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The Servants of Naaman. The Inhabitants of Jabeshgilead. The Mute and DemonPossessed Men.

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The Woman With a Hemorrhage. The Sailors on Jonahs Ship. The Scribe Who Answered Intelligently. The People of Nineveh. About Three Thousand Souls. The Thief on the Cross. The Widow With the Jar of Oil. The Man Born Blind.

The “Others”: Nameless Heroes of the Bible

People Scattered by Persecution. The Prominent Shunammite Woman. The Town Clerk at Ephesus. The Male Children Slain by Herod.

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The Sons of Issachar. Some Who Entertained Angels.

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The Saints of Caesars Household. Appendix I A Prayer. Christian Western tradition goes even further by assigning each of the wise men a cultural background: There are a number of nameless children mentioned in the gospels. This same story is presented in Mark 7.

List of names for the biblical nameless

But this time, the woman is presented as Syrophenician. In the end, Jesus casts the demons out and Berenice is found recovered in her own bed Metzger and Coogan The widowed mother of the dead man is among the crowd, and her name is not disclosed in the gospel. During the crucifixion, the gospel of Matthew The names of these characters are not provided in the Bible.

Several extra-biblical sources offer us different versions of their names Metzger and Coogan The apocryphal Arabic Gospel of the Infancy adds additional information on the lives of these thieves. While Joseph, Mary, and Jesus still an infant are crossing a desert during the night, they meet the two thieves.

The bad thief does not want to let the family go. The good thief offers the bad one 40 drachmas and his belt to let Jesus and his parents move on. At this point, Jesus anticipates their fates and confirms their names Arabic Gospel of the Infancy, Thirty years hence, O my mother, the Jews will crucify me at Jerusalem, and these two robbers will be raised upon the cross along with me, Titus [the good thief] on my right hand and Dumachus [the bad thief] on my left; and after that day Titus shall go before me into Paradise.

In John 19, when the Roman soldiers attempted to break the legs of Jesus while He was hanging on the cross, they noticed that He was already dead. The name of this Roman soldier is not mentioned in the Bible. The apocryphal Acts of Pilate tells us that the name of this soldier was Longinus The spear is known as the Holy Lance. The story of this relic is confusing, and today, there are many relics that are said to be the Holy Lance. The names of the guards are not disclosed by Matthew. The apocryphal Gospel of Peter 31 , dated to the second century BC, does not provide the names of all the soldiers involved in this task, but it tells us that the guards were supervised by a Roman centurion named Petronius.

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In chapter 44, there were five guards in total, who were named Issachar, Gad, Matthias, Barnabas, and Simon. In the next verse, however, the Book of the Bee presents another version about the guards: Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our daily or weekly newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest lists.

He is currently studying archaeology University of Leicester and has a strong passion about the Human Past. Twitter Facebook Ancient History Encyclopedia.

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