of the Counter-Reformation one of the most complex and fascinating of the Italian history at the dawn of the Enlightenment.

The main objective is to resettle the place of both Jansenism and Scholastics to the Neapolitan intellectual history of the first half of the eighteenth Century. Current and emerging treatments for the management of osteogenesis imperfecta. Osteogenesis imperfecta OI is the most common bone genetic disorder and it is characterized by bone brittleness and various degrees of growth disorder. Clinical severity varies widely; nowadays eight types are distinguished and two new forms have been recently described although not yet classified. The approach to such a variable and heterogeneous disease should be global and therefore multidisciplinary.

For simplicity, the objectives of treatment can be reduced to three typical situations: Three types of treatment are available: Suggestions and guidelines for a therapeutic approach are indicated and updated with the most recent findings in OI diagnosis and treatment.

Full Text Available Una definizione classica inquadra il paesaggio come natura percepita attraverso una cultura.

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A classical definition of landscape is "nature perceived through a culture". Since the end of the Second World War, the Basilicata region has been a film location; more than forty full length movies have been shot in Basilicata. Most of them, from The gospel according to St. Matera is an interesting case study: Fruehwald, president of the Humboldt Foundation, was quite a shock, and overwhelming, but much appreciated," Carilli said.

Fortunately, I have a lot of help. I consider this award a recognition of our team's efforts over the last few years. Pierre Cox and Prof. These folks are not only my professional colleagues, but good friends. He also was a visiting Humboldt fellow in Bonn in He serves on a number of scientific advisory committees, and recently was chair of the international science advisory committee for the Square Kilometer Array project.

He has co-edited five books and authored numerous research papers in a wide variety of scientific journals. New telescopes now under construction will be key tools for unraveling this mystery, Carilli explained. With the new observatories we'll have in the next few years, we'll have the opportunity to learn important details from the era when the Universe was only a toddler compared to today's adult," Carilli said. Several issues of interest are addressed, namely natural, forced and mixed convection, conduction, radiation, multi-phase fluid dynamics and interface phenomena, computational fluid dynamics, micro- and nano-scales, efficiency in energy systems, environmental technologies and buildings, heat transfer in fire engineering.

The response has been enthusiastic: Keynote Lectures were given by Professor Giovanni S. This special volume collects a selection of the scientific contributions discussed during this conference; these works give a good overview of the state-of-the art Italian research in the field of Heat Transfer related topics. I would like to thank sincerely the authors for presenting their works at the conference and in this special issue. I would also like to extend my thanks to the Scientific Committee and the authors for their accurate review process of each paper for this special issue.

Special thanks go to the organizing committee. Abstract This study is a reflection of the discourse and practice on the Basic Ecclesial communities in Brazil and Italy. We try to show, from an empirical and theoretical research, the relations between two Christian Base Communities: Such analysis was supported by the theory of social transformation of Max Weber, by the studies of Karl Mannheim and Glock and Stark. Thanks to a large attendance and a lively program, it provided the opportunity to review recent advances of our knowledge of the high-energy transient Universe both from the observational and theoretical sides.

When Swift was launched on November 20, , its prime objective was to chase Gamma-Ray Bursts and deepen our knowledge of these cosmic explosions. And so it did, unveiling the secrets of long and short GRBs. However, its multi-wavelength instrumentation and fast scheduling capabilities made it the most versatile mission ever flown. Besides GRBs, Swift has observed, and contributed to our understanding of, an impressive variety of targets including AGNs, supernovae, pulsars, microquasars, novae, variable stars, comets, and much more.

Swift is continuously discovering rare and surprising events distributed over a wide range of redshifts, out to the most distant transient objects in the Universe. Such a trove of discoveries has been addressed during the conference with sessions dedicated to each class of events. Indeed, the conference in Rome was a spectacular celebration of the Swift 10th anniversary. It included sessions on all types of transient and steady sources. Top scientists from around the world gave invited and contributed talks. There was a large poster session, sumptuous lunches, news interviews and a glorious banquet with officials attending from INAF and ASI.

All the presentations, as well as several conference pictures, can be found in the conference website http: Our warmest thanks to Paolo for all his work. Treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism: Nefrologia e Dialisi, Ospedale L. Secondary hyperparathyroidism SHPT, a very frequent, severe, and worsening complication of chronic kidney disease, is characterized by high serum parathyroid hormone PTH, parathyroid gland hyperplasia, and disturbances in mineral metabolism. Clinically, SHPT shows renal osteodystrophy, vascular calcification, cardiovascular damage, and fatal outcome.

Another important player in regulating mineral metabolism is vitamin D receptor VDR, which is under the influence of vitamin D and influences the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate, PTH gene expression, and bone calcium mobilization. Serum phosphate levels influence fibroblast growth factor 23 FGF production, a phosphatonin that modulates serum phosphate reabsorption, PTH synthesis, and vitamin D production.

Current therapeutic approaches consist of 1 phosphate intake control by diet or phosphate binders, 2 vitamin D by VDR activation, and 3 calcimimetic agents that activate CaSR. Recently, a new long-acting peptide etelcalcetide belonging to the calcimimetics class was approved for intravenous use in hemodialysis patients with SHPT. Etelcalcetide binds directly to CaSR, by a sulfide bond, inhibiting the production and secretion of PTH by parathyroid glands. After intravenous administration in rats, etelcalcetide is quickly distributed to the tissues and eliminated by kidneys, while in uremic animals the nonrenal excretion is only 1.

In hemodialysis patients, the treatment itself is the. Long-term survival in elderly patients with a do-not-intubate order treated with noninvasive mechanical ventilation. Noninvasive mechanical ventilation NIMV is an effective tool in treating patients with acute respiratory failure ARF, since it reduces both the need for endotracheal intubation and the mortality in comparison with nonventilated patients. A particular issue is represented by the outcome of NIMV in patients referred to the emergency department for ARF and with a do-not-intubate DNI status because of advanced age or excessively critical conditions.

A total of 16 of the 52 patients had not survived at the 1-year follow-up, and another eight patients died during the 3-year observation, with an overall mortality rate of Augmenting painted architectures for communicating cultural heritage. Full Text Available The paper presents a research under development at the University of Trieste to analyze a painted architecture by Paolo Veronese and to present the results using AR systems Augmented Reality Systems. The aim of the research was to transform a two-dimensional work of art in a three dimensional one, allowing all the visitors of a museum to enter the space of the representation and perceive it in a more direct way.

After the geometrical analysis of the picture, we started the digital restitution of the perspective references and proceed to model the virtual scene using Boolean primitives and applying all the textures to render the scene in a very realistic way. The further step was to convert the model into a dynamic form with AR algorithms and associate it with spatial references to allow users to do a virtual experience of it. Length of hospitalization is associated with selected biomarkers albumin and lymphocytes and with co-morbidities: Low albumin levels and low lymphocyte counts are intra hospital conditions that exert a negative influence on prognosis, healing and length of hospitalization.

The study aimed to analyze the correlation between low blood levels of albumin, low lymphocytes, and length of stay. The secondary aim was to identify other co-morbidities associated with prolonged hospital stay. Retrospective pilot study was conducted by analyzing anamnestic and biochemical data, related to patients admitted to ten wards of Hospital San Paolo Milan , collected from July 1 st to December 31 st A statistical analysis was carried out using the Correlation method, Multivariate Analysis and Regression.

Lymphocyte count and co-morbidities were evaluated in the whole cohort, albumin levels in patients. In the whole sample, low albumin levels and low lymphocyte counts were directly correlated to longer hospitalizations. The stratification of the results by department and diagnosis suggests that there is a higher correlation in certain subpopulations, and albumin shows a greater correlation with length of stay than lymphocytes. Also advanced age, high platelets, type of diagnosis, male gender and emergency admission led to longer hospitalizations.

A routine check of albumin, lymphocytes and a spectrum of significant variables can provide precious information which can eventually lead to a shorter hospital stay. Nonmotor symptoms in Parkinson's disease: Despite the emphasis on the motor phenotype of Parkinson's disease PD, it has been increasingly recognized that PD patients experience several nonmotor symptoms NMS, which have even greater significance when assessed by quality-of-life measures and institutionalization rates.

The burden of NMS tends to increase with age and disease severity and, in the very advanced stage of disease, NMS such as urinary problems, drooling, somnolence, psychosis, and dementia dominate the clinical phenotype. Moreover, the dopaminergic treatment used for the motor symptoms of PD can arise or worsen a number of NMS, including orthostatic hypotension, nausea, sleep disturbances, hallucinations, or impulsive compulsive behaviors. The XX century architectural heritage in the Marche region. Full Text Available In the history of architecture, Marche is often considered as a region that did not take part in the big developments of national architecture.

ALICE on the move. A new management, new modules for its sub-detectors and an increased capacity to probe the properties of the quark-gluon plasma. The new year bodes well for ALICE and ion physics as quarks and gluons prepare to unveil their most profound mysteries. He has recently taken over from Jurgen Schukraft, who led the collaboration from its earliest beginnings. Terracina - terra di briganti, tappa prediletta dai grand- turisti. Full Text Available Terracina: The charming fishing town on the Tyrrhenian Sea situated on the Via Appia offered to those who had crossed the boring and bothersome Pontine Marshes a glimpse of the lushest Mediterranean vegetation and views.

Dealing with incidents of serious disciplinary problems amongst learners: A comparative study between South Africa and selected countries. Research indicates that teachers are at a loss as to handling these situations. The aim of this article is to survey incidents of serious learner misconduct in a representative selection of education systems abroad to extract any guidelines that might be applicable to South African schools.

Eight education systems were surveyed: A study of these international practices and underlying principles for dealing with discipline in pedagogical situations Christian or secular could provide guidelines for South African teachers and education authorities. Aux origines de la science moderne. Paolo Marchetti, I giuristi e i confini. A Problem of Cross-Boundary History. Teresa Isenburg, Separare ed Unire.

Appunti sulle frontiere brasiliane fra Otto e Novecento: The opioid overdose epidemic: It has been driven largely by prescription opioids and intensified by a surge of illicit opioids e. The opioid overdose epidemic has been escalating consistently for over a decade. Is it an inviolable law of nature?

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  • If not, is it possible to develop a perpetual motion machine of the second kind? Is entropy a physical property in the same sense as energy is universally understood to be an intrinsic property of matter? Are the differences between mechanical and thermodynamic descriptions of physical phenomena reconcilable? Does the reversible law of motion of hamiltonian mechanics and quantum mechanics conflict with the empirical observation of irreversible phenomena? Optimising the weighting of the water retention index using sensitivity analysis. A robust composite indicator was developed to assess the capacity of the landscape to regulate and retain water passing through it at Pan-European scale.

    The "Water Retention Index" WRI takes into account the role of interception by vegetation, the water-holding capacity of the soil, and the relative capacity of the bedrock to allow percolation of water, as well as the influence of soil sealing and slope gradient. A delicate issue in composite indicators is however the relative weighting of each variable used in the indicator - strong correlations and skewness are known to cause unequal influence of the input variables, even though the weighting coefficients are equal Paruolo et al, To understand the effects of the weightings in the WRI, penalised splines were used to calculate the first order sensitivity index of each variable used in the construction of the WRI, allowing the true influence of each input to be determined.

    Furthermore, the weighting coefficients were optimised using an iterative nonlinear algorithm to find the coefficients which resulted in the most equal influence of each input to the indicator. In principle, this approach can be used to improve the weighting of many different kinds of composite indicator, the results of which are often used as the basis for important policy decisions at the European level. Series A Statistics in Society Treatment of obese patients with binge eating disorder using topiramate: Topiramate is an anticonvulsant drug used for the treatment of epilepsy and prophylaxis of migraine.

    Some authors have proposed its use as a mood stabilizer and have reported its efficacy in reducing impulsiveness and improving mood regulation, possibly via its antagonism to glutamatergic transmission in the lateral hypothalamus, although this indication is still controversial. Weight loss is a side effect consistently reported in the medical literature in patients treated with topiramate. Given its potential role in stabilizing mood and reducing impulse control problems and weight, topiramate has been proposed as a treatment for obese patients with binge eating disorder BED.

    The aim of this paper is to review published data on the efficacy and safety of topiramate for the treatment of obese subjects with BED. Although the evidence is preliminary, topiramate appears to be a relatively safe and effective treatment for obese subjects with BED. Limitations of the studies and future directions for research are discussed. Drug narratives about coca and cocaine in the 19th century].

    This contribution focuses on the history of Coca leaves and Cocaine in the second half of 19th century Europe. Mantegazza authored the first treatise claiming that Coca had psychoactive qualities and touted its broad therapeutic faculties; he claimed that it should be introduced into European pharmacotherapy. Narratives about medicinal drugs often streamline history into a story that starts with multiple meanings and impure matters and ends with well-defined substances, directed at clear-cut diseases and symptoms.

    In the case of Coca, however, the pure substance triggered no such process well into the s, whereas the leaves continued to circulate as an exotic, pluripotent drug whose effects where miraculous and yet difficult to establish. Motor learning in Sport. A short stroll into a unfamiliar world. Un corto paseo por un mundo desconocido]. Several scholars tried to give an answer to this question, while motor learning researchers were in favour of this kind of scientific knowledge Singer, , Magill, pedagogues were more sceptical Locke, ; Hoffman, Is it still a question that needs an answer?

    Does motor learning and expertise research useful for coaches and teachers? Recently the philosophy of mind and philosophy of sport has begun to focus on sport expertise Breivik, ; Moe, Today we are witnessing a change of the explanatory model of motor skill acquisition. Computational and computer metaphor is rejected and dynamic, sensorimotor, extended and enactive positions are the fashionable approaches Araujo, ; Aviles et al. In some cases these positions are coincidences but not in others. All of the researchers are agree upon the need to consider the mutuality of human beings and their surroundings.

    The computer metaphor, which at the time was the paradigm of any explanation, is now beginning to be seen as an overcome idea Moe, ; Varela, Thompson and Rosch, Prediction of site-specific interactions in antibody-antigen complexes: Antibodies or immunoglobulins are proteins of paramount importance in the immune system. They are extremely relevant as diagnostic, biotechnological and therapeutic tools. Their modular structure makes it easy to re-engineer them for specific purposes. Short of undergoing a trial and error process, these experiments, as well as others, need to rely on an understanding of the specific determinants of the antibody binding mode.

    In this article, we present a method to identify, on the basis of the antibody sequence alone, which residues of an antibody directly interact with its cognate antigen. We believe that it can be of great help in re-design experiments as well as a guide for molecular docking experiments. The results that we obtained also allowed us to dissect which features of the antibody sequence contribute most to the involvement of specific residues in binding to the antigen. Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online. Literary Shapes and Shadows. Venous and arterial thrombosis: Two aspects of the same disease?

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    An increasing body of evidence suggests the likelihood of a link between venous and arterial thrombosis. The two vascular complications share several risk factors, such as age, obesity, diabetes mellitus, blood hypertension, hypertriglyceridemia, and metabolic syndrome. Moreover, there are many examples of conditions accounting for both venous and arterial thrombosis, such as the antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, hyperhomocysteinemia, malignancies, infections, and the use of hormonal treatment.

    Finally, several recent studies have consistently shown that patients with venous thromboembolism are at a higher risk of arterial thrombotic complications than matched control individuals. We, therefore, speculate the two vascular complications are simultaneously triggered by biological stimuli responsible for activating coagulation and inflammatory pathways in both the arterial and the venous system.

    Future studies are needed to clarify the nature of this association, to assess its extent, and to evaluate its implications for clinical practice.

    Tesori d'Oriente Body Lotion (Made in Italy)

    This paper proposes an understanding of literary narrative as a form of social cognition and situates the study of such narratives in relation to the new comprehensive approach to human cognition, enaction. The particular form of enactive cognition that narrative understanding is proposed to depend on is that of participatory sense-making, as developed in the work of Di Paolo and De Jaegher.

    Currently there is no consensus as to what makes a good literary narrative, how it is understood, and why it plays such an irreplaceable role in human experience. The proposal thus identifies a gap in the existing research on narrative by describing narrative as a form of intersubjective process of sense-making between two agents, a teller and a reader.

    It argues that making sense of narrative literature is an interactional process of co-constructing a story-world with a narrator. Such an understanding of narrative makes a decisive break with both text-centered approaches that have dominated both structuralist and early cognitivist study of narrative, as well as pragmatic communicative ones that view narrative as a form of linguistic implicature.

    The interactive experience that narrative affords and necessitates at the same time, I argue, serves to highlight the active yet cooperative and communal nature of human sociality, expressed in the many forms than human beings interact in, including literary ones. Villaggio, Benigni and the cultural politics of emotions.

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    Full Text Available Umiliazione e amore: I loro film si concentrano principalmente su una singola emozione: Psychiatric comorbidity and suicide risk in patients with chronic migraine. The aim of this study was to explore the impact of mental illness among patients with migraine. Research has systematically documented a strong bidirectional association between migraine and psychiatric disorders. The relationship between migraine and psychopathology has often been clinically discussed rather than systematically studied.

    Future research should include sound methodologically-based studies focusing on the interplay of factors behind the relationship between migraine, suicide risk, and mental illness. The role of asenapine in the treatment of manic or mixed states associated with bipolar I disorder. Bipolar disorders BD are of particular public health significance as they are prevalent, severe and disabling, and often associated with elevated risks of premature mortality. The aim of this concise overview is to investigate the role of asenapine in the treatment of manic and mixed states associated with BD type 1 disorder.

    Search terms were "asenapine", "manic" OR "mixed states", "bipolar I disorder". Subjects included in this study suffered from BD type 1 disorder. To date, only four studies of asenapine for the treatment of manic or mixed episodes associated with BD type 1 have been published. Research indicates that asenapine is generally well-tolerated, and that asenapine is efficacious and not inferior to olanzapine in the treatment of mixed or manic episodes associated with BD type 1 in the short-term and long-term. Is placebo useful in the treatment of major depression in clinical practice?

    For many years, placebo has been defined by its inert content and use in clinical trials. In recent years, several studies have demonstrated its effect in the treatment of major depression. The aim of this paper is to present the conclusions of recent meta-analyses of the placebo effect in major depression, to explain the mechanism by which placebo exerts its effect, and to discuss whether placebo can be used in the treatment of patients with major depression in clinical practice.

    However, several limitations make the translation of these conclusions into clinical practice impracticable. Clinicians should learn from the "placebo lesson" to maximize the nonspecific effects of treatment when they prescribe an antidepressant, particularly in less severely depressed patients, who show a higher placebo response in randomized controlled trials. This strategy can increase the antidepressant effect and may reduce nonadherence with treatment.

    Successes emerge in search for cleaner processes. Faced with mounting public and regulatory pressures, many chemical producers have long adopted pollution reduction efforts. But increasingly, firms are eyeing fundamental process changes to achieve cleaner technologies. In addition to environmental benefits, the promised economic payoffs are clear: It's becoming an increasingly important competitive element.

    Although it is technologically tough to replace HF or alternative sulfuric acid technology, the rewards could be huge in producing high-octane fuel additives. The company has developed a process to manufacture high-purity DMC by direct synthesis from carbom monoxide, methanol, and oxygen. The medium-pressure process uses a copper salts catalyst system; EniChem says the only significant by-product is carbon dioxide, and there are no chlorinated impurities. Materials and structures technology insertion into spacecraft systems: Over the last 30 years, significant advancements have led to the use of multifunctional materials and structures technologies in spacecraft systems.

    This includes the integration of adaptive structures, advanced composites, nanotechnology, and additive manufacturing technologies. Development of multifunctional structures has been directly influenced by the implementation of processes and tools for adaptive structures pioneered by Prof. Multifunctional materials and structures incorporating non-structural engineering functions such as thermal, electrical, radiation shielding, power, and sensors have been investigated. The result has been an integrated structure that offers reduced mass, packaging volume, and ease of integration for spacecraft systems.

    Current technology development efforts are being conducted to develop innovative multifunctional materials and structures designs incorporating advanced composites, nanotechnology, and additive manufacturing. However, these efforts offer significant challenges in the qualification and acceptance into spacecraft systems.

    This paper presents a brief overview of the technology development and successful insertion of advanced material technologies into spacecraft structures. Finally, opportunities and challenges to develop and mature next generation advanced materials and structures are presented. Producing and observing antiparticles is part of everyday life for many physics laboratories around the world, including CERN. However, recreating and observing the anti-nuclei of complex atoms is a much more difficult task.

    Analysing data collected in a run of just one month, ALICE has recently found evidence of the formation of four anti-nuclei of Helium 4, the heaviest antimatter ever created in a laboratory. However, today we do not observe antimatter outsid The publication was prepared to celebration of semi-centennial anniversary of nuclear power plants in Slovakia and presents a free sequel of book '40 years of nuclear power plants in Slovakia'. It contains memories of the observers that are valuable and merits spreading theirs ideas.

    There are photos in the publication that up to now were not disclosed and that have a unique value not due to their age only. At the same time, the publication expresses an admiration, regard and acknowledgement to all who joined their life with nuclear power. This book contains the following headings: From a modern perspective, one of the many surprising aspects of these efforts is that they relied on a diverse array of memorization techniques as foundational elements.

    In this brief article, I explore why this agenda might have been appealing to thinkers of this era by examining ancient and modern memory feats. As a thought experiment, I suggest that a society built entirely upon memorization might be less limited than we might otherwise imagine, and furthermore, that cultural norms discouraging the use of written language might have had implications for the development of scientific methodology. Viewed in this light, the efforts of Leibniz and others seem significantly less surprising.

    Refine your results

    I close with some general observations about cross-cultural origins of scientific thought. Suicide risk in depression and bipolar disorder: Do impulsiveness-aggressiveness and pharmacotherapy predict suicidal intent? The aims of the present study were to examine clinical, personality, and sociodemographic predictors of suicide risk in a sample of inpatients affected by major affective disorders.

    The participants were 74 inpatients affected by major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder-I. Patients completed a semi-structured interview, the Beck Hopelessness Scale, the Aggression Questionnaire, the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale, and the Hamilton scales for depression and anxiety. Those at risk reported more severe depressive-anxious symptomatology, more impulsivity and more hostility.

    Impulsivity and antidepressant use were the strongest predictors even after controlling for several sociodemographic and clinical variables. A major barrier to the practical utilization of large, complex models of biochemical systems is the lack of open-source computational tools to evaluate model behaviors over high-dimensional parameter spaces. This is due to the high computational expense of performing thousands to millions of model simulations required for statistical analysis.

    Additional information about PySB is available at pysb. Published by Oxford University Press. Full Text Available This paper proposes an understanding of literary narrative as a form of social cognition and situates the study of such narratives in relation to the new comprehensive approach to human cognition, enaction. Characterization of an abandoned pastoral area in the Northern Apennines, Italy. Full Text Available This paper reports the first results of an investigation carried out within the research project "Study and improvement of woods and shrubbery derived from abandoned agricultural areas" RiSelvItalia Project.

    Changes occurred in the past 50 years in the pastoral area of S. Paolo in Alpe Appennino Romagnolo, Northern Apennines, Italy were described on the grounds of photo-interpretation of three sets of aerial photos , , The characterization of woods, shrubbery and pastures was performed through structural transects and phyto-sociological investigations. Thus it was possible to reconstruct the dynamic series of vegetation, from grasslands belonging to the association Centaureo bracteatae-Brometum erecti Festuco-Brometea to woods referable to the association Aceri obtusati-quercetum cerridis Querco-Fagetea.

    Investigations on meadows revealed also a good quality of pastures, not only in open grasslands mean pastoral value - VP - of 30, but even in partially shrubby areas VP Some guidelines for a multi-purpose exploitation of the site are suggested, taking into account not only economic aspects, but also the conservation of environment and landscape. A unified approach to model uptake kinetics of trace elements in complex aqueous — solid solution systems. Thermodynamics alone is usually not sufficient to predict growth-rate dependencies of trace element partitioning into host mineral solid solutions.

    In this contribution, two uptake kinetic models were analyzed that are promising in terms of mechanistic understanding and potential for implementation in geochemical modelling codes. The growth Surface Entrapment Model Watson, and the Surface Reaction Kinetic Model De Paolo , were shown to be complementary, and under certain assumptions merged into a single analytical expression.

    This implementation extends the applicability of the unified uptake kinetics model to accounting for non-trivial factors influencing the trace element partitioning into solid solutions, such as the changes in aqueous solution composition and speciation, or the depletion effects in closed geochemical systems. Gli anni della svolta per Alberto Moravia. He had recently finished La noia, his eleventh novel, the one that most directly is connected to his first novel, Gli indifferenti , and it marks a decisive turning point in his artistic, intellectual, and human course.

    The essay reconstructs the life and work of the year-old writer, in which a year research is summarized and concluded, opening a new phase. Rereading the articles written for Il Corriere della Sera and the review of the Quarto de despejo by Carolina de Jesus, we focused on the origin and acute reflection of Moravia about Brazil in those years Brasilia, Bahia, Rio, between past and future.

    The experience of Brazil, for the writer, who in those following years will attempt new paths in the intellectual and literary field, and new goals for his travels, always more oriented, in the company of Dacia Maraini and Pier Paolo Pasolini, toward the Third World. So-called "end to end" solutions, similar to those for telephone networks, using optically swi Di Paolo ABS 7. The LHC's suppliers come up trumps. Four of the LHC Project's most exceptional suppliers have just been honoured in the fifth Golden Hadron awards ceremony. For the first time, a CERN team was among the prize-winners. The prizes, designed to honour the LHC Project's best suppliers, were awarded to a total of four suppliers, including two that are involved in the final accelerator assembly work: The portrait of a positivist scientist.

    Giuseppe Sergi was one of the most important anthropologists and psychologists of the age of positivism and this article focuses on three domains of his scientific research: His concept of degeneration is defined as the development of special forms of human adaptation to the environment.