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Of course, sometimes the result may be the one you like, and sometimes it can be too much. But in order to succeed and make the best game possible, you have to try! There are other assets available and even Unity has its own LUT Color Correction in its standard assets, but we preferred Amplify Color because it allows us to insert volumes and change LUT depending on the volume itself, making a blend between them.

If you have some doubts about the process, don't worry: We made a video with a tutorial of an image that we wanted to adjust. There are no comments to display. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Rumi's Masnavi, part 6: Unity of being

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Are you a mobile gamedev? Rumi's love is not merely emotive, it is a theology with a fierce urgency. This is something quite a bit more complex than the New Age reception and popular English versions of his poems sometimes make out.

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Rumi's religion of love is not so simple. At one level, Rumi's religion of love symbolises embracing what is divine in creation — both in its immanent and transcendent forms — and pursuing with abandon our attraction to it.

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As we have seen , Rumi contrasts this mode of intoxicated adoration with an ascetic and self-constrained worship that remains fearful of any taint of impiety and impropriety. But having glimpsed the divine object of desire, you cannot remain as you were, separate and individuated: True devotion in the religion of love requires the rending of all veils between lover and beloved, between worshipper and divinity, between duality and absolute divine unity tawhid , a principle doctrine of Islam.

The lover's sense of a separate and distinct identity is itself an obstacle to this relationship.


Therefore one must slay the self, that individuated ego that separates us from our source, the reed-bed from which the reed flute plaintively laments at the very opening of the Masnavi. But if you have two discerning eyes and are not afflicted by double-vision, you will see that everything in this world and the hereafter is actually the beloved Masnavi 6: Everything is the beloved, and the lover blocks our line-of-sight by creating an illusionary separation of subject and object; the beloved is living, uncontingent, while the lover is a corpse 1: This unity of being is as true for the relationship of believer to believer, as it is for the individual soul to God:.

This theology of love demands purification, peeling off the layers of the lover's baser self, to the point that the lover's distinct will and identity is effaced, and only the beloved remains. When the traces of the selfish self nafs are effaced, pure soulful self remains, immortal and united with the divine, like a candle whose light fades away with the sunrise.