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Louis Testa is Senior Engineering Manager at Galois, a small company that specializes in high-assurance software. He has managed engineering teams for over 20 years, and his papers have been featured at many technology conferences. He blogs at www. Managing a Development Team 3: Creating an Effective Development Team 4: Growing a Software Team.

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Product and Technology 5: Defining the Product 6: Evaluating Your Tools and Methods 8: Outside of Engineering 9: Overall a great resource maybe at sometime a little outdated. One person found this helpful. Overall a Good book - especially chapter However as I mentioned liked the first chapters. The book covers the process for managing software in gory detail. If you are in the industry for 5 years, you know or have worked in most of them.

It is an overkill from that aspect. If you are looking for titles on managing people and the dynamics of the minds you have to manage, this book will sorely disappoint you. If you have worked at an engineering company before this book isnt going to tell you anything that you don't already know. New managers - go and get 'first, break all the rules' - it will teach you something you dont already know, and is backed up by hard research. This is a great book! It is written for the new development manager, perhaps temporarily inserted into a management position because there is no one else to do it.

With the new position come new responsibilities, new pressures, a different work flow. The situation can be overwhelming.

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This book provides a proven approach to dealing with these issues in an organized and practical way, and provides many real-world examples of both success and failure. The book is sectioned into these topics: Development team Product and technology Outside of engineering Making work flow, process, projects and qualtiy Planning for the future The author deals with company size in discussing planning for successful projects, from the one person company to the company with over employees.

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There is a strong emphasis on developing people skills, learning the culture of the company, and discovering the process of decision making in the company. Concrete examples of the requirements for planning projects, including technical tools that are helpful, are scattered throughout the book. One of the features of the book I particularly appreciated was the "real life accounts" scattered through the book, statements from software engineers discussing situations they'd faced in companies, and the pros and cons of how they were handled.

Here is a listing of the chapters, this gives an idea of the breadth of information contained in this book. Getting started Managing a development team Creating an effective development team Growing a software team Defining the product Driving releases Evaluating your tools and methods Assessing your technology Working with your company Working with the CEO and the executive team Listening to your customers Project Estimating Starting a project Project execution and tracking Designing a software development process Process improvement Understanding quality assurance Setting the direction Product roadmap and strategy This book would be a great resource for anyone involved in administration in a company, from a newly recruited team leader to the CEO.

There are so many practical issues clearly stated with suggested resolutions there isn't room to detail them all. There is an 11 page index. There are detailed subheadings for each chapter, which makes finding a particular section or topic very easy.

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Each chapter has references for those who desire to do additional research into a topic. The author has a new web site to support the book, [ One of the best books I've read on the topic. This uniquely pragmatic guide to managing software development in the startup or growing firm, is an "in-the-trenches book" detailing the necessary,useful and extraneous practices, tools, and documentation which govern the successful management of software projects.

The author is both a graduate of Caltech and Berkeley and the possessor of 20 years of hard earned experience in the management of technology and software development projects. He provides templates and spreadsheets for the documentation his methodology requires. He is an advocate of moderate but carefully scoped tools and documentation, often preferring on the basis of experience simple spreadsheets and Gantt charts over more sophisticated project management tools. Sign In Forgot password?

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