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Tchaikovsky The Seasons, op. Grechaninov Sonatina in F major, op. Kabalevsky Variations in D major, op. Prokofiev Four Pieces, op. Scriabin 24 Preludes, op. Shostakovich 24 Preludes, op34 Prelude no. Deshevov The Rails op.

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Dolin Prelude for John Weinzweig D. Kabalevsky Variations in A minor,op. Rachmaninov 10 Preludes, op23 no. Scriabin 24 Preludes, op11 Prelude no. Shostakovich Three Fantastic Dances, op5 24 Preludes, op. Glinka —Balakirev The Lark D. Kabalevsky Sonatina no3 in F major, op46 24 Preludes, op. Kapustin 8 Concert Etudes, op. Rachmaninoff 10 Preludes, op. Scriabin Douze etudes, op. Shchedrin Polyphonisches Spiel heft Basso ostinato no. Shostakovich 24 Preludes and Fugues, op. Stravinsky 4 etudes, op. The Bear in the Forest , op11, no.

Ukrainian Echoes A Sad Song. Album for the Young, op. Study in G major 20 little pieces for piano Dance no. Waltz in C major In the Garden op. Album for the Youngop.

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Study in E minor op. Album for the Young, op39 Morning Prayer no. Silhouettes, op31 The Little Shepherd no. Eight Easy Piano Pieces, op43 Prayer no. Prelude The Autumn Song op. Music for Children op. Album for the Young, op39 Hobby Horse no. - Musical pieces

Short and light, with alternating triplet and non-triplet semiquavers in the right hand, over arpeggiated chords in the left. In 6 8 time, a brisk prelude with continuous quavers. Presents a technical challenge with its rapid hold-and-release of quavers against crotchets in the right hand, involving chromatic movement.

A lengthy prelude featuring an A—B—A structure with continuous single-note quaver movement in the left hand and chords and a nocturne -like melody in the right. Recalls the fourth movement of Chopin's second sonata with its brevity and rapid chords with only a rest at the end of the prelude. The main melody is repeated three times; the melody in the B section, is much more dark and dramatic. Starts with six heavily accented chords before progressing to an impromptu -like passage. Vladimir de Pachmann said of it, "The sixteenth is my great favorite!

It is le plus grand tour de force in Chopin. It is the most difficult of all the preludes technically, possibly excepting the nineteenth. In this case, presto is not enough. It should be played prestissimo, or, better still, vivacissimo. The favourite of Clara Schumann.

Präludium - No. 1 from "Twelve Children's Pieces" Op. 31 Sheet Music by Reinhold Glière

Mendelssohn wrote of it, "I love it! I cannot tell you how much or why; except perhaps that it is something which I could never at all have written. Scene on the Place de Notre-Dame de Paris. Technical challenges lie chiefly in the irregular timing of the three runs, each faster than its predecessor, played simultaneously by each hand one octave apart. A fortissimo five-octave arpeggio echoes downward into the depths of the bass registers, where the final struggle takes place and culminates with the double- fortissimo chord finale.

A virtuosic prelude, consists of widely spaced, continuous triplet-quaver movement in both hands that stretch up to fourteen notes. Wings, wings, that I may flee to you, o my beloved! Often called the "Chord" prelude. Brief, with large slow crotchet chords in the right hand predominating, against crotchet octaves in the left. It was originally written in two sections of four measures, although Chopin later added a repeat of the last four measures at a softer level, with an expressive swell before the final cadence.

Used as a theme for variations by Ferruccio Busoni , and later, without the repeated bars, by Sergei Rachmaninoff in his Variations on a Theme of Chopin , a set of 22 variations in a wide range of keys, tempos and lengths. While the right hand sings a simple melody, the left plays continuous doubled quavers characterized by chromatic movement, including chromatic nonharmonic tones , [14] taken up by the right hand also in the latter half of the piece.

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In 6 8 time, it begins with a characteristic dotted rhythm with octaves in the left hand quaver, dotted quaver, semiquaver that Scriabin was later to adopt in his early Chopin-esque preludes. A melodic left hand supported by running semiquavers throughout in the right. Opens with a thundering five-note pattern in the left hand.

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Throughout the piece, the left hand continues this pattern as the right hand melody is punctuated by trills , scales including a rapid descending chromatic scale in thirds , and arpeggios. The piece closes with three booming unaccompanied low Ds on the piano. The piece is used at the conclusion of a reconstructed film about the Warsaw Uprising at the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Suite for orchestra from the music as Op. Sonata in D minor. Music to the film The Youth of Maxim. Music to the play Hail, Spain by Alexander Afinogenov. Music to the film The Return of Maxim.

Four Romances on Verses by Pushkin. Orchestration for bass and orchestra as Op. The Twelve Chairs , operetta. Music to the film The Vyborg Side. Music to the film Friends. Music to the film The Great Citizen , first part. Music to the film The Man with a Gun. Not the 8 mvt work now known to be Suite for Variety Orchestra post Music to the film The Great Citizen , second part. Suite on Finnish Themes. Piano Quintet in G minor.

Preludes (Chopin)

Orchestration of the Opera Boris Godunov by Mussorgsky. Music to the play King Lear by Shakespeare. Bass and mixed chorus with simple accompaniment for bayan or piano. The Gamblers , unfinished opera after Gogol. Patriotic Song after Dolmatovsky. Children's Notebook , six pieces. Two Songs to the spectacle Victorious Spring after Svetlov.

Music to the film The Young Guard. From Jewish Folk Poetry , song cycle. Music to the film Encounter at the Elbe.

Twelve Children's Pieces for Solo Piano, Op. 31

Anti-Formalist Rayok Peep Show. Song of the Forests , oratorio after Dolmatovsky. Music to the film The Fall of Berlin. Four Songs to Words by Dolmatovsky.