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Industrial Art and Design

You will create new products or make improvements to existing ones. You could be designing everyday items like mobile phones and household appliances to complicated items like industrial machinery or cars. Here are some examples of Industrial Design programmes that can help you specialize in product design:. As an industrial design researcher, you will research user needs, coming up with new solutions and suggestions for elements of design.

Examples of products you might do research for are: If you want to develop a career as an industrial researcher you should check out Master of Science programmes such as:. An art director is the person responsible for the visual aspect and images in magazines, newspapers, product packaging, and movie and television productions.

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Some Art and Visual Design-oriented Masters are:. In a nutshell, designers are the brilliant minds that combine the artistic view with IT skills on a daily basis.


Just as Information has been completely revolutionarized by digital technologies, the material world is poised on the brink of a manufacturing revolution. It seems increasingly likely that instead of giant factories, we will see production move to localised creative Maker Spaces that are smaller, faster, cheaper and more efficient.

High School of Art and Design

With new additive technologies, products will be easily customisable and have a much smaller carbon footprint. We believe that making is the connection between the head and the heart. As we make and engage with a variety of materials, we connect to our deepest creative selves to learn with intuition and sensitivity.

We are able to connect the tacit knowledge in craft practices and grassroots ingenuity with the new possibilities of tomorrow. As practitioners we can seek a position in the maker space, be it amongst contemporary hand crafted artefacts or adding value to mass-produced objects of every day use. Be proficient in using the design process and creative thinking skills and tools- research methods, tools for analysis, ideating, prototyping, testing and validating, Be proficient in expression through drawing and prototyping.

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