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Morphology, Raman Spectrum and Isotopic Compositions: Heilongjiang Daxing'anling Mohe Co. Gold Science and Technology 16 6 , Gold Science and Technology 16 2 , , Gold Science and Technology 16 2 , Gold Science and Technology 19 2 , Henan Luoyang Song Co. Geology and Exploration 45 4 , Geology and Prospecting 30 6 , Geology and Prospecting 34 4 , Gold Science and Technology 20 2 , Hubei Shiyan Yunxi Co. Mineral Deposits 29 z1 , Hunan Changde Shimen Co. Mineral Up 4 6: Geology of Chemical Minerals 25 4 , Ore Geology Reviews 25, Geology and Prospecting 17 3 , Behre Dolbear Asia Inc.

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Zhejiang Lishui Longquan Co. Journal of Mineralogy and Petrology 6 3 , Mineral Deposits 5 1 , Geology and Prospecting 22 5 , Acta universitatis carolinae, Geologica, , no. Origin of coexisting wustite, MgFe and REE phosphate minerals in graphite-bearing fluorapatite from the Rumburk granite. European Journal of Mineralogy 22, Mineralogicke a loziskove pomery v Lesni Ctvrti u Vapenne ve Slezsku.

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Azzam Determination of gold in two Egyptian gold ores using instrumental neutron activation analysis. Radiation Physics and Chemistry Mining Geology, 38 , Journal of African Earth Sciences Mineralium Deposita 32, Hietanen, Sini Keski-Suomen granitoidikomplekssin malmiviitteet Hiekkapohjan alueella.

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Mineralogical and Chemical Relationships among the Enstatite Chondrites. Journal of Geophysical Research 73 Inventoire mineralogique de la France no. Le Cahier des Micromonteurs. Presolar diamond, SiC, and graphite in primitive chondrites: Abundances as a function of meteorite class and petrologic type. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 59, 1, pp. M, Paris, pp. Das Porphyrwerk Detzeln im Steinatal und seine Mineralien.

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Mineralogy and Petrology, 61 , Econ Geol Studies on Nundydroog gold ore with a view to improving gold recovery. I have updated the presentation of the Graphite mineral using what our father had written on his personal notebook. It seems obvious that this specimen comes from Travancore because it is a very old sample that was given to our father by the BRGM of Rabat in the sixties, when Jacques E. Dietrich, his dear friend worked there.

In order not to be too approximate, I have searched through the internet, and I have found an article by John Coggin Brown which will be very intersting for you to read. Apparently, this sample is very old. The site you should visit is " Mineral wealth: Materials used in building construction Ltd, and between , when regular returns first became available, and when operations ceased, 35, tons had been produced This article appears page of the book. I do hope this piece of information will allow you to enlarge your information and show your members a real old timer from a place that is not yet mentioned on your site.

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I tesori sotterranei dell'Italia. Loescher, Torino, pp. Minerali del Piemonte e della Valle d'Aosta. Associazione Amici del Museo "F. Magnetite from the Cogne serpentinites Piemonte ophiolite nappe, Italy: Insights into seafloor fluid-rock interactions. European Journal of Mineralogy, 27, I giacimenti uraniferi italiani e i loro minerali. La grafite nelle Alpi piemontesi. Descrizione della miniera di Olivadi. Tomo 2, Napoli A. Guida ai Minerali - Fabbri ed. Tomo 2, Napoli Melograni G.

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