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Best Friends Finntana One Percent Sebtana Best of Friends Brotana Date Night Brittany, Sebtana Picture Perfect Brotana Make Up Sebtana Whipped Samtana, Brittany Size Matters Hunttana Prove It Jaketana A collection of very short one shots featuring Santana with different partners, ranging from fluff to angst to smut. I've been doing this fun exchange with a friend of mine on my LJ, where we each post prompts for each other in the form of a gif or picture with a very short line, and we each write fills for each other based on them.

All the fills have to fit into a single LJ comment characters , so they're all fairly short, but long enough to get some good content in there, if you ask me. I thought I'd shared the ones I've writtem here. Because they're so short and some don't actually involve smut, I didn't want to include them as Quickies chapters, and am instead posting them here. Samtana - "Chocolate tastes much better on you.

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See the end of the chapter for notes. Sam can hear Santana singing in the kitchen the second he gets to the bottom of the stairs. He smiles, even though it's not entirely surprising. They met and fell in love in their high school glee club, after all, so of course their home is constantly filled with music and song. Plus, Santana has the most beautiful voice in the world, and if you got it, flaunt it. As he makes his way towards the sounds of Amy Winehouse coming from the kitchen, though, Sam is a little bit more surprised to find his wife dancing around topless while making what appears to be cookies.

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Only a little bit, though, honestly. It doesn't take long for her to spot him and break his little moment. The connections cultivated in this new business model also help build community, in the process undermining the hegemony of monolithic agribusiness and returning power to the local level.

The other interviewees include farmers, nonprofits, lumber companies, businesses focusing on education and government, and others.

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Breakfast on Pluto Neil Jordan, Neil Jordan, like everyone with taste, loves his trannies. The director who mythologized genderbender Jaye Davidson in The Crying Game and made Tom Cruise look like a drag queen in Interview with the Vampire introduces another major tranny diva in Breakfast on Pluto. Despite the weird title why not Snacks on Saturn , or Brunch on Uranus? The opening scene shows him strutting down a street in haute couture being propositioned and then insulted by confused construction workers.

And Kitten needs one.

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He has no idea who his parents are, a problem that eventually pushes him out of smalltown Irish life and on to London. Once there, his dramatic personality — a mix of fearlessness and coquettish masochism — gets full play. He meets a lonely magician played by Jordan regular Stephen Rea and becomes his assistant and quasi-girlfriend.

In the background is his sympathetic friend Father Bernard Liam Neeson , a priest who hears his confessions and even follows him to London to help Kitten find himself. Typical of the film, he charms his tormentors, one of whom thoughtfully gets him a job as a whore. Brigitte Lin aka Lin Ching-Hsia. Born November 3, in Taiwan, she was discovered by a Taipei movie producer at 18 and made her first film, Outside the Window , in This was one of dozens of romantic melodramas and family comedies that made her a familiar face to Asian moviegoers, even if the films themselves — with titles like Love Love Love and Cloud of Romance — were lightweight efforts, cinema versions of romance novels.

This shift began with a string of collaborations with Taiwanese director Chu Yin Ping.

Modellbahn bauen (Quickie 5): – Straße anlegen in Spur 0 (Diorama 2) [subtitled]

But a year later came Peking Opera Blues. Her image as the revolutionary Tsao Wan, mesmerizing in her crisp military uniform, is one of the most indelible in her career. Lin hit her stride in the early s playing a series of supernatural characters in the second and third installment in the Swordsman and Bride with White Hair series. Here she effortlessly deploys unforgettable weaponry — sprays of needles, binding threads, lethal bolts of cloth — and has some intensely erotic quasi-lesbian scenes, particularly with Joey Wong. Dragon Inn and The Bride with the White Hair series , sealed her reputation as the preeminent woman warrior of modern HK cinema.

The work of Deborah Stratman is distinguished by its variety — few filmmakers attach their names to both distinctly experimental and documentary work — and its fascinating formalism. Kings of the Sky , 68 mins. The celebrity is the charismatic Adil Dawaz, a Guinness World Record winner for his extraordinary tightrope walking, a vocation that stretches back through his family over years.

But along the way, other dramas unfold, taking the film beyond individual biography to confront larger issues. In one vivid scene, police harass a crowd of ethnic Uyghurs with large tree branches. Woven throughout the journey are the small details that comprise a rich culture. In Order Not to Be Here , 33 mins. This sequence sets the stage for a cutting exploration of the dark side of the modern American mindset. Even the interiors have the sterile feel of a Kubrick set — a perfectly positioned armchair in a room that looks like a window display, a cookbook opened to a recipe in a pristine, empty kitchen.

Stratman punctuates these images of a world without humanity or human beings with creepy electronic music and ambient sounds of ominously barking dogs and wailing police sirens. From Hetty to Nancy , 45 mins. This landscape film counterpoints majestic shots of rugged mountains, raging oceans, and other natural imagery with two texts: The women emerge as hilariously overcivilized as they laugh at and complain about their schoolgirl charges and the conditions of travel.

Nicole Richie's quickie Toronto visit

Drawing Out the Demons David Vaisbord, Canadian painter Attila, aka Robert Lukacs, gained notoriety in the s for a stunning series of epic-scale homoerotic portraits of skinheads, working-class butches, and other representatives of the much-vaunted hypermasculine queer ideal. His work recast traditional subjects like the Garden of Eden as queer sex spaces with no Eve in sight. A major diva, he puts everyone through hell — lovers and ex-lovers, his art dealers, his supportive parents, moving men — demanding that the movers treat even his packing materials peanuts and bubble wrap!

Drawing out the Demons superbly nails him in one of the most incisive portraits of an artist — and a queer one at that — in the genre. The Dying Gaul Craig Lucas, The script is apparently a dark love story featuring two gay men, which Jeffrey dismisses as box-office poison, proposing instead to make it a comedy with heterosexuals. Things get exponentially more unbelievable from there. If the plot sounds contrived, it is — big time. And for a queer filmmaker whose other credits include Longtime Companion , Craig Lucas serves up one of the most stereotyped faggots this side of Jack in Will and Grace.

Sarsgaard inexplicably, and annoyingly, plays Robert as an ultra-sensitive, eye-rolling queen right down to an unconvincing lisp and a fascination with flowers. Some viewers will cringe at the sex scene in which Sarsgaard, whose alluring nipples and fuzzy butt were seen to better advantage in Kinsey , wails and screeches and freaks out to operatic excess. The Hitchcockian cat-and-mouse game between Elaine and Robert in the queer chat room is engaging despite the quasi-supernatural trappings, not unlike a message-y episode of Twilight Zone. File this one under Guilty Pleasures.

The Eternal Present Otto Buj, He apparently did everything but mop the floors. Well, he may have done that too. All this energy pays off in one of the more striking studies in urban paranoia and alienation in quite some time. As a programmer, Buj was obviously schooled in the masters, and The Eternal Present has a formalist panache and sophistication that keeps it watchable even when the seams are showing.

Craig Gloster plays Tim, a grim young man who gets a job doing obituaries for a local newspaper.

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He meets a sexy girl at a nightclub, and voila, a beautiful corpse. From here the film spirals into a Twilight Zone -style mind-fuck as Tim becomes increasingly unhinged, and what we see on screen may or may not be happening outside his head. Think the existential torpor of Roger Corman or Del Tenney, with a twist of Resnais and German silent expressionist film. Not just a second or two, but sometimes agonizingly long, an ingenious combination of economics how expensive can a black screen be? There are, inevitably, art-school touches Buj was a drop-out, it seems and hommages to film classics, e.

But these potentially pretentious elements in fact contribute to the otherworldly mood of this surprisingly effective debut. The DVD contains solid commentary by the articulate Mr. Loic Pierre Chatagny is a fetching young Swiss homo who works at a chocolate factory, day after day turning out perfect gold-wrapped squares of the tasty treat.

At night he works even harder, traveling to Lausanne to pick up Internet tricks and fucking their, and his, brains out.

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And he takes photographs with his camera phone. Less easily remedied is the monotonous pattern of his life — chocolate and tricks, tricks and chocolate. And his world is starting to unravel. Marie gets a boyfriend, which sends the selfish Loic into a rage. Gay Sex in the 70s Joseph Lovett, Many of those who played hardest in — and presumably would have known the most about — those days are dead.

And not only from AIDS. This scene was so wild okay, decadent that a few mad queens known today as sex addicts engaging in gymnastic blowjobs on the upper floors of abandoned buildings plunged to their doom in the Hudson River. No report if this was before, during, or after orgasm.

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Of course, most were in fact hit by HIV, but a few survived, and some of those few are interviewed here. Gay Sex in the 70s features a wealth of revealing photographs of queer sexhounds busy at their work in the many impromptu venues New York City thoughtfully provided before Giuliani and Disney streamlined it into sexlessness: One of the queens here wistfully recalls the times he had sex in broad daylight on construction sites, with the straight workers eating their lunch nearby and either laughing at the activities or joining in.

Such were the joys. The documentary interweaves amusing period porn vignettes, and scenes of screaming gay protestors with big hair, long sideburns, and elephant bells, into this loose history of a time almost unimaginable today. But most compelling are the comments of the boyz whose devotion to the orgy dominated their lives. Their culture, which predates Christ by years, survives as a small emigre community in Los Angeles.

Gregori Viens, whose mother is Sephardic-American, spent over a year interviewing rabbis, linguists, and the Rhodesli themselves for this fascinating documentary. Why expend effort on a dying culture? Because their complex ethnic and religious heritage is unique in the world today. The Rhodesli are Jews who speak a rare medieval Spanish dialect Ladino and observe traditions derived from Turkish, Moorish, Spanish, and Jewish sources that remain mostly unchanged from centuries past. Rebecca Amato Levy is the matriarch and prime source of information about the Rhodesli, informally transmitting precise details of food preparation, religious ceremonies including faith healing , and language that date back millenia.