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Cortona, Italy

A moan along the wall? How lovely, God, this stir of leaves And I who drag my years like a turtle its shell who knows if it is a voice where the day is one of those days or another truth hiding. Si qui forte mearum ineptiarum lectores eritis manusque vestras non horrebitis admovere nobis. Passer mortuus est meae puellae, passer, deliciae meae puellae, quem plus illa oculis suis amabat: Qui nunc it per iter tenebricosum illuc, unde negant redire quemquam. At vobis male sit, malae tenebrae Orci, quae omnia bella devoratis: Da mi basia mille, deinde centum, dein mille altera, dein secunda centum, deinde usque altera mille, deinde centum, dein, cum milia multa facerimus, conturbabimus illa, ne sciamus aut ne quis malus invidere possit, cum tantum sciat esse basiorum.

Quam magnus numerus Libyssae arenae lasarpiciferis iacet Cyrenis, oraculum Iovis inter aestuosi et Batti veteris sacrum sepulcrum, aut quam sidera multa, cum tacet nox, furtivos hominum vident amores: One to be sent to the cellar, one to the roof.

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Il giorno del giudizio. Nove mesi alla puzza: Spesso muteno sito, e caccia spesso Er vago grosso er vago piccinino, E ss'incarzeno tutti in zu l'ingresso Der ferro che li sfraggne in porverino. He began writing poetry in Italian in with a small book of poems titled Coordinata popolare, Rome: Edizioni Crisi e Letteratura, followed by: Rosso, ; Destinato alla giostra, Rome: Il Libro, ; Lista d'attesa, Siena: Quaderni di Messapo, ; L'altrove il senso, Roma: Scene dei guasti, Rome: Moby Dick, preface by Mario Lunetta.

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In he edited the anthology of neodialect poetry Via terra, Udine: Some of his works have been translated into: Guernica, , translated by Luigi Bonaffini and Justin Vitiello. He is editor of the journals il Belli and Gradiva, and currently edits the dialect poetry section of the journal Pagine. He has translated into the Campania dialect poems by Catullus and G. Belli and is currently preparing a critical edition, with translation and notes, of La Tiorba a taccone of the baroque Neapolitan poet Felippo Sgruttendio de Scafato.

It consists in doubling nearly all consonants at the beginning of a word when they are preceded by a vowel, provided they are capable of a strong sound. The result has been no doubt a text graphically more cumbersome, but offering, I think, a more fluid reading. The adoption of this expedient in any case having a precedent in the written tradition of XIXth Century classical Neapolitan literature also responds to the need to Arender the expressive harshness of my personal dialect, whose specific trait is the doubling of the initial consonant.

The Italian translations are tentative approximations of the original. The semantic density and the untranslatebleness of many dialect terms have convinced me of the inadequacy of the translation, which should therefore be taken as a mere interlinear version. This form of dialect is phonetically much harsher, less harmonious than the Neapolitan standard, and the result is often an extremely dense, refractory text, the very opposite of th traditionally melodious verse championed by Di Giacomo.

I have tried instead to capture the underlying basic tonality of the text, the intense melancholy that subtends the only apparent impersonality of the poetic voice. The greatest difficulties pertain to the phenomena of elision phonetic and written , of apocope and apheresis. Phonetic elision is always mandatory in the Neapolitan language and, when the conditions that give rise to it exist, words are pronounced tightly together i. The main phonetic rules pertain to the pronunciation of vowels and consonants: The prefix As has, as if it were not enough, the value of intensifier.

When empty - and kicked in front of you - it is an egregious instrument of torture for people sleeping, not only at night. Around Naples it is customary to hang notices with these words on door knockers to indicate a vacant apartment.


But by extension the expression also recalls the Ahumorous writing or the simple piece of paper that kids secretly stick on each other's shoulders Salzano or a type of large jacket capable of housing more than one person. Besides the aforementioned meanings, fig.: The word has a peculiarity: Vide che d''a muntagna Usco usco adv.

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In ancient times it was an Aarthritic infirmity of the joints ; now it stands for Aexcessive mobility, being incapable of standing still teneno arteteca a 'e mmane, is said of children used to touching every- thing. Ato tremble, to be pervaded by tremor. A fronna 'e limone idiom indicating a particular way of singing, characteristic of the South: Aat e Ais two endings in the Friuli dialect.

Aspinning top with a steel tip, pl.

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The losing spinning-top will be broken by the steel points of the winning tops. It derives from Lat. The popular interpreta- tion of the word is: Therefore royal herb, be it for its medicinal properties or for its aroma, or because it could be found only in the king's gardens.

Another reading proposes the derivation of the term from Puglia, indicating in Nicola the patron saint of Bari and attributing to basil traumaturgic properties. Trasette vierno Muojo Amoggio. A land measure corresponding in Campania to about square meters. Ato watch carefully, to observe out of the corner of one's eye. Indeed, looking furtively the eyes narrow and become smaller.

The expression p''a marina is euphemistically used in place of the forbidden p''a Ma- donna, especially in the province. Diasilla corruption of dies irae, dies illa; fig. Acomplaint, long and boring speech. Today it is an aimless coming and going, preferably in a downtown street, a stroll.

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Properties ranked using exclusive TripAdvisor data, including traveller ratings, confirmed availability from our partners, prices, booking popularity, location and personal user preferences. See properties located closest to the centre first with confirmed availability for your dates from our partners. Elena and her family owners made us feel welcomed from the moment we walked in. Every question about the area or what to do was answered with a smile and an Strada di Montevile 3 , , Perugia, Italy.

Strada del Brozzo 12 , , Perugia, Italy.

Are the bathrooms tiny? But this a 2-star We were welcomed immediately and settled in to the apartments. Caibaldi 87 Pietralunga , , Gubbio, Italy. Via Bagno Vignoni 1 S. The location of this place is great! Surrounded by mature it is a great place to relax. Special Offer Package Deal. Found this on trip advisor and thought it looked perfect Our room was on the second floor with a wonderful Its a stunning hotel from the outside and the staff are so friendly and helpful.

Inside its a tad dated but that really doesnt effect your stay. It is quite remote though so you Strada Provinciale 62 11 , , Castelnuovo Berardenga, Italy. The apartments are spotless, spacious and set within lovely grounds. The breakfasts are to die for and dinners are amazing too.

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For example, Bar is owned by a British couple, who make a mean capucchino. You just want to wave and say: One of my favorite cafes is La Saletta , and I come here often for a coffee, a bite to eat, and in the evenings it turns into a wine bar with live Jazz music and a wide selection of Italian and foreign wines. Viccolos often connect parallel streets, which are usually uphill! Beautiful art galleries also line Via Nazionale, with beautiful Tuscan theme artwork, ceramics, and more.

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The Tabachi , or tobacco shop is where you can purchase bus tickets, stamps, post cards, and small souvenirs. Besides Etruscan artifacts, the museum also features an ancient Roman and Egyptian exhibit, and Renaissance and Baroque paintings. Last time I was inside, there was a very busy internet cafe, and from what I hear, a very good restaurant too!!

In the movie there was also a fountain in this piazza. That, was only a prop. It was built on the ruins of a pagan temple, and progressively rebuilt since its original Renaissance construction. Across this little piazza two small churches were united to form Museo Diocesano , a very small museum that features 2 important pieces by the famous Fra Angelico: One of the many enjoyable walks is the opposite side of town. You walk past Piazza Garibaldi and towards the Giardino Pubblico , or the public garden.

The park itself is gorgeous and worth the stroll, especially when you catch glimpses of the valley below. As you pass this park, continue on viale Passerini uphill past the Tennis Club.