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Privacy is almost a foreign concept these days, given that our culture is all about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The idea behind social media is to celebrate transparency, but sometimes we can get ourselves into trouble when our use of social media exposes matters that should be kept private, especially matters that could affect your divorce proceedings. Celebrities, for example, face public scrutiny when their divorce is played out in the media.

Will my Divorce be Confidential?

For many of you currently going through a divorce, you may already have experienced public scrutiny if your ex-spouse has taken to social media to talk about your divorce. So what options do you have when you want to keep your divorce private?

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Here are some things to consider:. If you want your divorce to be private, limit your intake of social media.

Preserving Privacy During Divorce

Looking at compromising photos of your ex-spouse or reading a personal attack by your ex on social media will only upset you. If you know your ex is making disrespectful comments about you over the internet, try to avoid it as best as you can. Similarly, try not to use social media as a vehicle to discuss your divorce with your friends and followers. While it may feel good to express your feelings and frustrations to your online community, it may be detrimental to your case when there is an electronic trail, which could potentially be used against you in the divorce proceeding by your ex.

Also, pictures and comments that are posted on social media are subject to interpretation and criticism, over which you have no control.

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Search Engine Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Please be advised that your submission does not create an attorney-client relationship. How to Keep Divorce Details Confidential.

Will my Divorce be Confidential? - ConsiliaLegal

Confidentiality is much easier with cooperation If you and your spouse can agree that confidentiality is of paramount importance, most details of your divorce — aside from the fact that a complaint has been filed — can be kept out of the public eye. Close Facebook One of the most important steps anyone can take to keep their divorce out of the public eye might seem obvious: Bucks County divorce attorney , bucks county divorce lawyer , bucks county family law attorney , confidential divorce , divorce attorney doylestown pa , divorce lawyer doylestown pa , private divorce.

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Keeping Your Divorce Or Legal Separation Out Of The Public Eye

How can we help you? There are also limited times in which the media can be in attendance in court or obtain personal information in respect of a divorce and so again, advice should be sought if there are any concerns about this. Melanie goes on to explain that it is rare for a divorce case to attract media attention or to be reported in case law, unless of course it is a famous celebrity separation, or where it involves the testing or a change to a principle of law.

However, even those types of cases will be bound by elements of confidentiality and the media are not allowed to enter all courtrooms. Even where the media are entitled to attend a court hearing, there are often restrictions on reporting their findings, especially in financial cases.

An application must have been made to the court before their attendance and the Mackenzie friend is not permitted to contact the court for that person. Their capacity within that hearing is limited to providing support and taking notes only.