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A man who has failed as a father and husband commits a heist to make money for his fledging business, but things become complicated when his wife interferes. A corrupt border Agent decides to clean up his act when an impoverished woman's baby is put up for sale on the black market. A young Jewish prince seeks revenge after an old friend wrongly imprisons him and his family. The story of the notorious American labor union figure Jimmy Hoffa, who organizes a bitter strike, makes deals with members of the organized crime syndicate and mysteriously disappears in A documentary on the making of the three Godfather films, with interviews and recollections from the film makers and cast.

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This feature also includes the original screen tests of some of An alcoholic drifter spends Halloween in his home town of Albany, New York after returning there for the first time in decades. The sensuous wife of a lunch wagon proprietor and a rootless drifter begin a sordidly steamy affair and conspire to murder her Greek husband. After the war, L. He proves the infidelity of Berman's wife Kitty and sets up a way for her to be caught in the act. At the rendezvous, Berman shoots the co-respondent who turns out to be his business partner.

Gittes finds himself in the middle of a complicated web, under pressure from all sides for a wire recording of the fatal encounter. He then realises that the land the partners were developing was once an orange grove connected with a case he has never quite got over. Made 16 years after its famous predecessor, the film had a very troubled production, and was supposed to be made around Originally, producer Robert Evans was to play the "second" Jake, but Towne, who was going to direct the film at that time, did not think he was the right choice and fired him.

After this, Nicholson ended up directing and it would be his last film to date. Obviously, it was never going to be as good as the original. But it did not deserve to flop, either. Jack Nicholson is commanding in his performance and direction , and I would suspect that the film would have a growing fan base as Harvey Keitel's star rose post-Tarantino.

This is the same great underworld as before, and I wish a third film would have come to pass. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

The Two Shot Pod is back and all up in your podcast feeds. Hope you've all had a lovely summer and are hungry for some more intensive TSP audio content. We're here to provide just that. Andy is a Manchester lad through and through and his self-deprication, humour and humbleness are an absolute winning combination of traits. You'll recognise him as Gadget from Shane Meadows 'This is England' film and subsequent television series as well as loads of other televsion and film appearences.

We're out recording around the UK again really soon and after another week's break sorry we'll be back to bringing you a fresh helping of TSP goodness every Thursday morning. It's almost like we planned it! We chatted with Jon just after the release of their new album, The death of a king. Jon's got bags of energy and oozes charisma and if you've ever seen the band live then you'll know what we mean!

He's a top fella and you're gonna love hearing this episode. Grab yourself a brew, or something stronger It is our birthday after all! Can you believe it's a whole year that we've been bringing you episodes?

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What a year it's been! We've met some incredible people, heard amazing stories, we've laughed, we've cried and drank many cups of tea along the way. As it's our birthday, we thought we'd do something a bit spesh and bring you not 1 episodes but 2! Nice birthday treat, eh? We kick things off with the brilliant Charlie Cooper. Charlie writes with his sister Daisy May Cooper based on where they grew up in a small village in Gloucestershire. It's a brilliant, hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking series and if you haven't seen it then do yourself a favour and get involved.

When, a few months back, we were invited to bring the podcast to the wonderful Bath Festival, we wanted to try and get a local guest on, so Charlie was the perfect fit and lucky for us, the stars aligned and dates worked out and this is the result. Craig and Charlie sat down with a sold-out crowd in the beautiful city of Bath on a rainy evening and the conversation began.

Think you're gonna love this one.

Two and a Half Men

We chatted about all sorts and began with the subject of male models Theseus and his entourage arrive on the scene. He orders that Palamon and Arcite be arrested and executed. Hippolyta and Emilia intervene, and so Theseus agrees to a public tournament between the two for Emilia's hand. Each warrior will be allowed three companions to assist them. The loser and his companion knights will be executed. The jailer finds his daughter with the help of friends. He tries to restore her mental health.

On the advice of a doctor, he encourages her former suitor to pretend to be Palamon so that she will be gradually accustomed to see him as her true love. His devotion slowly wins her over.

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Before the tournament, Arcite prays to Mars that he win the battle; Palamon prays to Venus that he marry Emilia; Emilia prays to Diana that she be wed to the one who loves her best. Each prayer is granted: Arcite wins the combat, but is then thrown from his horse and dies, leaving Palamon to wed Emilia.

Before the composition of The Two Noble Kinsmen , Chaucer's " Knight's Tale " had been adapted for the stage twice before, although both versions are now lost. The first was by Richard Edwardes in Palamon and Arcite This play was commissioned for a one-off performance before Queen Elizabeth in Oxford.

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It was never published, and it is unlikely to have served as a basis for The Two Noble Kinsmen. Another play on the topic, the authorship of which is not known, would certainly have been known to Shakespeare and Fletcher. It was performed by the Admiral's Men in September , which had then recently been formed after a split in Shakespeare's own company. Philip Henslowe commissioned the play, which may have influenced Shakespeare's own A Midsummer Night's Dream , which is usually considered to have been written around this time. The comic sub-plot involving the jailer's daughter has no direct source, but is similar to scenes in The Masque of the Inner Temple and Gray's Inn , by Francis Beaumont , from which the performance by the yokels is derived.

Links between The Two Noble Kinsmen and contemporaneous works point to —14 as its date of composition and first performance. In Jonson's work, a passage in Act IV, scene iii, appears to indicate that Kinsmen was known and familiar to audiences at that time. The same cast slightly simplified minus wench and one "bavian" enacts the Morris dance in Kinsmen, II,v,