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He overcame dyslexia, landed a Navy scholarship to Princeton, and became one of the country's elite test pilots at Patuxent River. And he learned a hard lesson when he washed out of the Mercury program, only to come roaring back - flying two Gemini missions, walking on the Moon as commander of Apollo 12, commanding the first Skylab, and working to develop the first reusable commercial rocket, logging more time in space than all the original astronauts combined. America's glorious race to the stars, as seen through the eyes of a real space cowboy. View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links Related resource Contributor biographical information at http: Set up My libraries How do I set up "My libraries"?

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Found at these bookshops Searching - please wait Read reviews that mention pete conrad space program howard klausner carrying the fire nancy conrad right stuff gemini and apollo third man max peck man on the moon much better lear jet thoroughly enjoyed factual errors test pilot writing style better book naval aviator deserves better dick gordon. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I held off reading this biography of Pete Conrad for years because it didn't seem to be of a high enough quality when I thumbed through it at the book store remember those?

After a recent trip to Kennedy Space Center Vistor's Complex, my interest in all things Apollo was revived and I decided to finally pick this book up.

Rocketman by Nancy Conrad, Howard A. Klausner |

My original impressions were confirmed. If any of the astronauts from the Golden Era of American spaceflight deserve a good biography, it's Pete Conrad. Of all of the original space pioneers, he had one of the more notable personalities. What this book suffers from is Conrad's untimely death in His story has to be recounted through a series of anecdotes recalled by his widow and a handfull of people that he worked with over the years.

In the absence of the biography's subject for an eyewitness account, writer Howard Klausner resorts to a biographical format that I really don't like: I had the impression that he took the collection of anecdotes that he had and spun semi-fictional stories around them. While they're all based in truth and the essential facts are correct, I just have a problem with creating dialogue between actual people that no one could possibly know or remember. A book is either non-fiction or it's not. That issue aside, I think this book gives a good flavor for the essence of the man; it comports with other stories that I've read about Conrad over the years.

He was a prankster and joker, someone who didn't take himself too seriously and didn't buy into the astronaut persona that the public expected. He led an interesting life well beyond his astronaut career, never stopping to rest on his laurels. So if you're looking for a light read of one of astronautics more interesting personalities, pick up "Rocketman. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This is a highly accessible account of Pete Conrad's life and career, but ultimately disappointingly lightweight and short.

It strives for a swaggering style that is initially engaging but, by about a third of the way through, has become numbingly monotonous. And the attempted muscularity of the writing ultimately fails to disguise the lack of content. Anecdotes are fine, but with a subject this important it would have been good to have some proper research wrapped around them. The story makes huge jumps, focusing, for example, purely on those parts of the Gemini and Apollo programmes directly involving Conrad.

The text desperately lacks context. And if you don't already know the details of many of these stories you may find yourself lost. Like too many biographies, this one nudges into hagiography far too often, which is arguably excusable given that one of the credited co-writers is Conrad's wife. But for all the pseudo-gonzo posturing of the writing, it also can't resist descending into cheap sentimentality at times, with stories that are simply too cute to be credible.

This is a story of a man who deserves our respect told in a way that is thin, brief and unreliable. One person found this helpful. This book reads like it was written by someone who is not a writer. Nancy Conrad was married to astronaut Pete Conrad for 9 years before his death in It is weird to read her comments about his life, former wife and family, particularly when considering that Pete and first wife Jane Conrad were married for 37 years and Jane was there for his entire career as both a Naval aviator and NASA astronaut.

Nancy Conrad has designated herself as the keeper of her husband's legacy; I read an article about this book after I purchased it that a significant amount of the book was taken from notes that Pete Conrad had written with the intention of penning his autobiography before he died. It's not as good as Micheal Colins book but entertaining.

The Apollo 12 launch had me laughing out loud while reading. This was a fast breezy read which captures much of Conrad's happy-go-lucky, charming personality, but is often disappointingly sketchy.

2nd Manned Moon Landing: "Apollo 12: Pinpoint for Science" 1970 NASA; Pete Conrad

According to the acknowledgements, Conrad and his wife Nancy spent hours making recordings of his reminiscences and filing his personal papers and photos, before his untimely death in a motorcycle accident several years ago, and the book is based largely on those, with writing assistance from screenwriter Klausner. I thought the book balanced uncomfortably on th This was a fast breezy read which captures much of Conrad's happy-go-lucky, charming personality, but is often disappointingly sketchy.

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I thought the book balanced uncomfortably on the line between memoir and biography, with neither the fully realized voice of Conrad, had he been able to write it himself, nor the level of detail I would have expected from a third-person biography. Still, it's fun and fast to read -- recommended with reservations and the hope of a more in-depth biography in the future.

Jun 20, Neil rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A few chapters in and I laughed my "hoo-ha" off. The style is brisk and easy, but later, after Skylab, it get's more difficult to read. I think mainly because he had to come down from being on top - which so many of those guys had to deal with. I listened to Pete Conrad on archival films of the space program and on the television when I was a kid and recognize immediately the same man in the book.

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The book also ends the same way as Pete Conrad's life A few chapters in and I laughed my "hoo-ha" off. The book also ends the same way as Pete Conrad's life - abruptly - leaving a taste of the profound sense of loss that those who knew him must have had. I have read many books on the "Space Race", it is just something I have always been a geek about.

This one has become one of my favorites. Pete Conrad and the whole crew of Apollo 12 have been astronauts I have been interested in knowing better. So I was really happy to find this book now if I can just find the Al Bean one. A quick read for me. I got it done in one day.

Rocketman: Astronaut Pete Conrad's Incredible Ride to the Moon and Beyond

Very insightful and full of humor, much like the man himself. Sep 07, Lennie rated it liked it. This biography discusses Pete Conrad's life, an Apollo astronaut and the third man to walk on the moon. Even though at times Pete didn't conduct himself the way NASA would like him to, I feel he made a big contribution to the space program and I will always be inspired by the "Rocketman's" accomplishments.

I snagged this from Borders because it was inexpensive and looked interesting. It was an okay read. If you are interested in the history of the space program you will probably find some interesting tidbits. There are laugh out loud moments, great anecdotes about NASA including some I hadn't heard before , and lots of interesting stories from Pete Conrad's life. Oct 25, Eric rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'd have to say that Pete Conrad was a man's man. His personality made him stand out among the early pioneers of space.

Mar 28, Derek rated it really liked it. Great story about a great man.