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The two climb one of the ship's radio masts in a clash of egos, reconciling after they are both injured by jumping into the ocean below. Soon afterwards, Carl's mother Charlotte visits for Christmas, she denies his suspicion that Quentin is his father.

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As she departs, Carl passes on a cryptic message from reclusive late-night DJ "Smooth" Bob Silver, leading to the unexpected revelation that Bob is actually his father. When Marianne returns to the ship and apologises to Carl for sleeping with Doctor Dave. She and Carl have sex that night.

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The following morning, The Count and the rest of the DJ's announce the news of the event to millions of cheering fans all over Britain. Meanwhile, Dormandy's mission to ban pirate radio advances when Twatt comes across news of a fishing boat whose distress call was blocked by Radio Rock's powerful signal. Twatt proposes the creation of the Marine Offences Act , which will make pirate radio stations illegal on the grounds that they endanger other vessels. Despite public opinion being heavily in support of the pirate stations, the Act passes unanimously through Parliament and takes effect at midnight on 1 January The Radio Rock crew choose to defy the law and continue to broadcast, firing up the ship's engine so that they may avoid arrest by relocating.

The aging vessel cannot take the strain, causing the engine to explode and the ship to start sinking.

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The DJs broadcast their position in hope of aid, and Twatt appeals to Dormandy to send rescue boats, but Dormandy refuses. Carl rescues the oblivious Bob from his cabin, while The Count vows to continue broadcasting as long as possible. With the lifeboats inoperable, all gather on the prow as the ship begins to go down.

They are rescued by dozens of fans, who heard about their broadcast predicament, and have motored out in a fleet of small boats to save them; Carl himself is rescued by Marianne, Simon is rescued by a female fan who genuinely loves him, Dave being rescued by a throng of female fans, and Elenore rescuing Gavin.

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The Radio Rock ship disappears beneath the sea, with The Count emerging from the sinking vessel at the last moment. Though pirate radio in Britain comes to an end, the music lives on, with rock and pop becoming increasingly popular in subsequent decades, broadcast over hundreds of 'legal' stations around the world. Boat interior shots were filmed inside a warehouse in Osprey Quay on the Isle of Portland [12] and at Shepperton Studios. The official synopsis of The Boat That Rocked before release stated that it tells the fictional story about a group of DJs in who are at odds with a traditionalist British government that prefers to broadcast jazz.


Following the film's commercial failure at the British box office, Focus Features commissioned a re-edited version for release in North American release 13 November Stuffed with playful character actors and carpeted with wall-to-wall tunes, the film makes for easy viewing and easier listening, even if Mr. Curtis, who wrote and directed, has nothing really to say about these rebels for whom rock 'n' roll was both life's rhyme and its reason.

Shorn of the scenes that actually put meat on its characters' frail bones, the resulting product is vaguely cute and wholly insubstantial, little more than a randomly assembled hodge-podge of scenes crammed in and yanked out that amount to yet another movie about rebellious young men sticking it to The Grumpy Old Man—this time, with a tacked-on Titanic climax. Trailers had a prominent voice-over announcement stating that "in the British government banned rock 'n' roll on the radio.

Until one American DJ and a band of renegades launched a radio station on the high seas and raided the air waves. The trailer in North America also featured dialog from a scene not in the release; chief among which were a British government minister was being told in a voiceover that the American deejay "The Count" is "possibly the most famous broadcaster ever," which wasn't borne by the actual plot.

He went into the temple with Peter and John, leaping and praising God. In that hopeless situation you found yourself now, be encouraged because God is always there to answer you.

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