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Within Teamwork Projects, collaborators are one of two user license types , the other being standard users. You can add new users to your site as collaborators, and also change existing standard users to collaborators. When viewing the people section of your site or within a project , collaborators appear in pink, while standard users are green: Collaborators have limited permissions within Teamwork Projects.

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They can perform basic actions such as completing tasks and milestones assigned to them, add and reply to messages, and comment on project items. Collaborators cannot create new tasks, task lists, milestones, or links. They also cannot log time, view the calendar or set statuses. To update a collaborator's permissions, go to the People section of your site.

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Provide the full legal names and contact information for internal collaborators i. Trainees and staff directly supervised by the PI, such as graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and technicians, do not need to be listed on the project request as internal collaborators. Provide the full legal names and contact information for external collaborators i. External collaborators should be listed in the external collaborator s section of the project request applications.

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External collaborators must submit a project request with 1 the same project title and 2 a Research Use Statement and Cloud Use Statement, if applicable, that references the collaboration for smaller collaborations, the name and institution of the collaborating PI s or for larger efforts, the consortium name.. Please see here for more about how to revise and resubmit a dbGaP project.

The company that has contract with your institution is considered to be an external collaborator. The Description of Activities can be found here.

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