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During his time in Waldhiem prison, Karl May received a more effective therapy for his mental illness. By a Chatholic monk named Johannes Kochta which was on duty in the prison, Karl May was given books which made him realize his illness. He was also given consultations and musical therapy which finaly recovered him of his illness.

On May 2, , he was released from prison.

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Overall, Karl May spent time in prison for seven years and four months. At this time, he write stories in the form of kolportage roman petty romance novel , which was published periodically in the form of booklets and sold from house to house with low price. Not until four years later, his works was published in the form of book, and it was published together with another author 's work, the author being named Fr. He began to firther developed his ideas in prison, which he combined with the fact that "rebelion" of Native American tribes, which at the time, being a hot news.

Also at this time he created a Native American character named Inn-nu-woh , which would be developed later into a Native American character from Apache Mescalero tribe named Winnetou , which became very popular. As an Author, Karl May was very productive. He had written more than 80 titles. Almost all his work is written in the form of series which was pubished in several magazine. Not until , seven of his works of Stories for Young People was pulished in the form of book by Union Deutsche Verlagsantalt. Those seven stories were: His biggest achievemnet is when Friedrich Ernst Fehsenfeld publisher from Freiburg published his series titled Orient Zyklus The Oriental Cycle , , in the form of hardcover book, which is more popular by the title Kara Ben Nemsi Series , a seres of six books.

In the following year, his masterpiece titled Winnetou trilogy was published The total of his works in the genre of "Adventure Stories" consists of 33 books, which was published until The sum was still added one more book publised in , titled Mein Leben und Streben My Life and Effort , an autobiography. Villa Shatterhand , Karl May's house in Radebeul. In his house, he owned a fairly complete private library.

In this library, he owned carious reference, dictionaries, guide books, and also maps which he used to do research for his stories. On March 22, , he was invited to speak in Vienna, Austria, to defend his thesis titled Empor Ins Reich Der Edelmenschen Upwards to the empire of Noble Humanity in front of a literature society, and was attended by two thousand people.

The event was held by Vienna Accademy of Literature and Music. Karl May felt very honoured because of von Suttner attendance.

Karl May was very fond of smoking and in his old days, he suffered from respiratory and heart problems. There, where the Toya river emerges from the Devil's Mountains and flows into the Rio Pecos, the latter shaped in those days the border between the land of the Comanches and Apaches.

It is not probable that many of the participants of the Fifth International Conference on Desert Development arriving during August of had given any thought to the dangerous legends connected with their destination: Lubbock, Texas, capital of the Llano Estacado. Without escaping from the safety of the city and from the endless uniformity of the surrounding flat fields into the remote seclusion of a canyon area, it is hard to know anything of the uniqueness of the region.

Even then it takes a skilled eye and very good luck to find a trace of the native American cultures which were here continuously for over 12, years. By comparison, it has been only a minute years since the Comanches were defeated and forced from the Llano, but once open to settlement, changes on the Staked Plains have been steady and then rapid. Irrigation and other agricultural practices have eradicated forever the miles and miles of grasslands which supported the buffalo herds until the s and which astonished immigrants to the area in the s.

It was only in that a history professor at Texas Tech University, Dr. Dan Flores, published the guidebook for us all: Today in , eighty-seven years after his death, it is estimated that the total circulation in German of May's adventure stories set in the Wild West and in the Near East exceeds million books and his works have been translated into over 30 languages, the most recent project being a 22 volume edition in Chinese.

Early on and throughout his publishing career, Karl May used desert settings for his Near Eastern fictions. These stories have been recently characterized as being tales They have all the splendor of the Arabian Nights and their characters are the liveliest to be met in this field of literature Ilmer, , pp Even a sample listing of the German titles with their publication dates gives a brief overview of May's early and on-going interest in the arid settings: Kara Ben Nemsi reaches the zenith of his heroic action in the late work of Through the Desert. The film version of this very popular work is still shown in Germany today.

It is the friendship between Kara Ben Nemsi and Halef that intrigues and inspires the reader. By May was ready to fill out the narration of another pair of loyal friends who were destined to surpass in popularity all other fictitious characters of German literature. In that year Winnetou, the Red Gentleman appeared in volumes 1, 2, and 3.

The Mescalero Apache Chief and his German friend and blood brother, Old Shatterhand, rode together over the empty Western plains from one adventure to the next and straight into the hearts of millions of readers very often young boys or girls reading by flashlight under the covers into the night. Karl May Museum, Radebeul In the s a series of May's wild west stories were made into movies and filmed in Yugoslavia, the closest terrain to Germany which fit May's image of the Llano Estacado.

It is one of the unexpected quirks of fate that cast a Frenchman named Pierre Brice in the film role of Winnetou and an American named Lex Barker known in his own country mainly as Tarzan in the role of Old Shatterhand. The success of this pair of actors was immediate and enormous and with it the perpetuation of Karl May's popularity into the future was solidified.

In Berlin, for example, in the summer of a huge festival crowd turned out from all over Germany and from several foreign countries to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CCC Film Studio of Artur Brauner, who filmed the Winnetou series. In at age 53 Karl May was well on his way to being wealthy and famous. Apparently there was such a clamor from his delighted readers to see the adventurous author that May hired a photographer in to come to Villa Shatterhand and take photographs of him in costumes portraying both Kara Ben Nemsi as well as Old Shatterhand.

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Quotes from May's texts and from letters he wrote answering questions from his fans establish his identity: I wear still today the scars and wounds which I received May posing as Old Shatterhand left and as Kara Ben Nemsi right Who among his hundreds of thousands of adoring fans could have suspected that their literary hero not only had never been outside Europe to the places he described so thrillingly, but had researched travel books during a rather long prison term and was not adverse to lifting descriptions from other writers nor to buying his exotic costumes and travel trophies clandestinely?

It was only in that May finally traveled to some of the arid lands of his dreams. However, during his absence from Germany the first reports of his past criminal history and attacks on his character appeared in the German press. During the trip he suffered psychologically as well from the confrontation with the realities of the lands he had so long imagined and so vividly idealized. But again, May suffered a nervous breakdown in Istanbul. The pressure of the personal attacks intensified. From September to the beginning of December of the Mays visited the Northeastern part of America and bordering areas of Canada.

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There seems never to have been a plan to visit the great American West, which May had made so available to hundreds of thousands of German readers. In any event he never came. Ana rated it really liked it May 02, Rike Jokanan rated it it was amazing Dec 17, Marcin rated it really liked it Nov 07, Martin rated it really liked it Jul 27, Yanka Tsankova rated it really liked it Aug 01, Roman Krch rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Pachikrak rated it really liked it Dec 20, Anna Catharina rated it liked it Nov 10, Fansa01 rated it liked it Oct 25, Livia rated it really liked it Aug 28, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Karl Friedrich May also Karol May was one of the best selling German writers of all time, noted mainly for books set in the American Old West, best known for the characters of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand and similar books set in the Orient and Middle East. In addition, he wrote stories set in his native Germany, in China and in South America.

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May also wrote poetry and several plays, as well as Karl Friedrich May also Karol May was one of the best selling German writers of all time, noted mainly for books set in the American Old West, best known for the characters of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand and similar books set in the Orient and Middle East. May also wrote poetry and several plays, as well as composing music; he was proficient with several musical instruments. May's musical version of "Ave Maria" became very well known.

Other books in the series.

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