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It's murder and mayhem at America's top restaurant chain, and only the Red Menace and Dr.

Red and Buried (Red Menace, book 1) by James Mullaney

Wainwright can save the nation's goose from being cooked! Who is the Red Menace?

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He's returned twelve years later, and with the help of his partner, the brilliant Dr. Thaddeus Wainwright, the Red Menace just might survive. Crag Banyon Mysteries , Book 6.

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In his newest case, a caped hero and an evil archvillain put Banyon in a tights spot. Crag Banyon Mysteries , Book 5. In his fifth comic case, a missing pot of gold and a leprechaun client bring a boatload of bad luck.

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Crag Banyon Mysteries , Book 4. This time out, a fishy client with a whale of a case puts Banyon in hot water.

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Crag Banyon Mysteries , Book 3. In his third comic adventure, the deck is stacked against Banyon when a simple bodyguard gig turns into a dangerous deal. Crag Banyon Mysteries , Book 2.

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  • In his second comic adventure, Banyon gets burned in a deal with deadly demons and a mysterious missing person case. Crag Banyon Mysteries , Book 1. In his first comic case, Banyon finds murder and mayhem in a North Pole caper that could spell curtains for Christmas.

    Jim Mullaney

    The Red Menace , Book 4. Jim Mullaney is a Shamus Award-nominated author of nearly 40 books, as well as comics, short stories and novellas.

    He was born in Massachusetts , the last of six children. The first Destroyer novel to which Mullaney contributed was The Ultimate Death ; he then went on to become the sole writer of the series for issues Sony Pictures has announced [2] that Mullaney has been hired, along with Jim Uhls, to co-write the script for a new Destroyer movie, [3] which is currently in development.

    Mullaney has two series of his own. The Red Menace is an adventure series that centers on Patrick "Podge" Becket, a retired communist -fighter and secret agent from the s who returns to crime-fighting in the s, aided by his friend and partner Dr.

    James Mullaney

    The first novel, Red and Buried , was released on September 15, to mostly positive reviews. It is unknown if Moonstone will make these available as well. Aided by his partner, brilliant inventor and physician Dr. Thaddeus Wainwright, the Red Menace is dragged back into the hero game. Red and Buried Author s: The Red Menace, No. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.