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Arab Summer (Sasha Del Mira, book 3) by David Lender

His Sasha Del Mira Thrillers are fast-paced action stories of espionage, international intrigue and terrorism. His White Collar Crime Thrillers are stories of greed, moral depravity and, in some cases, redemption in the corporate world.

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He lives in northern New Jersey with his family and a pitbull named Styles. More background on David and his writing can be found at www. Dani North is a filmmaker who just won an award at the Tribeca Film Festival for her documentary, The Drugging of Our Children , a film critical of the pharmaceutical industry Daniel Youngblood ist ein Investmentbanker, der eigentlich die Nase voll hat von allem und ernsthaft an seinen Ausstieg denkt Was it a futuristic book, where in time etc..

That caused me to check the Saudi line of sanquinity and it didn't click time wise either. BUT as I read more I decided it did not matter one bit.

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Other than the timing factor I couldn't figure out, the author gave a great representation of Saudi state and the welfare of its people. The book takes you through the life of Sasha del Mira, detailing her marriage and subsequent heartbreak all leading her back to life as a CIA spook. It is well written, character development awesome. The author leaves you feeling as you have lived an up front and close life as a Saudi, but not the boring history type text book.

It was more a feeling of total immersion in the Saudi life style. Further you find you are still pulling for the bad guy in a way that you can feel his pain. And of course you are cheering the heroine on along with her scruffy American handler. This book should be optioned for a movie post haste. However David Lender should be the ONLY one to write the screenplay, bc without his gentle touch to nuances of Sasha's story it would be just another movie. You feel her pain and that makes a great read!

I am now an avid fan and as soon as I make room on my book shelf I will be adding all of Lenders books I can find. I was disappointed in this book. I had not read any other Lender book, so I couldn't compare this one with his others. The plot was thin, the woman unbelievable - if she had "covered his hand with her own" one more time I would have deleted the book. Far too much of the book was taken up with Shasha's telling of her past history.

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Adventure was lost because I knew from about page 20 where the book was going - it just took a long time to get there. David Lender can always be counted on to provide a compelling and exciting story. I have a little trouble remembering all the characters and the correct pronunciation of their names, but i am the only one that knows whether it is right or wrong. I have come to enjoy Lender stories and am now a fan. Love any stories involving the CIA and Lender makes his storeies difficult to put down once started. Author updates the rebel assault on Mecca by creating a contemporary assault after the Arab spring uprisings of recent history.

That part of the book along with military technology kept me reading. Also, the characterization of various political leaders from the USA and Saudi Arabia offered a chuckle or two. However,I am not so sure about the ninja lady Sasha and her various roles with various love interests. Maybe I nodded off and missed connecting points in the plot: How did Sasha wind up, bound up in the car of the first wife of Saudi royal? How did Sasha, abaya and all, escape, leap over fences, and wind up in the back yard of a European-educated, soon-to-be rebel?

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When did Sasha first train with the CIA if she was a teenager when sold to be a concubine to a Saudi royal? Not to worry about details. All ended well - the Saudi royals recaptured the battered Mosque; the USA and the royals completed an oil deal; Sasha nodded off to needed rest on the shoulder of the CIA guy as they flew on the Lear jet back to a new life. Arab Summer was interesting and pretty cool to read.