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Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Skip to main content. Immigration December 10, Student Mobility December 04, Gender Equity December 03, Financial Aid November 28, Student Mobility November 26, Veterans Legislation November 19, Student Mobility November 13, Understanding the puzzle and sharing best practices. Campus and community partnerships. Scholarship on change in higher education: Synthesizing fifteen years of change research.

Early commitment of financial aid: College Readiness Issue Brief. Pathways to College Network. Improving access and success of low income students. Leadership for urban schools and colleges. University of Southern California. Collaborative leadership for urban schools and colleges. Analysis and insights from nonprofit practitioners working with education IDAs.

Book review of Restructuring of academic work and careers: Journal of College Student Development. Are public governing boards unique? Book review of the Research university presidency in the late twentieth century by Keith Brodie and Leslie Banner. The opportunities and challenges of partnering the schools. Do they promote college access Los Angeles: The potential of technology to improve college access programs.

The role of boards in college access programs: Presidents supporting students of color. American Council on Education. Shared leadership for student success. Review of Gendered futures in higher education: Critical perspectives of change. The Review of Higher Education, 28 3 , Selection and appointment of trustees to public college and university boards. How can we be mission sensitive and market-smart?

Review of management fads in higher education. The Review of Higher Education, 26 4 , The role of integrator: Potential opportunities for librarians to connect NSSE to institutional improvement. American Association for Higher Education. Building a collaborative with student and academic affairs for institutional improvement National roundtable series.

Higher education and society in the United States. International Higher Education, 31, Examining the social charter between higher education and society. Institutional culture and Department of Education. Governance in higher Education. Faculty developers using the national survey of student engagement to be change agents. Seeking a sense of balance: Academic governance in the 21st century. Peer Review, 3 3 , Recent trends in the higher education literature. Priorities for Research on Higher Education. Bringing the next generation to college.

Do early intervention programs work? A synthesis of the research. ERIC Review, 10 1 , About Campus, 5 4 , The new leadership paradigm: Retrieved January 13, , from, http: Retrieved September 12, , from http: The challenge of Internet legal issues for student affairs officers. Case studies for working with college students pp. The role of discussant. Access in higher education: Ten years of insights from Initiatives.

Institutional reading groups as a strategy for change. AAHE Bulletin, 25 3 , Early intervention for college programs: A collection of research to inform policy and practice. Advances in Education Research. Diversity in higher education: About Campus, 4 3 , About Campus, 4 4 , Bringing student affairs voice to the policy dialogue.

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About Campus, 3 4 , The path to college: An analysis of research and literature. Retrieved September 12, , from, http: Strengthening learning for students: Student affairs collaborations and partnerships. Governance in higher education: Better recognizing and serving low income students in higher education.

Paper presented at a symposium at the University of Michigan. An examination of market forces and the changing faculty. Creating changes in student affairs practice for improved student learning. Faculty partnering for improved dental education. Campus collaboration for improving student learning.

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Rethinking leadership development on college campuses. Recommendations for rethinking the professoriate and addressing the new non-tenure track faculty majority. Comparing supportive and unsupportive departments for non- tenure track faculty: Furthering collaboration within higher education consortium. How can policies for non-tenure track faculty be changed to support student learning: A new study on educational quality. Creating interdisciplinary teaching and learning. February, Leadership within community colleges for change. Incorporating financial education into campus programs.

Lessons for change in higher education. Incorporating financial education into your campus program: Lessons from a national research project. Facilitating interdisciplinary science through collaborative campus structure. Making diversity a real priority for college campuses.

Paper presented at Los Angeles, CA. Higher education collaboration for student activity leaders. Reexamining student engagement in higher education: The impact of the new academy. Creating change for interdisciplinary science reform in higher education: How faculty and staff leaders navigate power on campus. Organizational culture and its impact on partnering between community agencies and postsecondary institutions to help low income students attend college.

A new consideration of ethics and misconduct in the academy: Advancing knowledge, research and practice. Presidential lessons of advancing campus diversity. Do their beliefs affect their strategies and effectiveness. Assets Conference in Washington DC. Financial education for TRIO students. Organizational change and leadership strategies.

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Leading universities in a neoliberal environment. Grassroots leaders as distributed leadership. Research to promote diversity officers role in creating change on college campuses. New frameworks for understanding leadership and leadership development of faculty and administrators in higher education. Paving a new road to access: A new path to access and success. Faculty Grassroots leadership in higher education: Making the invisible visible.

Collaboration with schools to improve college going. Creating opportunities for non-tenure track faculty in governance. Grassroots leadership in higher education: Choosing the research mission: Strategic institution-building in the American Research university. Preparing the next generation of higher education leaders: The influence of graduate program curriculum. Individual development accounts as leveraged scholarships in higher education: Creating capacity by working effectively with your governing board.

Leadership of a different color: Paper presented at A dream deferred: Gender performativity in higher education. Transformational versus transactional leadership: How presidential style affects progress on a diversity agenda. Research on higher education as a learning organization. Conducting multiple paradigm analysis of higher education organizations: Graduate student fireside chat on obtaining your first academic job.

Academic capitalism and social responsibility. Political influences on public universities: Emerging Trends in institutional governance. Presidential strategies for supporting students of color. The future of information delivery in education. Examining the ways institutions create student engagement.

Institutional contexts and equitable educational outcomes. Philosophical issues in higher education. What are the stages of development? National study of board performance. Higher education and its role in the public good. Leadership in academic affairs. Pennsylvania University system, Pocnos, PA. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. A methodological framework for a multi-method, multi-institution study. Obtaining integrity in Higher Education.

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Organizational change and innovation. Radical change in governance: More harm than help? Avenues for altering presidential leadership. Guiding organizational change in colleges and universities. The state of the art of governance research. Critical methodological issues in higher education. Leadership on university campuses: The challenge of pluralistic leadership. Sensemaking as a catalyst for transformational change.

Intersecting tensions and connections. Thinking differently about research. Student and academic affairs collaboration. Teaching qualitative research experientially. Transformational change in higher education. Institutional professional seminars and reading groups. Change within higher education: Study of 26 institutions engaging in comprehensive change. Using Internet resources for research. Continuing to understand colleges and universities as organizations: A focused dialogue to further research and application to practice.

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Getting to the helm of leadership in colleges and universities. Higher education literature at the millennium: Current and future prospects. Organizational fit in a participatory culture. Facilitating women's movement into leadership. Paper presented at Women's Leadership: Reform and innovation in higher education: Identifying common themes and implications for institutional practice and research.

Reconstructing higher education leadership models. The creator and editor of the Journal of College Student Retention: Nine Themes of College Student Retention. Finances and Retention Trends and Potential Implications. Moving from Theory to Action. Overige edities - Alles weergeven College Student Retention: Census Bureau ucation undergraduate Vanderbilt University variables. Verwijzingen naar dit boek Economics of Distance and Online Learning: Theory, Practice, and Research William J.

Bramble , Santosh Kumar Panda Geen voorbeeld beschikbaar - Policy, Leadership, and Student Achievement: