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She has advised organizations and governments around the world on human rights concerning persons with albinism. As the International Advocacy and Legal Officer for Under the Same Sun -- an international organization with a focus on albinism -- she developed strategic initiatives involving regional and international human rights mechanisms, prepared guiding documents, and oversaw the implementation of recommendations made by the UN and other human rights organizations.

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Ms Ero is also the author of numerous papers and articles, particularly with regards to applicable legal frameworks as well as the development and implementation of special measures to facilitate the enjoyment of human rights by persons with albinism. Questionnaire Access to justice for persons with albinism. Regional Action Plan on albinism. Experts Workshop on Witchcraft and Human Rights. Peter barely activated the image inducer in time to conceal his true face from her.

Peter found it strange that his spider-sense hadn't warned him of Arrow's approach, since in the past it had always warned him when there was a risk of somebody seeing him and learning his secret identity. Arrow returned to the church where she had moulted, where she communed with a spider-totem acting as her overseer. The spider-totem warned her that her physical form would perish if she did not reproduce, and Arrow informed it that she had chosen Flash Thompson as her mate. Spying on Flash Thompson during a date, Arrow complained about how easily-attracted women were to him before staggering in pain and remarking that she needed to act quickly.

Betty Brant and Peter used a search engine to search for "spider" and "arrow". None of their hits seemed relevant, but Peter noticed that the search engine was asking if they meant to search for "spider" and "ero". Peter remembered the pirate spiders that had eaten his shed skin and came together in a humanoid form.

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  7. He noted that one type of pirate spider was of the genus "ero", which sounded similar to "Arrow". Arrow, in the meantime, tracked Flash down at a bowling alley where he has gone with his friend, professional bowler Kelly Kulick , and the bowling team from Midtown High. Arrow insisted that the two of them leave immediately, but Flash was reluctant to simply run off and leave Kelly and his students behind.

    Desperate to mate and feed on Flash, Arrow attempted to force him to accompany her, and when Kulick became annoyed with her behavior, Arrow gave her a violent shove. Flash, shocked, tried to see if his friend was hurt but Arrow grabbed him and continued to insist that they leave, telling him she was giving him "a singular honor.

    When Flash expressed his displeasure with her actions and told her to go away, Arrow grabbed him by the throat. Before Arrow could drag him away by force, she was attacked from behind by Kulick, and responded by shooting thousands of spiders from her mouth that swarmed over Kulick. At that point, Spider-Man arrived on the scene and hit her from behind.

    Then she transformed into a stream of spiders which crawled into one of the gutters and left the building. The spiders that made up Arrow emerged outside, shooting up like a geyser from beneath the pickup truck Flash and Kelly Kulick had gotten into. The truck was propelled high into the air by the spiders. Flash commanded Arrow to at least let Kelly go, and she obliged by opening the truck's door and causing Kelly to fall toward the ground. Kulick was saved from death by Spider-Man, who then swung over to the truck to deal with Arrow.

    But by the time he got there, she had escaped into the sewer with Thompson.

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    Ero took Flash to the church where she emerged from her cocoon and, after webbing him to the ceiling, removed an egg-sack from her stomach. Spider-Man, remembering the cocoon he had witnessed in the church earlier, tracked Ero down before she could impregnate Flash, plucking the egg sac from Ero's hand and sticking into a near-by wall. Ero dove from the ceiling to attack him, stingers shooting from her wrists.