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I happened to fall upon a review for The Viper also by Kele Moon and was intrigued. After reading it, I fell in love with the characters, the writing style, and I knew I wanted more! I jumped ahead to Crossing the Line the third book in this series and honestly, I am so glad that I read the third book first. I enjoyed this book so much more because I already had a grasp for these characters and their history.

Defying All Odds

Melody is a transplant to the small town of Garnet. She has moved there to escape her abusive ex husband. Melody is a hard worker who exudes sunshine and rainbows. Despite the trauma she has faced, she approaches life with a smile. Clay is a fighter. He is a survivor. He has everything except love. When Clay meets Melody, he realizes what he has been missing in his life. She exudes a warmth that he has never before felt in his entire life. Most were feelings he was unaccustomed to, like a wild need to run after her and comfort her until that panicked look left her bright green eyes, now reflecting fear underneath her glasses.

Although she offers a slight amount of resistance, in truth she is happy to fall into his arms. She is afraid to explore a future with Clay. Eventually Jules intervenes and brings Melody to Vegas to see Clay fight. As soon as Melody and Clay are reunited, everything is right! Clay helps Melody heal. I found it very endearing the way he wanted to care for her. I was just waiting for you. The physical connection between them is smoking hot. I would have liked to have had more growth emotionally between the two characters. Again, reading the third book first really helped me overlook this aspect of the story.

Because both Clay and Melody have experienced so much pain in their past, their smiles, laughter, and love really made my heart happy. Overall, I highly recommend anything written by Kele Moon. Defying the Odds was a sweet romance with a side of action and a whole lot of steam! Now on to the second book.

Jules and Romeo promise to be one match made in heaven! View all 17 comments. Star Crossed is on sale for only 99 cents!! This is a super plus novel, on sale for a very short time! So take a walk on the wild side with the bad boys of MMA!! View all 13 comments. I liked this one, but it just wasn't for me.

Even though I highlighted like crazy, and the premise and writing were great, I think it was just too much. I'm still willing to give the rest of the series a go though. I loved everything about this book. The tender Hero, the down-on-her-luck heroine, the blabber mouth wing-man and most definitely the HOT smexings. All were very yummy and my personal favourite was the shower sex. I cannot gush enough how scorching that was. Apart from that, there were many bleeding-heart moments between Clay and Melody that I just couldn't believe that for a guy who made a living out of beating people up he was the UFC world champion , he could be so sensitive emotionally.

I loved him for that, thick neck and all. It all started with the new waitress giving a pity pumpkin pi to a lonely complete stranger on Thanksgiving, who knew? All you single ladies, take note. View all 10 comments. Clay was adorable, so big, so strong, and very humble. Melody senses his loneliness and offers up an act of kindness that touched him more than she realizes. They are explosive together…POW! View all 21 comments. This is the first in, what I hope is, a series from Kele Moon featuring current and former UFC fighters, set in the small town of Garnet. He's big, strong, tough, grumbly and gruff.

But, underneath, he's a little bit of a softie as well. Melody, our heroine and new hardworking waitress at Hal's Diner, is lovely, kind, dealing with a hard past which is making for a hard present, and equally as strong as Cl This is the first in, what I hope is, a series from Kele Moon featuring current and former UFC fighters, set in the small town of Garnet.

Melody, our heroine and new hardworking waitress at Hal's Diner, is lovely, kind, dealing with a hard past which is making for a hard present, and equally as strong as Clay in her own way. They are a terrifically charming couple that you want nothing but the best for! This story also has a fun supporting cast, who, I hope, will be getting stories of their very own! What a charming, fun, emotional, feel-good, sexy, steamy book!!

I only wish it could have been a little longer! This had such a great energy to it. It was just plain-old fun to read! This story is very different from the Eden series, but, in it's own way, it is just as great a read! Take a little time this holiday season, kick your feet up, sit back, relax, and enjoy adding this sparkling little treat to your library! View all 28 comments. I am rounding up because each moment of the romance between Clay and Melody made me SO happy.

I took off half a star because view spoiler [ I wanted just a little more from the ending-- I want an epilogue showing Clay and Melody married and happy, though you know they will be He was wonderful, loving, sexy, affection 4. He was wonderful, loving, sexy, affectionate, protective and SO freaking tough! Thank God he wasn't a man-whore; I despise that type of hero. In all honesty, I have never watched UFC fighting, nor am I sure I want to due to the pain those fighters inflict on each other. But reading it in fiction was ok. The sex scenes were sexy and steamy as hell.

I can't wait to read book 2. The only negative of this series is that they are expensive. I wish they were available through the library digital downloads. I just love Clay so much. It is interesting that I enjoyed this book so much because a in real life, I have significant trouble with violence and fighting and b as a born and raised city girl, small town life -- and the dialogue filled with "aint" and "don't gotta" etc -- is pretty foreign to me though knowing people from small towns, they sure as heck don't all talk that way!!!

I am really hoping we see more of Melody and Clay in the next 2 books, AND, that their story progresses. In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours.

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In all the world, there is no love for you like mine. Clay, a UFC champion fighter and lonely soul with abandonment issues, is sitting in a diner on Thanksgiving. The new waitress spots him looking lonely and buys him a piece of pumpkin pie even though she can ill afford to.

She is Melody and she has ran from In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. Clay is deeply touched by her gesture — very few people have given him something and expected nothing in return. What follows is a beautiful and very erotic love story. The chemistry between them is so potent it fair sizzles off the page. Melody came to the little town of Garnet to hide from her abusive ex-husband. She was charmed by the town and especially it's generous townspeople. She was just settling in, when she met Clay. Who would've thought that one act of kindness it was just a piece of pumpkin pie!

Now she has this gorgeous fighter wanting to spend time with her. He's so nice and sweet, despite his appearance, and saying no to him is hard. He is sick and tired of fighting and especially all the media circus that surrounds it - he has his championship belt actually several of them , he just wants to be left in peace. It's incredibly gaudy, IMO: And then he met Melody. I like both Clay and Melody.

Melody, who's good and strong, and still so optimistic even after all the bad stuff that happened to her. Clay, so sweet with her, always treating her with respect. The only thing that I didn't like is the ending. That whole showdown in Vegas was too much. The way that the situation was resolved, something just didn't fit. And I would have liked to see more of their relationship. It was just too sudden. Clay's siblings - Wyatt and Jules are amazing.

Moon writes their books. So this is what happens when you read a series backwards. This was supposed to be read first but once again, I jumped the gun and started Crossing the Line first and then Star Crossed before this one. And because of that, this only gets 3. I still liked it but after the emotional angst packed in book 2 and 3, this one was a little tame for me. In hindsight, if I had started with this one first, I might give this a four. Oh well, I still love Clay though.

She got better as the series went on but here, she was just okay for me. A sweet read with no pretense or melodrama And by basics I mean basics. Clay and Melody meet, they find themselves attracted to each other, they become friendly, they communicate how they feel to one another, any baggage is discussed like adults and their love is so sweet, so pure, it made me purr like a kitten. I love how this pulled no punches and defied the norm in terms of romance formulas.

There were no games or misunderstandings, just emotion 4 stars. There were no games or misunderstandings, just emotion and honesty and feeling. Don't let this review sway you into thinking it's all soft cutesy stuff though! There were some seriously freaking hot sex scenes in this - yowza! I almost burst into flames a couple of times! It felt quite short to me but I guess they have to save some of the action for the rest of the series.

View all 22 comments. I needed some time to warm up to the writing style, but from the beginning till the end I adored the Hero! Maybe some plot holes, maybe a bit cheesy, maybe OTT drama. Sweet safe love story! View all 3 comments. Reread September Another reread.

Clay and Melody are one of my favorite couples. Clay is all in from first sight of Melody. And I like even though Melody was abused by her ex-husband, she doesn't hold it against all men. The sex scenes are steamy but also beautiful and sweet. I know I will read it again and again. It was just what I needed at the moment. This was absolutely one of the sweetest, best romances I have read in a while.

Robron ~ Defying all odds

It had some Reread September Another reread. It had some of my favorite elements: Clay was the perfect hero. He never wavered even when Melody pushed him away to protect him. Their love blossoming over time was so sweet and I just wanted to eat it all up. This is definitely a book I could read over and over. View all 18 comments. I seem to be in the minority here but this book didn't do much for me. I had to force my way through it. I'll give it that it was a sweet book but the plot development wasn't up to par in my honest opinion. My first issue is that the characters seemed strangely immature to me.

They acted like teenagers around each other and not like grown men and women. I'll read about teenagers in my young adult books, thanks. Another thing that I didn't like was that I felt like Clay and Melody went from nothi I seem to be in the minority here but this book didn't do much for me. Another thing that I didn't like was that I felt like Clay and Melody went from nothing to intense love in about 30 seconds. In some books, this works for me but here I found it to be annoying. I don't know, maybe it was just the kind of mood that I was in when I read this but it just rang false to me in so many ways.

Not to mention that the book overall was incredibly formulaic. Oh well, at least the sex scenes were super hot! Mar 04, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it really liked it Shelves: Defying the Odds is an old-school romance. What do I mean by that? This book was written in back when there wasn't a ton of sports romance books to pick from. There was a phase, about 4 years ago, where readers would claim books like this had too many themes that were overdone a surly guy who's a famous UFC fighter happens upon a down-and-out waitress who is running from her abusive ex-husband.

She's clueless about who this guy is sitting at her table on a Thanksgiving evening. Her act of Defying the Odds is an old-school romance. Her act of kindness sets in a motion a romance. Yet, this trope is a winning one and that's the reason why almost 7 years later it still captures readers interest. I've spent the last two weeks with a book hangover and every book I've picked up just hasn't clicked with me. I decided to give this book a try and I, for one, enjoyed reading this storyline.

It made me smile because it made feel like when I first joined Goodreads and was reading romance books with my friends. Sort of like a comfort food for the soul. It's hard to believe but Ms. Moon is new to me author. I've had friends over the years sing her praises. I can now see why she's so popular. I've already got the next book loaded on my kindle.

This series is filled with UFC fighters. If you love sports romance, especially fighters than this is series is for you! Be in the octagon with Clay and also watching from the sidelines with Melody. May 10, Alaina rated it really liked it Shelves: Defying the Odds was smutty good. Clay and Melody were adorable and completely shippable.

However, it did take me a while to jump on board with them. I like how they instantly connected but not in the "I love you" right after they said hi to each other. They just had a connection - that's it.

It's mostly why I started to ship them. She saw a side that not a lot of people did and automatically assumed that he was sweeter than everybody thought. I don't know any MMA fighters but the way that he was so protective of Melody was super sweet. Then there's Melody, who honestly has shitty luck with men.

Being a victim of domestic abuse is hard to read because I know that it happens a lot but it's hard to read about people staying in those relationships. Luckily for me, Melody didn't stay that long. She ran like a bat out of hell from that douche schnozzle. Now I absolutely loved these two. They were perfect for each other. However, everything that happened in this book was completely predictable in my eyes. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the crap out of this cute smutty book.. Just stating that a lot of things that happened were predictable.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was really cute and an easy read. Clay and Melody are everything to me and I will definitely be jumping onto the second book whenever I find it. Defying the Odds is on sale for 99 cents! I'm rating this book 2 stars. I really didn't get a feel for this at all. Overall I didn't like it. This book was overdone in my opinion. I didn't like melodys charater. Two things really bugged me about her.

I've personally been broke before and I would have taken it. And secondly her ex Justin she didn't marry for love. And it wasn't like she was in an arranged marriage or forced. So I didn't like her. Through reading this I was hoping I'm rating this book 2 stars. Through reading this I was hoping that when her ex came back in the story it might make the book less borrring. I was feeling for a fighter romance and this wasn't it.

I'm glad I got this book for free or else I would have returned it. S the past victim of abuse element also wasn't done well. View all 4 comments. I absolutely loved this book! I was afraid it wouldn't be quite as good as "Star-Crossed" but it was just as good if not better.

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Then you add in Celeste's best friend, Ana, who gives the book a bit of humor and you have 3 characters who will stay with you for a long time. Then you add in Starla who just is well Jun 02, David Maher rated it it was amazing Shelves: Celeste Logan knows how to do this. She's survived this before, she can do it again. If anything, this time around she's got even more reason to survive than she did last time. Last time around she wasn't a mother. She didn't have six year old twins depending on her to be around and provide for them, and mothers, good mothers, will do just about anything for their kids.

So survive she does, but surviving and living aren't exactly the same thing. Detective Austin Westlake hates his job. He's good a Celeste Logan knows how to do this. He's good at it, but it's not the job he would have chosen for himself, and today, he hates it a little more than usual. Interviewing victims is never easy, but for some reason he can't seem to get this most recent one out of his head. Her strength, the way she kept her calm under unimaginable pressure, and the brokenness he could see hidden in her eyes that she tried desperately to keep from showing all keep replaying in his mind's eye as he goes about doing the job he hates.

Two characters meeting in a way they'd rather not, both in roles they'd rather not fill though one obviously much more so than the other each trying to find some kind of peace and happiness only to find their paths crossing again and again. The growing tension, sexual and otherwise between these two is complicated by their professional relationship, which regularly leads to things being left unsaid and assumptions being made.

Throw into that mix Celeste's best friend, Ana, attempting to play matchmaker and you've got a sure fire recipe for confusion and misunderstandings. Meanwhile the struggle between surviving, which entails barely existing, and actually living a full life, which would require some kind of healing is one she feels ill equipped to deal with, because while surviving is something she's done before, healing?

Defying All Odds by Nevaeh Lee

Alongside all of this, Austin has his own family dramas, most notably a domineering, though often absent father, and a younger brother for whom he's determined to be the role model their father never has. Coupled with an overly amorous ex patrol partner and coaching his little brother's soccer team, his plate is pretty full already.

I'm not at all ashamed to admit that this story evoked more than a few tears, but beyond that, more than a few smiles as well. The three kids, Austin's much younger brother and Celeste's twins Parker and Paisley were delightful, and the relationships they shared with the main characters were powerful and compelling. One quiet conversation between Parker and Austin in particular was just heartbreaking. Told first person from alternating perspectives, I struggled to put it down, doing only the barest minimum of adulting before picking it up once more. It's just that good.

Dec 07, Nela rated it really liked it. She was a survivor, a woman, who went through so much, that you actualy think: Can't she have a break for once in her life?! She is tough, yet fragile. She doesn't take any shit which I like in a heroine. She has so much baggage and personal demons on her shoulders you wonder how come she didn't went completely craz 4,5 stars I was one of the people waiting for the book for about 2 years, so you can imagine I might have some expactations.

She has so much baggage and personal demons on her shoulders you wonder how come she didn't went completely crazy. And I appreciated that the author at the end didn't suggest that "love is cure to all", that sometimes people need professional help. Austin is a good guy. Sure, he has his own hang ups, but who doesn't.

Celeste intrigues him from the very moment he sees her, which is a problem, because it's not a situation where you can hit on someone. So he abides his time getting to know her I liked the side characters hopefully we get Ana and Rico's story , they brought a little comedy into the quite sorrowful story.

Even though I described what I liked about the book, there were things I didn't appreciate. Some parts of the book felt like they were rushed. It felt like a launch of some plot, but was then blurred into nothingness is that a word in english language? I mean he wasn't much of a character in the book, so why did he showed up now? What was his angle? Was he in love with her or what? Could have been bigger, but it somehow faded away Either way I am sure I will read other books by Neaveh Lee hopefully I won't have to wait another two years ; I could not put this book down.

I was completely enthralled from the first page. Celeste is a beautiful strong woman who has lived through a life with an abusive alcoholic father and if that wasn't enough she lives through a horrible rape. The product of the rape is her beautiful twins Parker and Paisley. And then just when you think her life couldn't get any worse.

That's how she meets Austin who happens to be absolutely gorgeous and a cop. This story gets so intense I can't tell you more without giving something away. At times I was crying so hard I had trouble seeing to read. I can't for the life of me ever imagine what it would be like to go through everything Celeste has been through. I do have to say the end of this book was Abso-freakin-lutely perfect.

I was sitting there with a smile on my face the entire time I was reading it. I felt such a plethora of emotions while reading this book. This storyline was unlike any I've read before. I could practically feel the characters emotions coming off the pages. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Sep 26, Jennifer Cooper rated it it was amazing. I've been waiting on this book almost two years and the author did not disappoint! Celeste is a woman that has inner strength unlike any heroine that has ever been written.

The first chapter of this book will leave your jaw dragging the ground and your heart torn to shreds. Celeste is a strong character that is written with a Finally! Celeste is a strong character that is written with a great deal of strength and although something horrible has happened to her she finds a way to push on and to continue to be an amazing mother to her two children. Austin is a man that has more compassion than most of the leading male characters you know. He is not the hard ass dominate but a loving man that understands the value of family and women. How can a man be this good and understanding to a woman like Celeste?

An absolute crazy home life, no mom, drunken and abusing dad, a rape, two kids and the list of fucked up could go on and on! Does every story have a happily ever after? Jun 16, Heather Kallam rated it liked it. I really loved the characters They were all so sweet and I instantly wanted to hug them all.

I also completely respected Celeste. She has gone through so much and is still fighting to get through life. The writing was also quite good. My issue with this book was that I think there was a little too much happening in regards to back stories Celeste had a lot of things happen to h 3. Celeste had a lot of things happen to her Plus, Austin had an interesting story that was never really given enough time.

And I loved the first half of the book. I thought the pacing was great and it really drew me in.

Defying the Odds

But I felt the ending wasn't developed enough. Some of the storyline resolutions didn't feel realistic and happened a bit too quick. But besides that, I enjoyed this book. I thought that it was a good debut and I can't wait to see what this author does next! Jan 11, Karen rated it it was amazing. I waited a longtime for this book to come out.

I even left a message for the author. She kindly answered me. As soon as she told me The book was released I purchased the book at 3: I was not disappointed. The author captured the story exactly as I hoped. I loved the characters of Celeste and Austin. Celeste is such a strong women after the traumatic events she went through in life.

She also had a sense of humor that helped to face her trauma. I hope you I waited a longtime for this book to come out. I hope you do a story for the characters of Ana and Rico. They brought a nice comic relief to the story. I loved Ana's mixed of Spanish and English. Lee is very talented and I look forward to more of her books. Jun 10, Dani rated it really liked it. What a great surprise. This book packs a punch I didn't read the blurb beforehand, so I had no idea what to expect.

I was hooked from the first line. Amazing story, it went by fast but it didn't feel rushed. I really enjoyed it. May 31, Melissa Meyer rated it it was amazing. Nevaeh has a way with her writing to capture your mind! Loved the characters and the journey the book takes them through! Oct 31, Kizzy rated it really liked it. Nov 08, Joni Dye added it. Is this book ever going to come out? This book packed a punch. It was heavy but good. I wish the review would've mentioned or should I say warned me that this book centers around rape. I would have liked to be prepared for something that deep.

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  4. I liked the heroine for the most part. The only thing I didn't like was how she threw herself at the hero more than once , begging him for sex. He said NO but she didn't want to take NO for an answer. Being a rape victim herself, that didn't ring true for me. She, of all people, Wow WOW. She, of all people, should know "NO means NO".

    The hero was OK. He asked a ton a questions forcing her to reveal a lot of personal information he's the cop working her case. He didn't open up to her much in return and he said some pretty harsh things I'm not sure I would've gotten over. But he turned out OK.