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So if you want a book that will leave you with a serious book hangover and reminds you to love your loved one today because you never know what tomorrow will bring, then I highly recommend you pick up Always. Sep 29, Misti rated it it was amazing. London does a fantastic job of making us fall head over heels for both Winter and Austin as a couple.

They do a fantastic job bringing these two to life in grand form. Always is Winter's story, a story of a great love and even greater loss. Our sweet Winter finds what every woman on planet Earth wishes to have when it comes to Love. Love comes in the form of Austin, our poetic actor, and all around swoony Austin. Winter and Austin find a story book, ooey gooey love and the world is sunshine, rainbows, and roses After the unthinkable tragedy strikes, Winter must find a way to live with herself and the key word is live. And I refuse to give you anymore than that.

I am heading now to One Click Book 2 in this magnificent Duet. Mar 25, Lilly Charysma rated it really liked it. I did enjoy it very much, especially towards the end. This emotional story about knowing love, loss and healing is breathtaking. Though I have to admit there were some parts that were not to my taste, I hereby offer my 4 stars.

She feels this instant attraction and need to have him close. They develop something that many of us would only dream of having: When one life altering event occurs, she is lost; she cannot find reasons to keep going. But sometimes, things have a way of arranging themselves in the proper way.

Full of emotions of all kind, this book is truly a complex work. Speaking of complexions, aside from the romance, there are also other themes present in the book and I think this is what motivated me to keep the rating. First we have a near-rape scene — a traumatic event which can be overcome only with the help of the loved ones. Second, we have family — the idea of building a future, being with the person one loves and being able to find that balance between career and family.

Being able to share every moment with the most important person in your heart. Last, but not least, the struggles that even famous people have, with the constant intrusions in their private lives. Definitely, the most important aspect is the equivalence as base of life and love. Some things might just never die.

The book is divided in three parts. First one deals with how Winter and Austin meet, how they fall in love and how they plan a life together. Part two is much more emotional and will definitely make you shed a tear. While I enjoyed much more the second and last parts, for the first one I felt the action was dragged and with too many unnecessary descriptions.

Abiding Love

I would have wanted a little more emphasis on some scenes, and less on some others. This is my reason for one star less. To summarize, I do believe this was a great read. If you prefer emotional stories, this is a great choice. If you are into a love that can last beyond tragedy - this is also a perfect book for you. Some stories just grab a hold of your from the beginning and don't let go even after the last page.

This is one of those stories that blends sweet and angsty romance in a way that tugs your emotions from endearing to energetic. When student Winter meets Austin by chance, they fall in love in such a beautiful way, nothing and no one separating them. But just before they are meant to get married, Austin is killed in an accident. Winter is devastated and withdraws into the fictional world of writing Some stories just grab a hold of your from the beginning and don't let go even after the last page.

Winter is devastated and withdraws into the fictional world of writing books. Things take a bizarre turn when she meets the star of the movie who reminds her of the one person who still owns her heart. Will Winter ever be able to get over her loss? Is there a chance for her to find love again? You're going to have to read this beautiful book to find out what happens.

Be prepared for an emotional ride. I loved Winter, her resilience, her strength, and I really wanted her to find happiness. I can't wait to find out how it all concludes in the final book. Sep 24, Tracy Banach rated it it was amazing. Listened to the audio book. Loved the narrators too! Oct 05, Patty rated it really liked it.

Be ready to feel every emotion when you pick up this book! London Saint James has created a world of young love, tragedy, grieving and new chances at love. Winter and Austin are a young couple that meet and have that instant love at first sight connection. When tragedy hits, and Winter is faced with going on without Austin, she ends up just going through the motions, not getting over her grief.

When a new light comes forward, it's up to Winter to decide what is real, and how her life will contin Be ready to feel every emotion when you pick up this book! When a new light comes forward, it's up to Winter to decide what is real, and how her life will continue. It is amazing how this book can take you from the warmth and happiness of love to complete and total despair, then to bringing you hope. It is an emotional roller coaster that is an incredible ride and will leave you wanting the second part of this duet to find out how things work out for her.

Be prepared for the book hangover! Charley Ongel and Tor Thom give an incredibly emotional performance for this book. From start to finish, you are right there with these characters finding their way. When narrators can make you feel the elation and the pain in the story, you know it is something special. These two have given this book that performance, keeping you emotionally involved in their story.

Sep 11, Karen Shortridge rated it it was amazing. This is an emotional story all about knowing love, loss and healing and was a truly emotional read. Winter feels an instant attraction to Austin and they have what many of us could only dream of having. When something tragic happens she can't find the reasons to go on but things that are meant to be end up re-arranging. This book is truly full of emotion with so much detail that you are definitely drawn into their lives and you will be left still thinking about it after you have finished. Somehow, I knew he would be the one I was meant to love.

But there are also all the small details that kept me reading and helped with the overall impression that this book left me. The hero and the heroine had a nice chemistry and their romance was really sweet. I liked the fact that we saw them spend plenty of time together, getting to know each other and not just having sex every time that they found some time to be alone. I enjoyed reading about their relationship and that was because there was communication between them and there was no overdrawn drama, just a real connection.

Of course it helped that the hero was very sweet, it has become very popular for romance stories to have a torture hero who treats badly the heroine and pushes her away, but I do not see why. Austin has definitely won me over with all those romantic things he did for the heroine.

As with every book though, there are some flaws in this one too. For starters, there were the chapters that seemed to me as if they started and ended at random moments and not at the end of a scene or somewhere in the middle just to create tension. There was also the fact that the theme of the attempted rape was not handled as it should be, but was there instead to make Austin seem more heroic. The heroine might have been scared at the beginning, but a few hours later she somehow managed to feel sexual attraction to the hero and put behind her that incident without having any flashbacks or even mentioning it ever again for the rest of the book.

Finally, there is the fact that I am not sure if the hero was as devoted as the heroine was to their relationship. Winter was a virgin before she met him and from her reaction to her own desire when she meets his reincarnated self we can clearly see that she remained devoted to him even after his death. I voluntarily reviewed the free copy that i received via Reading Alley. Aug 30, Kathleen rated it it was amazing. This was my first book by this author. I enjoyed the book but I will say that it took a bit for me to get into it as I felt the first part was a bit too sweet. People are always looking for their soulmate and they clearly found it but it just seemed like everything was wonderful and they lived in a bubble.

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The author wrote Winter in such a way that the reader will feel each emotion that she is going through. You will be happy, shed tears and be amazed when love returns. The hero is written well bu This was my first book by this author. The hero is written well but there are times that I wasn't sure if he felt they were soul mates as much as she did. I will read other books by this author and think this would be a good introduction to the author for anyone looking for a new author.

I was given this book and am leaving an honest voluntary review. Apr 21, Kim O'Daniel rated it it was amazing. Damn what a book. Now that I composed myself I think I can honestly review this book now. This book this extremely well-crafted.

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It has a good flow and is easy to read. This book is about winter Perry. In her great love for Austin. I need to warn you. You will need a full box of tissues for this book. It is a sweet and wonderful stories love, Los and love again. But halfway through this book, tragedy strikes. And if you're a sappy person like me you'll be crying so have those tissues h Oh my God! And if you're a sappy person like me you'll be crying so have those tissues handy the love winter has for Austin is true soul mates kind of love.

A love that she thought she would never feel again. And a little ticked off at one character in the book as he knew all this time he knew. I need book 2 now London's site say June and I cannot wait. Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it when you do; they value your opinions too May 12, Elisha rated it really liked it.

I'm just going to say it. I loved this book. I love the authors writing style and creativity. Although it is a bit difficult for me to talk about the plot of this story without giving spoilers, I will attempt all the same. This story is essentially about love and love surviving all that life throws at it. It's about a woman who was lucky enough to find true love in the first place. Then, that love is shattered to pieces in an instant and her dealing with a broken heart until her past becomes pre I'm just going to say it.

Then, that love is shattered to pieces in an instant and her dealing with a broken heart until her past becomes present and haunts her. Such a good read. The author takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster and I cannot wait for the next book! For my full review, go to: What made the experience of listening to Always the most enjoyable? I would have to say that Mr. Ongel are what made this story come to life. I can honestly say that I have a major crush on this couple.

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One thing that was a surprise, and at first caught me off guard, was the use of sound effects. What other book might you compare Always to and why? It's not fair to those that narrate or to the authors. Plus you would have to read a book where the plot is similar in ord What made the experience of listening to Always the most enjoyable?

Abiding Love by Kate Welsh

Plus you would have to read a book where the plot is similar in order to do that. And that might take a while in finding just the right combination in order to see the similiarities or differences between the two books. The only thing you could do is to compare this to the second book in the series. I have no trouble imagining our narrators as Winter and Austin. They help me picture what our characters may look and act like.

If there had been two other voice actors my experience may not have been the same. Now that I've heard them, I can't picture anyone else in the role. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? There was a moment that did move me but if I tell you than it may ruin your own experience. This is a story that starts when our couple is in college and we get to see what life is like for them as they "age". It's a reminder that our lives are not set in stone and that things can happen to change our course. And it shows that some things may be possible.

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Would I go back and read the book? I don't know how I could because I loved this experience. It's an experience I hope to enjoy more than once - especially after I get finished with part two. I did have an issue with the sound on this. I don't think it was an issue the the book itself but it could have been my iPod. That was the only distraction that I had while listening but not something that I could avoid. There's a need to think of something else, or in this case listen to something else, as you do an activity that you really get no joy from. You need to have a way to distract the mind from a mindless task and I can't think of a better book or better narrators to help do that.

I voluntarily reviewed an Audiobook copy of this book. Apr 10, Janet rated it it was amazing. I love the narrating duo of Charley Ongel and Tor Thom. This is not the first book I have listened to by these two narrators, but it is the first book I have read by London Saint James. Yes, the book is told completely in her point of view so the duel narration is really great to have both a female and male character talking within the same scene it helps with the mindset of the characters.

It really enhances the listening experience and the way these narrators changed up their voices for different male or female characters made it very easy to follow the story. I love how there were even various sound effects in the audio. The emotions the narrators portrayed really made it feel as if I were in the story. Is this an emotional book, yes, yes, it is and will you want to have some tissues handy, yes, yes you do. There are a some dark moments as well as those tearful moments but there are plenty of fun times, too. I can say that I loved how the author really developed the characters and their relationships.

This story takes place over many years and it is not a simple quick listen as there is so much meat packed in here. I knew of one event that was going to happen from the synopsis and wondered about another which kept me guessing which just added to the enjoyment of the is story and it was so not what I expected.

Yes, this story is very much about two hearts and one soul. Feb 20, Rock Chick rated it liked it. The drama and angst, the joy of young love was beautifully portrayed. But the lovely narration couldn't save the story from itself. The book was way long. Half way in, tragedy strikes.

I have learned the wondrous secret

Winter, the heroine loses the hero. Years later we meet Winter and she is in a different phase in her life. She gets a second chance at love. But that second chance hides a twist. Like I mentioned, the book was long. I believed some chapters should have been cut. The narration made those parts enjoyable, but in any other format other than audio, the book drags. Flashbacks to Winters past or a long prologue would have been a better way to introduce Winter and her first love.

The second love interest made an appearance at the last quarter of the book, and again, the narrators did the character justice, but it was too late and I couldn't connect with him at that stage of the book. The twist at the end: Mar 20, Mrs. Belle rated it it was amazing. And did I promise you I could take it if we were through, and forget about these feelings inside?

And did I ever tell myself I could always find someone else? Did I ever leave any doubt I could hold up if you walked out? I know I told you that I could survive. He knew that sharing would make her happy. The girl worried about him being alone and not happy. While thinking to himself: And this song also expressed his feelings: But even if they did, she was convinced that they would inadvertently keep hurting her because she was so extremely sensitive to everything, to words and to actions.

She was like a walking timebomb: There was one very nice person online that the girl ran into and started talking to, and it lasted for a while. He was very patient with her, very gentle and he admired her and told her nice things. She felt comforted by that and those things made her feel good and many bad days turned into good days as a result of that. This person really liked the girl and was willing to sacrifice much for her. So the girl started to trust this person and even considered finding her love in him. But she also was a wise person and she could see all the possible problems that they would have, all the ways that they were incompatible in.

So she was going back and forth: So she felt also responsible for his well being. She did not fall in love. Over the years, she became really good at not letting her feelings take over. So it was not too hard to suppress them. The person was planning to visit her at some point, and so she was just waiting to see what would happen. So he was happy that she came across this person. Happy on one hand, happy for her. Not happy for himself of course. But it was the cross he was willing to bear for her sake. He was letting her go because he loved her. Because it was the only way to save her from her troubles.

In the mean time, the girl was learning and thinking a lot about love and falling in love and what it means and everything related to that. And one day, one happy day, the girl suddenly saw the truth: She was seeking drugs! And she was putting everything on the line for the sake of it. She realized the foolishness of her actions. In some cases, when people fall in love they act very foolishly, they forsake common sense, they hurt themselves and others and they have no power to fight it or run away from it. It is really similar to what happens when people start to take drugs. And usually, trying to get to their next fix, they trample on everything and everyone.

Did they really care about the person they fell in love with? Did they even know the person? Or did they just enjoy the ride of the feelings of rash while it lasted? Do many people have relationships that are very harmful to them? So this is love that some people are seeking to find. This song perfectly expresses about SOME cases of falling in love. That is real love. But should she forsake real love for the sake of a temporary fix? As the girl has realized all these things, her mind was healed and she was saved! All this pain her husband had to go through has paid off and she came back to him.

She realized that she already had the love that she was looking for, in her union with the man.

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  • And she felt happy, like she was reborn, like something new and beautiful has come into her life. And she said this to the man: It's not so easy loving me It gets so complicated All the things you've gotta be Everything's changing But you're the truth I'm amazed by all your patience Everything I put you through When I'm about to fall Somehow you're always waiting with your open arms to catch me You're gonna save me from myself Don't ask me why I'm crying Cuz when I start to crumble You know how to keep me smiling You always save me from myself I know it's hard, it's hard But you've broken all my walls You've been my strength, so strong And don't ask me why I love you It's obvious your tenderness Is what I need to make me a better woman to myself You're gonna save me from myself "Save Me From Myself", Christina Aguilera And the man felt happy too.

    And he told himself: And they lived happily ever after. This is a story similar to my of my life to 80 percent! I was with a girl, loved more than life, did everything that was Happy. Said that I did not love, and hate.

    At work thought about her every day. Looking at the phone thinking of calling, but his pride would not allow it. For these 3 years I have not looked at the other lived only for the she. Walking in the dingy alone wherever my eyes lead me. Envy free the wind. The wise sun and dumb moon. Although all that we do not and all that would be with us not happened. And if we have learned to live hereby.

    The not hiding would myself. So that man could learn and be aware of it. And the smile of happiness, our loneliness is not that got lost in the emptiness of our hearts. And in that which cometh out of him. I think that you are alone in the world, when look in your eyes. And let the days of do not differ from one another. As well as the time from sunset to sunrise. It is satisfied with the fact that looking at people. And let people come into your life. In search of something new, but go. Being the same as They were to understand that the Old past, it's better than real. That life is interesting is that when the men among You, one and the same.

    And as something of itself, it turns out that they are in your life. And they are not noticing, the desire to change it. It will take time! And You again read this letter. And only then You will be able to understand it. And Than the unusual person. The easier it with the mind. Thus invisible to others. The easier it is to lose it.

    And the meaning of his words.