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Both include color image and personal consecration instructions. I f you are seriously interested in getting a Renaissance Astrology pentacle or talisman just contact me and send your date of birth and I can give a quick analysis of which pentacles or talismans are appropriate for you. The 2nd Sun Pentacle, "serveth to repress the pride and arrogance of the solar spirits, which are altogether proud and arrogant by their nature. The Third Sun Pentacle, " The Fourth Pentacle of the Sun, "serveth to enable thee to see the spirits when they appear invisible unto those who invoke them; because, when thou hast uncovered it, they will immediately appear visible.

The Fifth Pentacle of the Sun, "serveth to invoke those spirits who can transport thee from one place unto another, over a long distance and in short time. C apella Mirror fixed star Capella mirror for health, healing and honor.

Simple Planetary Talisman (pt.2)

T he Fomalhaut Paper Talisman fixed star talisman for fame, honor and spiritual change. Here is the Order Page for Custom Fomalhaut paper talismans which can be ordered only until September 19, T he Saturn Paper Talisman for long life, discipline, esoteric arts and occult wisdom.

T he 7th Mansion Paper Talisman for all good things. T he key to the construction of an astrological talisman or amulet lies in the choice of the astrological factor or factors whose energy or spirit the mage wishes to capture. In traditional Western astrological magic this choice appears to have been task oriented. The client or the mage himself wishes to accomplish a particular result, love, money, success, any of a myriad of possibilities.

The mage then selects the most appropriate astrological factor typically choosing either a planet, fixed star, Mansion of the Moon or house based talisman. T he mage must consider the current state of the Heavens for not all talismans or amulets can be made at any particular time. The mage may also, depending on the circumstances, consider the birth chart of the client or subject of the talisman, a horary chart or even the chart of a city or country, in choosing the talisman and the time for its creation.

The astrological magician, therefore, must have a good working knowledge of the theory and practice of traditional Electional Astrology. Using the principles of electional astrology, the mage chooses a time when the particular astrological factor is strong and appropriately placed. O nce an appropriate time is chosen, the mage gathers the materials from which the talisman or amulet will be made. Each planet, for example, is associated with a certain metal.

As the chosen time the mage creates the talisman. My talismans are all cast from precious metals, but talismans can also be stamped, inscribed or engraven and made in metal, gems, or even on paper or parchment. T he effect of gemstone and metal talismans is longer lasting, for as the Renaissance philosopher Marsilio Ficino observes, "gems and metals, though they seem too hard for accepting a celestial influence, nevertheless retain it longer if they receive it.

Once again the key is that the talisman must receive its form at the elected time if it is to be efficacious. A fter making the talisman with the appropriate signs, sigils, characters, images and designs, as set forth at length in our traditional sources, the mage then consecrates the talisman in a magical ceremony. In one sense this can be seen as charging the talisman with the energy of the chosen astrological factor. A t the same time, the consecration can also be seen as the invocation of the spirit ruling or animating the chosen astrological factor who then inhabits or infuses the talisman with its particular powers.

The talisman is then worn by the user or placed in a location where the mage wishes the effects of the talisman or amulet to manifest. By reconsecrating a talisman periodically we can keep the connection to the spirit of the talisman strong.

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T he most popular form of talismans are the talismans of the seven traditional planets. We also look to the differing Natures of the Planets each of which, Saturn , Jupiter , Mars , the Sun , Venus , Mercury and the Moon has a different effect and rules different things and activities in the Material World. I provide example planetary talismans with horoscopes for their creation below. I also provide a Planetary Magic Mini-Course which teaches how to make the traditional talismans of the planets.

W e first look at Saturn the Greater Malefic. Saturn, like Mars, the Lesser Malefic, has an energy that is necessary, but often difficult to deal with. He is associated with melancholy and death as well as agriculture, construction, occult studies, solidity and discipline. Here is an example of a Saturn talisman from the encyclopedic book of astrological magic, Picatrix.

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N ext is Jupiter the Greater Benefic who is perenially popular being associated with good fortune, prosperity, justice and authority. Here are a number of examples of Jupiter talismans, with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation. N ext is Mars the Lesser Malefic, who is associated with courage, fortitude, strength, victory as well as war.

Here are a number of examples of Mars talismans with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation.

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T he Sun , the Light of the Day, is associated with healing, wealth, friendship, nobility, authority. Here are a number of examples of Sun talismans with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation. W hile these are called talismans of the signs, they are more appropriate termed Sun talismans, because they are prepared when the Sun is in their signs. N ext is Venus , the Lesser Benefic, associated with love, friendship, travel, art, music, beauty.

Here are a number of examples of Venus talismans, with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation. N ext is Mercury , associated with communication, business, memory, eloquence, learning. Here are a number of examples of Mercury talismans, with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation. N ext is the Moon , the Light of the Night, associated with travel, messages, communications, divination, and the measured change of all things, their birth, life and death, in the Material World. Here are a number of examples of Moon talismans, with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation.

Mercury governs the thought centres of the brain and memory. It also governs speech, the nostrils, the hands, feet, lungs and nerves.

An individual with an exalted Mercury, becomes distinguished in intellectual and literary pursuits. But those with a particularly debilitated or afflicted Mercury can deceitful and cunning and may turn out to be swindlers, forgers and thieves. Mercury is a sensitive planet that responds to every impression, but Mercury is not swayed by the signs as are the more passive planets.

On the other hand each sign excites Mercury to give a special impression of opinion. Saturn has favourable influence upon Mercury, without Saturn's steadying hand, Mercury may be frivolous and vain.

But when Mercury is overpowered by Venus, mental qualities become subservient and slavish, that is the concerned individual may not have a mind of his own. Nevertheless, whatever aspects exist, they will not alter the essential character of this planet. People under the influence of this planet have a great desire for knowledge, the longing for change and a cosmopolitan spirit. They are bound to travel far and wide.

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As I felt so sorry to have wasted money in this book, I felt necessary to at least give a warning to other buyers who may felt prey to this kindle trap. First of all, kindle don't make it clear the size of the book. It is minimal, about 50 kindle pages, done with minimal work, and about two astrological charts so the author can say that he did something.

Almost nothing on astrology.

Nothing on the results, so I don't believe he ever did the talismans. Sincerely, I think the author tried to cash a buck copying most of the talismans from Chris Warnock site and making an hour work "book".