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Purchase access Subscribe now. Sign in to customize your interests Sign in to your personal account. Create a free personal account to download free article PDFs, sign up for alerts, customize your interests, and more. Sign in to make a comment Sign in to your personal account. Pulmonary function and bronchial reactivity in asthmatics during low-level formaldehyde exposure. Cancer of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, and formaldehyde exposure.

Mortality of US embalmers and funeral directors. Isotope effects and their implications for the covalent binding of inhaled [ 3 H]- and [ 14 C]formaldehyde in the rat nasal mucosa. Biochemical toxicology of formaldehyde. DNA—protein cross-linking studies in rats and nonhuman primates. Relevance to Human Risk , Wageningen, Pudoc, pp. Contact urticaria from leather containing formaldehyde. Urinary excretion products of formaldehyde in the rat. Spontaneous abortions in hospital staff engaged in sterilising instruments with chemical agents.

Spontaneous abortions and malformations in the offspring of nurses exposed to anaesthetic gases, cytostatic drugs, and other potential hazards in hospitals, based on registered information of outcome. Nasal and sinonasal cancer: Herbal medicine use, Epstein—Barr virus, and risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Human liver class III alcohol and glutathione dependent formaldehyde dehydrogenase are the same enzyme. Malignant melanomas of the nasal cavity after occupational exposure to formaldehyde.

Respiratory symptoms and pathophysiological effects of occupational exposure to formaldehyde and wood dust. Histological changes in the nasal mucosa in rats after long-term exposure to formaldehyde and wood dust. Histological changes in the nasal mucosa in persons occupationally exposed to formaldehyde alone and in combination with wood dust. Antibody production in rats after long-term exposure to formaldehyde. Health status of funeral service workers exposed to formaldehyde. Experimental carcinogenesis of the lung. Inhalation of gaseous formaldehyde or an aerosol of coal tar by C3H mice.

Effects of formaldehyde on the mucous membranes and lungs. A study of an industrial population. Chemical, Environmental and Experimental Data , Lyon. Values of Selected Countries. Acute effect upon pulmonary function of low level exposure to phenol-formaldehyde-resin-coated wood. Purification and partial characterization of aldehyde dehydrogenase from human erythrocytes.

Formaldehyde and skin carcinogenesis. Respiratory and metabolic response of rats and mice to formalin vapor. Japan Chemical Week, ed. Testing of formaldehyde in the mammalian spot test by inhalation Abstract No.

Wood Dust and Formaldehyde.

Lung cancer risk from formaldehyde. Chemically induced mutations in Neurospora. Cold Spring Harbor Symp. Effects of formaldehyde in the rat and dog following oral exposure. Formaldehyde mutagenesis of the eT1 balanced region in Caenorhabditis elegans: Detoxification reactions in isolated hepatocytes.

Role of glutathione peroxidase, catalase, and formaldehyde dehydrogenase in reactions relating to N -demethylation by the cytochrome P system. Formaldehyde as a mutagen in Drosophila. Occupational exposure to chemical agents in the plywood industry. Occupational exposure to chemical agents in the particleboard industry. Use of plant- and period-specific job— exposure matrices in studies on occupational cancer.

Histochemical localization of formaldehyde dehydrogenase in the rat. Industrial hygiene sampling and analytical methods for formaldehyde. Formaldehyde and paraformaldehyde study in funeral homes. Carcinogenicity of formaldehyde in rats and mice after long-term inhalation exposure. Pulmonary effects of formaldehyde exposure. The induction of crossing over in the absence of mutation. Pulmonary and neurobehavioral effects of formaldehyde exposure.

Application of computational fluid dynamics to regional dosimetry of inhaled chemicals in the upper respiratory tract of the rat. The cytopathic and cytogenetic effects of chronic inhalation of formaldehyde on female germ cells and bone marrow cells in rats. Cytogenetic analysis of lymphocytes from rats following formaldehyde inhalation. Further studies on chemically induced reversions at the adenine locus of Neurospora.

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Formaldehyde exposure in the funeral industry. Formaldehyde concentrations in biology department teaching facilities. Measurement of specific IgE antibodies in individuals exposed to formaldehyde. Formaldehyde-induced cytotoxicity and sister-chromatid exchanges in human lymphocyte cultures. Formaldehyde dose—response in healthy nonsmokers. Air Pollution Control Assoc. Efficiency of DNA—histone crosslinking induced by saturated and unsaturated aldehydes in vitro. Depletion of nasal mucosal glutathione by acrolein and enhancement of formaldehyde-induced DNA—protein cross-linking by simultaneous exposure to acrolein.

Occupational exposure to formaldehyde in mortuaries. Comparison of three short-term assays: Potential contribution to the control of water genotoxicity. Induction of formaldehyde sensitivity in guinea pigs. The mortality of Ontario undertakers and a review of formaldehyde-related mortality studies. The effects of occupational exposure on the respiratory health of West Virginia morticians.

Induction of cytogenetic effects in human fibroblast cultures after exposure to formaldehyde or X-rays. Absence of specific IgE antibodies in allergic contact sensitivity to formaldehyde. Cancer mortality among workers exposed to formaldehyde. Contact urticaria to formaldehyde.

Concerning the modifying effect of aniline, lead nitrate, carbon tetrachloride and formaldehyde on chemical blastogenesis. Irritant effects of formaldehyde exposure in mobile homes. The in vitro permeability of human skin to benzene, ethylene glycol, formaldehyde, and n-hexane. Mortality of radiologists and pathologists in the radiation registry of physicians. Misclassification of nasopharyngeal cancer Letter to the Editor.

Finding the causes of leukemia

Sinonasal cancer and occupational exposure to formaldehyde and other substances. Control of formaldehyde in a garment sewing plant. Review of the genotoxicity of formaldehyde. Biochemical analysis of damage induced in yeast by formaldehyde. Induction of single-strand breaks in DNA and their repair. Induction of cross-links between DNA and protein. Repair of induced cross-links between DNA and proteins in the wild-type and in excision-deficient strains. Health effects of low-level exposure to formaldehyde. Respiratory health of plywood workers occupationally exposed to formaldehyde.

Occupational risk factors for nasopharyngeal cancer in Sweden. Oxidation of formaldehyde to formic acid in blood, a contribution to the metabolism of formaldehyde. Naturally occurring carbonyl compounds are mutagens in Salmonella tester strain TA Toxicity of formaldehyde vapor in B6C3F1 mice exposed for 13 weeks. Proportional mortality patterns among chemical plant workers exposed to formaldehyde. A reanalysis of the National Cancer Institute study on lung cancer mortality among industrial workers exposed to formaldehyde.

Lung cancer mortality among industrial workers exposed to formaldehyde: Mortality patterns among chemical plant workers exposed to formaldehyde and other substances Brief communication. A teratology study of inhaled formaldehyde in the rat. Aldehydes in the air of workplaces in coal coking and pitch coking plants.

Formaldehyde metabolism by the rat: Selection of mutagenic agents by the Streptomyces reverse mutation test. Occupational exposures in California wildland fire fighting. Occupation and cancer of the oral cavity or oropharynx in Turin, Italy. Micronuclei and nuclear anomalies induced in the gastro-intestinal epithelium of rats treated with formaldehyde. Studies of chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes under the influence of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde treatment of lymphocytes in vitro. Ultrastructural evaluation of acute nasal toxicity in the rat respiratory epithelium in response to formaldehyde gas.

Effects of formaldehyde gas on the respiratory tract of rhesus monkeys. Pathology and cell proliferation. Regional increases in rat nasal epithelial cell proliferation following acute and subchronic inhalation of formaldehyde. Cell proliferation and nasal carcinogenesis. More precise localization of nasal tumors associated with chronic exposure of F rats to formaldehyde gas. Distribution, progression and recovery of acute formaldehyde-induced inhibition of nasal mucociliary function in F rats. Responses of the nasal mucociliary apparatus of F rats to formaldehyde gas. Studies of inspiratory airflow patterns in the nasal passages of the F rat and rhesus monkey using nasal molds: Evaluation of the mutagenicity of formaldehyde in mammalian cytogenetic assays in vivo and in vitro.

Formaldehyde exposure in work and the general environment. Occurrence and possibilities for prevention. Six year follow up of lung function in men occupationally exposed to formaldehyde. Mutagenic activity of aldehydes. Comparative studies of DNA cross-linking reactions following methylene dimethanesulphonate and its hydrolytic product, formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a bacterial mutagen in a range of Salmonella and Escherichia indicator strains. Formaldehyde and the risk of squamous cell carcinoma of the sinonasal cavities. Occupational formaldehyde exposure and increased nasal cancer risk in man.

Absence of embryotoxic effects of formaldehyde after percutaneous exposure in hamsters. Study of the joint action of chemical mutagens and ultra-violet rays upon the appearance of back mutations in Escherichia coli. Formaldehyde exposure and respiratory cancer—a meta-analysis of the epidemiologic evidence. Formaldehyde exposure and respiratory and related cancers: Formaldehyde exposure and respiratory cancer among woodworkers—an update.

Retention of formaldehyde gas by the nasal passages of F rats Abstract IgG antibody against formaldehyde human serum proteins: Formaldehyde as a possible mutagenic metabolite of N -nitrodimethylamine and of other agents which are suggested to yield non-alkylating species in vitro. Possible mechanisms of lethal and mutagenic action of formaldehyde.

Exposure to formaldehyde and solvents in Finnish furniture factories in — Immunologic studies of subjects with asthma exposed to formaldehyde and urea—formaldehyde foam insulation UFFI off products. Does formaldehyde cause nasopharyngeal cancer in man. Urticaria due to aliphatic aldehydes. Tests for an effect of the Y-chromosome on the mutagenic action of formaldehyde and X-rays in Drosophila melanogaster. Studies on the relationship between induced crossing-over and mutation in Drosophila melanogaster. Oral toxicity of formaldehyde and its derivatives.

Formaldehyde and hexamethylenetetramine as food additives: Interactive effects of ozone and formaldehyde on the nasal respiratory lining epithelium in rats. Solvent and formaldehyde exposure in parquet and carpet work. Formaldehyde oxidation in the rat. Model to estimate effective doses of adsorbed pollutants on respirable particles and their subsequent release into alveolar surfactant. Validation of the model for the adsorption and release of formaldehyde on a respirable carbon black.

Formaldehyde-related health complaints of residents living in mobile and conventional homes. Occupational exposure to formaldehyde in Sweden. Relationship between DNA damage and survival in formaldehydetreated mouse cells. Comparison of DNA damage by methylmelamines and formaldehyde. Surface area, adsorption, and desorption studies on indoor dust samples. Nasopharyngeal cancer, sinonasal cancer, and occupations related to formaldehyde: J natl Cancer Inst. A week inhalation toxicity study with formaldehyde in the monkey, rat, and hamster.


The effects of maternally inhaled formaldehyde on embryonal and foetal development in rats. Effects of formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzoyl peroxide, and hydrogen peroxide on cultured normal human bronchial epithelial cells. The prevalence of atopy and hypersensitivity to formaldehyde in pathologists. Octanol—water partition coefficients of simple organic compounds. Wood dust and formaldehyde exposures in the cabinet-making industry. Acute pulmonary response to formaldehyde exposure in healthy nonsmokers.

Acute pulmonary response of asthmatics to 3. A study of respiratory effects from exposure to 2 ppm formaldehyde in healthy subjects. A study of respiratory effects from exposure to 2. Formaldehyde-induced cytotoxic, genotoxic and mutagenic response in human lymphocytes and Salmonella typhimurium. Carcinogenicity of formaldehyde and hydrogen chloride in rats. Effect of the homokaryotic state of the uvs -2 allele in Neurospora crassa on formaldehyde-induced killing and ad- 3 mutation.

Formaldehyde exposures inside mobile homes. Micronuclei in red blood cells of the newt Pleurodeles waltl Michah: Smoking and degree of occupational exposure: Formaldehyde vapor exposures in anatomy laboratories. Genotoxicity of formaldehyde and an evaluation of its effects on the DNA repair process in human diploid fibroblasts. Chemical induction of crossing-over in Drosophila males.

The effect of storage on the frequency of dominant lethals in Drosophila melanogaster. Proportionate mortality study of workers in the garment industry exposed to formaldehyde. A retrospective cohort mortality study of workers exposed to formaldehyde in the garment industry.

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Sensory irritation structure—activity study of inhaled aldehydes in B6C3F1 mice and Swiss-Webster mice. Smoking characteristics by type of employment. Reanalysis of lung cancer mortality in a National Cancer Institute study on mortality among industrial workers exposed to formaldehyde.

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  • Mortality from respiratory cancers including lung cancer among workers employed in formaldehyde industries. Estimating historical exposures to formaldehyde in a retrospective mortalit study. Performance of two formaldehyde passive dosimeters. Formaldehyde levels in seven industries. Comparison of jobs, exposures, and mortality risks for short-term and long-term workers. Study design for assessing exposures of embalmers for a case—control study.