Manual Lets Make a Difference: We Can Help Protect Mountain Gorillas (Save Coins for Causes Book 2)

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From Monks to Mountain Gorillas. Like the packed flipsides of large format postcards, Kaufman's unpretentious prose will lull you into dangers men half his age wouldn't trade the recliner for. Friend of the world, this not-so-accidental tourist dives into glob trots with a new wife who, as the circumstances demand, calmly sleeps with hyenas or shows her breasts to Ethiopian tribeswomen, and his fearless new son who eats crocodile, calls in elephants and dances with Thai girls who know the "F" word. Sheldrake author, Instant Karma: Only 9 left in stock more on the way.

Sweet little Gamba lives in a place where people are both his friends and enemies. This rhyming story reminds kids and grown-ups that animals in the wild are affected by the actions of humans. A wonderful way to help children learn to make good choices when it comes to our animal brothers and sisters.

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Lots of learning tools for teachers and homeschoolers. Breakfast in the Rainforest: If you are planning to go see the gorillas, as I am, this book has a wealth of practical information and pictures. It is listed as a children's book but it is much more than that, it will prepare you for the trip, how to take those pictures, and what to expect. Let's Make a Difference: Protecting Mountain Gorillas Save coins for causes.

This informative and enjoyable photo book by Gabriella Francine is an excellent introduction to gorillas for young children. It shows the reader intimate photos of gorillas in Africa, their habitat, play, and eating habits. Little children will fall in love with Pikoe, his mother Izuba, and his father Kunga as they turn the pages to find out more about gorillas and how they can help to save this endangered species. We Can Help Protect Mountain Gorillas is part of a series for children on endangered species; and shows how even the youngest child can help protect them.

Some of the photographs are montaged with illustrations showing children caring for gorillas. Besides saving pennies like the children in the book, young children The physics are used to complete puzzles or overcome obstacles in order to complete each level or boss. Free of major glitches, Puggsy's unique gameplay allows for a myriad of strats making it an extremely safe marathon game.

The Hobbit is the greatest speedgame you've never seen. Based on the novel, not the movie, this action adventure platformer has a surprising density of tricks and techniques that are sure to wow viewers. The game gives a constant supply of save points that can make this run quite marathon safe without compromising the excitement. This has never appeared at a GDQ and hopefully that streak of non-Hobbit games is about to change. This run shows that anyone with enough olives can journey to hell and defeat Hades.

I'm not really sure what the gods need with the olives. Many probably remember this game as "not quite Zelda 2," but it's certainly one of the better of them. This game has yet to make an appearance at a GDQ event, and I would love to change that. Why have one Contra when you can have all 3? Action packed Contra times 3! All on the NES so easy swap between each game! What needs to be said about Contra that hasn't already. Great game series and fun throughout. Azure Striker Gunvolt is a spiritual successor to the Mega Man series.

The game has striking visuals, high-energy music, interesting characters, and most of all, mechanics that only exist in this game series. This game was my first speedrun, and I find myself coming back to it time and time again, as do its developers -- the most recent version of the game on Nintendo Switch has not been run at a GDQ yet, and I'm looking forward to showing off its new form onstage! Operation Logic bomb is a relatively unknown but fun and quick top down shooter. Apologies for lack of a proper submission video, life is busy.

This combat is a mix of menuing, meleeing, and critical thinking to adapt to dangerous situations. Now Available for the Low Price of 25 minutes of screen time! Pending Pitch Perfect The crowd and viewers loved it. Showing off the entire game in this manor, with the added difficulty of shooting fireballs, will make for another highly impressive and entertaining run!

Submitting as a race vs. Pending Warpless 1 Hand Pokemon Gold glitchless has seen many optimizations over the past year, including new strategies and manips that make the game way more marathon-friendly. It features the totodile line absolutely destroying the game, and the route is pretty cool all around. It has never been seen in a GDQ before, so it will provide a fresh look on the Pokemon series. Submitting as a race between Pokeguy84 and myself. Almost everyone is familiar with the original Super Mario Bros.

This version of the game has different aesthetics, levels, and physics! The game involves trying to click your way through classes, while figuring out which of your teachers is an alien. Precise clicking is shown off to move throughout the school, including set pieces like going aboard an alien spaceship and pushing your teachers in the pool.

The run features tricks such as early spinner cycle and "period skip", which allows skipping of almost a whole day. Submitted as a race with kosmic. The sound design of the game also presents several interesting challenges for blindfolded nearly silent audio cues, occasional random audio cues from opponent speech, and pseudo-random starting points for fights.

The first loop of the game contains its own credits sequence, making this work as a standalone category if need be.

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Pending Blindfolded Contender 0: Snipperclips was a launch title for the switch, a physics based puzzle game that earned itself an expansion half a year later. The game has become popular online, and the speedrun scene has also seen more runners since the update. It's fast paced but easy to play, making it great for marathons, as it has been at many non-gdq events before. Pending All Stars A smaller indie title released on the Switch about a year ago.

A light-hearted, goofy golf RPG which generally has you doing small golf mini games or playing courses to gain experience to allocate skill points to enhance your golfing skills. You play as an aspiring amateur looking to turn pro. Small glitches and exploits are scattered throughout allowing you to access areas early, sequence break, and cheese course plays in unintended ways.

Zelda II Randomizer has many features that make it one of the most unique and challenging randomizers ever created. With randomized world map each adventure can yield some amazing results. Players of Zelda 2 Randomizer need to adapt to what they find on the fly, and display their mastery of the fundamental combat mechanics of the game to truly go fast. Digshake, the creator, and Eunos have always been top tier Z2R players, and should be featured if this is accepted.

I am submitting as a backup. Puggsy is a unique yet easy to follow game that makes for an extraordinary speedrun. The game is best described as a physics based puzzle platformer and features "total object interaction". Because of this, the speedrun features a wide range of strategies that range from levels being completed as intended to abusing the physics engine in ways the developers could never imagined.

Mistakes aren't punished heavily, making a race or marathon run very safe. I have a soft-spot in my heart for Tintin runs. Last year's GBC run of Tintin in Tibet went fantastic, and this would be a continuation of the same style. This game has some goofier sections, but it's a comfy retelling of an old story with fantastic visuals and music. This would specifically appeal to the European audience. RoboWarrior is a NES game that is considered a very difficult game by others who have attempted to play or speedrun it.

Death is always a possibility with every bomb that is placed. Many item placements are random, making item collection very challenging. My speedrun makes good use of known item locations, secret rooms, and item-doubling fountains. There are four levels in the game that are totally dark, and I would set a donation incentive to beat these levels without using a light source.

Sail the high seas of adventure with this knockoff Wind Waker HD clone, minus the charming protagonist and the hours of sailing from island to island! Wall clips, out of bounds, invulnerability glitches make this quite an interesting run to watch.

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Deaths merely reset the current room, so the run is incredibly safe, and no backtracking. The run ends with a cheesy boss fight against King K Rool and can be made easier with a glitch that grants temporarily invulnerability. Good fit for Awful Block. The first 3D Mega Man game. It's been at a GDQ before, with the run seeing a few more optimizations since then. This one features deceptively tricky diagonal running, rapid fire buster techniques, and silly ways to destroy bosses.

Arkanoid is a game that was so special it came packaged with its own unique controller.

Fun and interesting facts about gorillas you may not know

This controller is crucial for completing this brick-breaker, as it allows for quick movement of the Vaus to keep the ball in play at all times, and the balls bounce very fast in later levels. Donation incentive to not collect any level warps. The speedrun attempts to subvert that as often as possible, leaving players to fend for themselves in a race to the finish line to complete each level using tricky jumps and sequence breaks. The run is filled with varied levels full of fun gimmicks that are sure to keep the run interesting.

TWW Randomizer is a romhack that randomizes every location of items, songs and upgrades and scatters them all over the game. With the Wind Waker Rando, you can set where progression based items can be places, with a focus on for example Dungeons, caves and other locations to your liking. In a marathon setting, I do believe a Wind Waker Rando with progression based items being favored in dungeons would be a great run.

The length of the run is not bad and would be great racing. Pending Randomizer Race One of the top ten best-selling video games of all time, NSMB is a well-known classic and a popular speedgame. The No Powerups category sees the player take a different and longer route through the game, with every level having the added difficulty of being played without powerups.

As the world record holder, I will be able to put on an entertaining show for the audience. Pending No Powerups The original God of War was released in and glitchers soon realized the multitude of glitchy gameplay including the Swim Glitch, Medusa High Jumping and more. The run would be played on a NTSC-J copy of the game, which censors all nudity on enemies and during cutscenes.

Bubsy's back, and this time in 3D, representing the PlayStation Nation! This game was last seen in AGDQ , and boy has the run changed since then. More out of bounds and more skips than last time, which means more time for quips and puns. What could paws-sibly go wrong? This cult-classic platformer has plenty of very tight and enjoyable platforming throughout it's short, 30 minute run. However, while rolling around in a ball like Super Mario Odyssey is fun and all, What makes this game truly an amazing game to watch and run are the crazy OoBs, Skips, and Wall Collision, or rather the lack thereof.

You're a pink robot slicin' up dudes in Japan in the late s. Pending Ending 4 Ocarina of Time Randomizer is a romhack where you take the vanilla game and then shuffle and randomize every single essential item and they get put at random locations in the game. From there, you try and figure out different routes and paths to beat the game with the Items you are able to find. It adds a good challenge of routing and over all rewards good knowledge of the game. These runs can be long but it would be a great game for racing other players or teams.

The best Silent Hill speedrun. Same movement optimization as the other games with a mix of extremely broken sequence breaking and out of bounds glitching. Would be willing to race. Pending 2v2 Lockout BIngo 1: Classic SMB but with a reputation for being insanely hard. The perfect recipe for a great race! This time make it a race with added teams of me and Lackattack, Supersonic and Picante, and some seriously entertaining stuff is guaranteed to happen.

A race between the best players that submit this would be a great addition to the GDQ record books! Pending Warpless The goal of the AC category is to beat the game as quickly as possible while collecting ALL flowers and tetrahedra. Pending All Collectables All of the categories have great movement thanks to Item Sliding, and they all utilize big sequence breaks to certain extents, such as Barrier Skip.

Tight jumps and frame perfect tricks. Castlevania has evolved quite a bit recently. Runners are trying to push it further and further with frame perfect RNG manipulation. It's become more of a technical run than it ever has, say, only a year ago. I'm looking to redeem my pit-seeking run from SGDQ in a race against the man himself, jc A race is perfect for showing this run off. A real runner will have their fast strats, and backup strats ready.

A race tends to bring those backups out. And oh boy just you wait to see all the sniping we do! The world record is more than a minute faster than before, and the average run is probably almost 2 minutes faster thanks to more consistent strats. A race would be great to ensure that all the tricks are shown off. Pending 96 Exit However in this Game, Lyoko is a little glitchier than normal. Submitting as a co-op with Andy. Both of us are playing the same seed, sharing information verbally throughout.

We spread out checks to try and beat the seed as fast as possible. You can find Metroid items in Zelda, and vice versa. Pending Co-op Randomizer 2: Zelda 2's combat mechanics are unparalleled. For those who have truly mastered them, the final frontier is to pit ourselves against any adversity and still go blazing fast. We don't have the run memorized; we're adapting to every new piece of information and using our mastery of the fundamental mechanics of Z2.

Digshake, 3 time tournament finalist, champion Eunos, 2 time champion, , Pending Randomizer race Sunset Overdrive is the spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio Future, showing great movement and fast combat. This game does not have the ability to skip cutscenes, but the cutscene quality is very funny, so watching it would get some good laughs as well as allow plenty of time for donation readings.

Golf Story is an RPG for the Nintendo Switch where a young adult goes about his journey to be the best golfer in his country. Everybody is against him, but he perseveres. The gameplay is a mixture of golfing and leveling up. The comedy in the game is fantastic and the story and characters are very charming.

The run has very little RNG and has some cool moments to show off glitches and exploits. Submitting as a co-op with Ivan. Ninja Pizza Girl is a serious game about self-esteem, bullying and resilience — and pizza delivering ninjas! This game has some very tight movement but is low risk since very few levels require a restart, so my estimate is super consistent. The music in this game when you move super fast is also incredible, which happens at least once every level. Pending All Deliveries The latest in CV homages with a familiar name attached to it.

A surprisingly fun game with plenty of tech already found in such a short time after release. All of the fastest strats are marathon safe. Proposing a race with anyone willing to do so. IGT doesn't track certain things like character swapping, so a marathon run would really show off a runner's ability to adjust to RTA. Brilliant Bob is an extremely Brutal PC Platformer, obviously meant as a Shovelware poorly-made crapshoot for the developers to make 2 dollars. However, also most have forgotten about this Rage-Inducing game, this game has stood out for me and my group of friends as an Incredibly Wacky Speedrun.

Viewers will be on the edge of their seats watching Xelna and I avoid death constantly. There are safe strategies for some of the problem rooms. Shows off really cool things not seen in many other runs! Super Bomberman 2 is the second entry in the Super Bomberman saga. The game was released in and received high acclaim from numerous sources, complimenting its graphics, music, and, most importantly, strategic gameplay you don't start any stage with invincibility.

Speaking of "strategic gameplay", my speedrun splits off into several strategies based on the random drops in certain levels, with numerous points of convergence. Plus, the music is pretty great! OOT Rando has taken the speedrunning world by storm. Good progression through a given seed will require great knowledge of the game, quick boss strategies, nearly endless back-up strats for each room based on your item set-up and even a surprising amount of sequence breaking tricks OOT is known for.

Pending co-op Item Randomizer 4: The game has some cool momentum conservation tech that is displayed through most levels. Sometimes when things go wrong, I make noises similar to those of Mickey Mouse. Newly released indie title, Ninja Gaiden meets metroidvania! The cloudstep mechanic is something that makes this game really interesting getting another jump after connecting with a slash.

Really good 8 and 16 bit tunes to go along with the fast paced gameplay. Submitting as a solo run or a race with TMR! Rolly Bird Girl Shenanigans. Double jump your way through all the things Richter couldn't. A race is proposed so I can steal back WR in style. Donation incentive for file name.

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Pending Maria Only Race Tropical Freeze is back on the Switch and now features one of the absolute swaggiest moving characters a platformer has ever had, Funky Kong. With the ability to switch back-and-forth with Funky and the rest of the DK Family, we get a lot variety in level strategies as every Kong gets their chance to shine.

Ocarina of Time 3D is an exceptionally action-packed speedrun in nearly every category. The combination of familiar tricks from the original game and new flashy tricks introduced in the new game provide a fresh experience to an audience who's seen the original many times, but never seen this remake. Ending [E] completes all main endings and features clever routing and skips, and extremely frightening combat. It also features the use of two extra characters compared to [A] Ending runs.

Submitted as race with up to 3 players. This run also features best boy Emil. Can provide a third PC. Pending [E] Ending Normal The Chicken Scream speedrun represents one of the latest innovations for speedrunning. Chicken Scream is a platformer for mobile devices that has you use your voice to controller your character. I have elected to take this a step further. For consistency and optimization, I have learned how to run this game using a power drill as the method of input.

Regardless of which method is chosen to use for this run, it presents itself as one of the most unique speedrunning experiences you will ever see.

Editorial Reviews

Pending Level Sticker Star is the 4th installment in the Paper Mario series. Generally received as the weakest title in the series, this actually makes for a rather interesting speedrun, as the entire battle system is inventory-based, and features a few small glitches throughout the run. Despite its shortcomings casually, the speedrun has a lot of unique elements that it brings to the table.

The game also autosaves after each level, making it safe for a marathon. This has never been run at a GDQ. The first Sonic DS game. Very fast blitzing through levels using boost and skips to demolish levels. Kirbymastah and I are on the same skill level despite the difference between our PBs, so we could race. Otherwise, this is a backup for his submission.

Pending All Stages Sonic The last year has been an exciting one for Castlevania! We have made great strides in learning to manipulate the "rng" in this game to not only give ourselves the best enemy patterns, but to actually control what items the enemies drop or don't drop! Take a ride with 2snek through Castlevania and learn how to navigate the most perilous levels not only quickly, but safely, with the power of rng manipulation. I'd love to demonstrate this in a race at AGDQ! CrossCode is an indie ARPG with great combat style, zelda inspired puzzles and wonderful character design all in a nice bit package.

Each area has its own vibe and each temple its own specific mechanics thanks to the element inspired puzzles in each location. Not to mention the large skips that can be performed in most of the dungeons. While the current run may be long plenty of research is being done to bring the time lower with new strats and tricks being found regularly. Making use of an infinite jump technique, this game's time has been pushed lower and lower with implementing more places this infinite jump can be used.

Even so, this game is still an extremely consistent run. This would be SPM's debut at an in-person marathon. It is one of the few categories in speedrunning that has virtually no arbitrary rules. From opening the disc tray, to using a turbo controller, anything goes in this "adventure". Even though this version was only released in Japan, with Dragon Warrior's success in the past, and this hitting home with die hard RPG fans, I think it would be a great fit.

The RTS genre of gaming and Warcraft Universe garners nostalgia and appeal for micro intensive mechanics and deep lore based stories. This campaign features an overall steady and consistent cadence to the missions while opting to allow for intense micro situations to save time and showcase the trigger based system Blizzard is known for to the previous performances as shown at previous GDQ performances of the Human Campaign run by sajiki and Undead campaign run by myself.

I hope you enjoy! Pending Orc Campaign 1: Standard 2D platformer with a lot of customization and powerups. Call has a barrier that she can use to nullify projectiles and an airdash to maneuver quickly throughout each stage. She also has the Patch robots which help her deal damage very quickly to enemies. The final boss fight is also pretty comical, I'm sure the chat will love it. Despite its simplistic look, this "I wanna be the Guy" fangame shows that you can be fun to play without a lot of things happening at once.

Each area has a pretty simple basis and plays that out without getting tiring. Pending Co-op Item Randomizer 4: And I also have a great record of this game. Wings of Vi is a challenging 2D platformer featuring fluid and innovative movement, delightful pixel art, and challenging boss kills. This is a mostly glitchless run -- much of the challenge comes down to precise optimisation of movement and combat, and manipulating enemies correctly.

Secretly one of the finest platformers the classic hand-held system has seen. Dixie and Kiddy Jump, Roll, Swim, and Bop there way through 30 lightning fast platforming levels over 5 worlds in a nice 45 minute or less package. Engaurde and Squawks also make a fair amount of appearances to switch it up as well. Would love to race my mortal enemy Ghoul02 more like Ghoul-oh-DUMB and show off how sexy this game can be at a high level.

You got the World Record, what are you gonna do next? I'm going to Disneyland! Visit attractions like Autopia and Space Mountain to recover the keys to the Castle. There are cars, rollercoasters, platforming and Disney trivia! Catherine has been in twice before as a solo 1p2c run; however, the run can be done even faster with two players in a run that pushes the game to its absolute limits.

For this run I'll be teaming with Ghoul02, a spedrunning veteran. The run still contains all the crazy fast puzzle solving, this time though with two friends trying to read each others minds and not drive each other to madness. Pending Pairs with Ghoul02 Playing through all 4 cups of Mario Kart 64 in cc grand prix mode while doing the various glitches, wall jumps, and warps to complete the tracks. Pending cc All Cups Skips In this run of Medabots AX, the goal is simple: Little Samson is an action platformer that takes a lot of inspiration from Mega Man while adding its own flair to it.

Normal difficulty adds character permadeath, more enemies, and less max health making it a bit more chaotic than easy. To try to counter this we will be zipping through stages using some interesting setups to try and keep deaths to a minimum and speed to a max. The God of War series has been a staple in gaming since the mid s, It's speedrun is highly technical, with some hillarious glitches utilized during the route. The run will be played on the NTSC-J version of the game, which censors all of the nudity depicted in the worldwide release.

I asked Pessimism and MajorJigglin if I could co-op it with them and they said yes. Pending [E] Ending What makes this run really exciting is how the randomization can make an impact on where you go and when. In addition, due to how different routes are possible, you may end up seeing some cool tricks and treats you may not see in any other category. In addition, all of the enemies, foreground, and background palettes can be randomized which appeals to both the player, and those who watch. Unworthy is a 2d Dark Souls-like game with lots of rolling, dangerous enemies and big bosses to deal with.

For being developed by one person it's rather polished only leaving a few things wrong, one of which is what this run is based on. The Spirit bow is a weapon that allows for doors to not be a factor once acquired. This considerably speeds up the run and makes navigation more interesting.

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There will also be multiple uses of a OHKO item against bosses, because pressure is wonderful. This speedrun showcases the unique Paradigm Deck battle system that lets you set roles to your characters and allows for a large diversity of battle strategies. Unlike earlier FF games, encounters are interactive in the world so dodging them brings a different approach to routing. The battle system and gameplay environment made me love the game, and I would love the opportunity to showcase it to the world. Submitting this as a solo run or a race with Andy. Dangerous category with unique strategies not seen anywhere but here.

Don't worry there are safe strategies for every room in the game. This will keep the audience on the edge of their seat for sure as they see us go through near death experiences many times. Many laughs and clenches awaiting. The absolute worst that can happen is dying to a Dark World dungeon boss times in a row, in which case it only loses minutes. Back in the distant past way back-like when "rock and roll" was just rock and fast food was dinner you couldn't catch , lived two cave dudes named Joe and Mac.

Mountain Gorillas:

It's a well known platformer derived from a classic formula. Catchy music, silly graphics, quirky charm, and totally rad cavemen. Quick to run, easy to enjoy. Oh, and it's got a bunch of dinosaurs, too. The people like dinosaurs! The game's broken physics allows us to not only use crate hovers The run also allows us to use premade vehicles, which adds personality and flair unseen from most speedruns. The Starcraft Campaign speedrun showcases a lot of interesting aspects not seen in many speedruns. It's a mixture of top level Starcraft mechanics especially micro with some interesting unique approaches to finishing levels quickly.

Definitely a great run to watch! It's got swords, up fire, grappling hooks, awesome music. Top it all off with parallax scrolling some crazy how and this game crams a lot of goodness into a Game Boy cart. Diablo 2 is a unique speedrun in that it isn't built around glitches, skips, or anything of that nature. Instead it is purely a showcase of skillful play through the game, mixed with extreme decision making as the procedurally generated world develops in front of the runners eyes in a new way each time.

Pair that with random monster spawns, shrine spawns, item drops, and more and you have a crazy fun run that is never the same twice. I Wanna Take the Timemachine 2 is an "I wanna be the guy" fangame that plays very different to most, being made in its own custom engine. Each world will take you through a drastically different time period, from the Jurassic Era to a future era alien invasion, with both acts in each world always managing to add something slightly different to play with.

No Secret Exits is a fun category where we beat the game as fast as possible using only the intended exits in each level. To do this quickly, we utilize a bunch of auto scroller skips including the dangerous and impressive 5-Tower skip to blaze through the game like you've never seen before. Pending No Secret Exits You Have to Win the Game is a free to play platformer game which features Metroidvania style gameplay.

Fortunately, we ignore all of that and attempt to beat the game in less that 10 minutes. This game does not include RNG, which allows the runner to showcase their skill. This run has seen a major reroute and rule change, banning a few previously utilized glitches over the last few years that has made the run faster, more technical, and an amazing viewer experience. Pending Catch 'em All A futuristic racing game where the drivers themselves are the vehicles that can travel up to MPH across walls and ceilings.

This run incorporates different kinds of methods to save time including snaking and reset abuse. I feel that this is a very unique game to showcase and experience. The first of the Skate franchise. Going from rock bottom to a sponsored skater in just under a hour and 30 minutes. This game was featured as a solo run by myself at SGDQ Since then, there have been multiple runners that have achieved top times and have created a competitive game. This game features Mickey and Minnie platforming their way through various levels with an 'escorting' mechianic. Minnie is invincible but if she falls into a pit it causes Mickey to die as well.

The recent Switch release has significantly changed the run since its last appearance in SGDQ , most notably due to playable Funky Kong. Funky is the Kong of choice through most of the game, but don't worry—Diddy, Dixie, and Cranky all make cameos! You'll also see new and improved obstacle skips and momentum boosts courtesy of Funky's gravity-defying double jump and hover abilities. Lots of new players who missed out on this great 2D platforming on the Wii U will be excited to see this run. Submitting as part of the proposed Turbografx 16 block.

Legend of Hero Tonma is similar to a Ghouls N Ghosts-style game with a greater focus on platforming and greater firepower. This fast-paced action platformer can be scary with since it has one hit KOs, but recovering is pretty quick and easy which provides marathon safety. A wonderful game to showcase the great games on the Turbografx that are neither shmups nor named Bonk.

DKL3 is a fantastic little Game Boy platformer that also happens to be a pretty fun speedrun. It's also a great length for a race, complete with the trash talk and chemistry that only comes with years of good friendship. In other words, it's time for GDQ to respect the land.

Return To Virunga: The Battle To Save The Mountain Gorillas [Poaching Documentary]

Estimate is likely to decrease. Boy has this run changed since then! Pending Good Ending Difficult So you might ask yourself why bother, well its because most casual viewers as well as people that want to start learning to speedrun don't realize how easy it is to get started with this very amusing run. Surprisingly its actually has the most runs on the major glitches leaderboards, and 2nd overall, as far as most times on the LttP leaderboards.

So I gotta ask when's the last time this has been shown in a GDQ? Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts hasn't been featured at a proper GDQ event since SGDQ , and in that time the community has expanded greatly and the strats for the game have evolved significantly. I am now one of 6 people in the world who can conquer the game in less than 36 minutes. Conquer; because you don't simply beat a game like SGNG, you must conquer it or let it conquer you. With its reputation as one of the most difficult games ever, its speedrun would be a thrilling showcase on the GDQ stage.

Submitting this combination as a race with NME. The middle-of-the-road speedgame, it's also the most frenetic of the bunch, its cutscenes being plentiful, but gameplay the fastest and most chaotic. Mistakes cost, at most, 10 seconds when playing for a marathon. Very safe when played that way, but still entertaining. Everyone's favourite 3rd person autoscroller rhythm game, players BLAST their way through stages so fast Andross won't even know what hit him!

The relay race features top runners of 64 and Star Fox racing to complete the games the fastest. Pending Red Line Provide feedback about this page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

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