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The Royal Bloodline Of Yeshua, Hidden For 2000 Years, Now Revealed..

M irjana, one of the six visionaries of Medjugorje, was the first visionary to receive all the Ten Secrets. Our Lady has given her the responsibility to reveal the secrets to the world when it is time. Our Lady gave Mirjana a parchment with all the secrets written on them. It is made of a material not found on this earth. Mirjana, at this time, was not married and living in Sarajevo with Her family.

Mirjana was asked about the parchment given to her by Our Lady containing the Ten Secrets.


That parchment I should give to the priest of my choice. Ten days before the secret, I will give this paper to him. He will only be able to see the secret that is going to happen. He will only be able to see the first secret. He will pray and fast on bread and water.


On the third day before the secret is divulged, he will make it public — that this and that will happen at this and this place. This should be convincing that Our Lady had been here — that She did not call us in vain to peace, to love, to conversion. When I got all the ten secrets, I was always afraid that I might forget something.

I was not sure about myself to remember all those dates. It gave me trouble all the time. So one day, while I was having the vision, Mary simply gave me that, we call it foil, that parchment. It is neither a paper or a tissue or fabric — just like an old pigment parchment.

So all ten secrets are nicely written on it and so I keep that paper in the drawer with the rest of my papers.

The Parchment

I showed it to a cousin of mine and she just saw a letter. She did not see any secrets, she just saw it as a letter. And I showed it to, I think it was my aunt. I showed it to her and she just saw certain poems. Nobody sees the same. I can keep it on the table because nobody is able to read it, the secrets.

They were all confused. One saw it was a song, one saw it was a letter. So I thought something was wrong about that, so that I should not show it to anybody else.

The 10 Secrets

It caused laughter, surprise. I just folded the paper and put it away in my drawer. The scroll is dated to and tells the story of Laurentius Loricatus. The piece measures 16 feet in length and is the group effort of villagers in Italy asking the Pope to induct a man called Loricatus as a saint.

On the same scroll, experts have detected the remnants of a salt-hungry bacteria. The research results were published on September 7, , in the journal Scientific Reports. The findings explain how the striking purple pigment has been made by salt-loving marine microbes. The effort was led by Dr. The parchment, made of goatskin, had been resting in the Vatican Secret Archives for three centuries and it first arrived at the Vatican shortly after its creation in a village close to Rome.

However, the lab results attested to the presence of marine bacteria.

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That was the reason why the margins of the parchments were damaged, as well as its first and final pages, making the Loricatus story an incomplete read. The purple spots happen to be a result of rhodopsin-producing Halobacteria.

Solving the mystery behind the 13th Century parchment in the Vatican Secret Archives

After it was considered how these parchments were made in medieval times, the finding made more sense. Different skins of animals were used to produce writing parchments; commonly goatskin, also cowskin and sheepskin. Once the hide was removed from the animal, each piece of skin was treated with sea-salt.

This step was aimed to clean any flesh-eating bacteria from the skin, preserving it for long-term use. The skin still retained some trace of salinity, just enough to allow salt-loving aquatic bacteria to develop its own colonies. Interiors of Vatican Secret archives. The lab tests also revealed the presence of different bacteria. Which means, once the salt-loving bacteria colonies died, another type of bacteria appeared, these feeding from the remnants of the former colonies.

There was an entire chain of bacterial life that was responsible for the odd purple pigmentation. Bacteria concentration was lower on areas of the parchment that remained untainted by the colored pigment. The 13th-century parchment which the Italian university used for pursuing this research has an intriguing story on its own, needless to say.