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This fascinating story describes the many steps Margreet took, including the fear she felt and doubt she experienced as well as the triumphs, in her struggle to be victorious over this deadly disease. The book takes you from the time of her diagnosis to ultimately her good health!

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When she was sixteen, she immigrated with her family to Moorefield, Ontario, Canada. Before she became a single mom to a wonderful son, Vincent, she traveled and worked at a range of interesting jobs.

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Her traveling took her from such diverse places as Paris, France to Yellowknife in Canada's North, where she worked as a flight attendant for an Arctic airline. Margreet has Bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Calgary and she is an experienced and accomplished teacher and group facilitator as well as an inspiring speaker.

She has a gift for motivating and inspiring others through her sense of humor and Joie de Vivre. She currently resides with her husband near Calgary in Okotoks, Alberta.

She assumed she had no choice but to accept what her doctors recommended and that the only actions Row, Row, Row My Boat! Margreet Jensen van Dorm.

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