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The desk is now empty. Marco is just in me, I can feel him breathing, here he still is, not even the distance can set us two apart two hearts are beating the same track.

One Heartbeat Away: Your Journey Into Eternity

Perhaps if you too think of me, if to nobody you will talk, if you decide to hide like me. If you run away and just leave quickly to bed without a meal if you tighten hard towards you the pillow and the tears flow you don't know how much sorrow causes loneliness. I look at your picture in my diary with the anxious eyes of a bit clumsy guy. I hold it against my chest and get to feel you are still between English and Mathematics. Dad and his advice, those are too boring things because of work and other fool stuff like these, he took you away, no matter where you want to be saying: Perhaps if you too think of me with your friends still will be just trying not to suffer more that will be hard, I sure bet in class, I just pretend to think and in the afternoons it's worse No care for books my love for on you I'm thinking all the way.

It can't be possible divide so fast the life we both can have I ask you, wait for me, my dear love keep the illusion. Loneliness of you and me this silence hurts here inside me this restlessness of watching life passing without you love. I ask you, wait for me because this can't be true my love the story of two hearts can't just be moved apart like this.

One Heartbeat Away – Spanish (Single)

I tried to keep the rhyme as much as possible, but these are too different languages in structure and this was the best I got. Feel free to give suggestions. Last validated or edited by Francky - 26 May Triton21 Number of messages: I have reviewed your translation, Lilian and before anything, I would like to thank you for putting your time and effort into such a long translation.

It is clearly an accurate translation, however, not yet exactly what I want. Perhaps try making the number of syllables present in the English translation equal to those in the original Spanish text. As it is a song, I would like the English translation to stay on beat with the song. Many words formed by the addition of the suffix —ster are now obsolete - which ones are due a resurgence?

As their breed names often attest, dogs are a truly international bunch. Whether English is your first language, your second, or your nineteenth, you may have experienced trouble with all the words that end in -ough….

A un Solo Latido de Distancia : Tu Viaje a la Eternidad by Mark Cahill (, Paperback) | eBay

We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. This website uses cookies that provide targeted advertising and which track your use of this website. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Continue Find out more. More Spanish examples for this word. No puede estancarse aquello en lo cual palpitan los latidos de la vida.

Do you think it will matter on that day whether you boldly shared your faith with unbelievers, whether you told a very lost and dying world about Jesus-the only answer for a soul? It will matter whether you shared the most precious thing you have with everyone you could. I will be struck by how sinful and impure I am in front of Total Holiness. It will amaze me how beautiful Heaven is, well beyond what I could have ever dreamed.

But then I thing it will really hit me that I'll wish I would have shared Him a whole lot more than I ever did on earth.

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People will not believe in Jesus and call upon Him for their salvation unless they hear about what He has done for them. And how can they hear unless each Christian takes the great name of Jesus to every person possible? I have been humbled through that experience and by the lessons God has taught me along the way. This book distills what I've learned in those seven years, which I hope will shorten the learning curve for others.

My prayer is that you will find this book to be very encouraging, and yet encouraging. My intent is not to make you feel guilty because you have not been sharing your faith like you should. Instead, I hope through these pages to encourage you to be bold for the Lord. This book will challenge you that you have the only answer for eternity.

And it will equip you to share that answer using very practical, biblical, techniques for reaching the lost…"Today, approximately , people will die. I wonder where each of them will spend eternity?

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Always remember that, every time you step our of your comfort zone, you step right into God's comfort zone…. Go and buy it! It is a very easy read, but it challenges you in your faith! Now, I want to read the book again! And that is only because I can't read well. Reading is hard work for me. It does not come natural. I made it partway through your book and hit the streets Your book, and prayer, is the number one thing that took me from a lock-jaw, fearful witness to a bold, fearless witness!

These have taken my passion for fulfilling Mark I am a carpenter by trade, but when I have half a chance, I go find people to share the good news with! Nor is it because his approach to evangelism eliminates fear and inspires confidence it does. He walks the talk. He has challenged me personally to share my faith in all I do, all the time. He reminds me of what the early Christians must have been like as they spread this good news of the Gospel.

Perhaps the best part is that his zeal is contagious and I have witnessed its effect in many settings. Everyone is challenged; many are never the same again. Mark is a modern-day soul-winner who walks his talk and teaches others to do the same. I am never as challenged to win souls as I am when I am around him, listening to him or reading his material. Lots of folks have great intentions, but Cahill is truly an example of an individual who makes the most of every opportunity.

His countless stories and real-life illustrations will shame you and challenge you to begin seizing the everyday opportunities to comfortably speak out for our Lord Jesus Christ. His presentation of evangelism is powerful, motivating, and most importantly, Christ-like. I have never encountered a man more totally sold out to his Lord than Mark. He, unlike many speakers and authors, walks the talk.

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He has spent hours with my high-school group walking the streets and sharing his faith. They have caught his fire and passion for the lost simply by being around him and listening to his teaching. He is on a personal, passionate mission to make sure everyone hears the Gospel.