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General Comment Very cool song. I think it's "I won't beg you to stay" as the second line though Kick ass song anyway. General Comment to me this song is about letting go of someone even though you don't want to General Comment Too proud to turn around, hes gone. General Comment To me, it sounds like this person is a great deal of denial.

Don't Turn Around

Goes from loving him and wanting to be with him to pushing him away. I think the person has larger issues to deal with, and that explains the flipping out at the other person. General Comment this song is so awesome! Like all other ace song. And it reminds me of someone General Comment I love this song. The Gavin Report wrote: Both times it held on to the top spot for two weeks.

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Ace of Base filmed a music video for the song directed by Matt Broadley , showing scenes of a couple leaving each other intertwined with scenes of the band on the beach and in a beach house. Some parts of the video are in black-and-white, but the scenes with Ace of Base-members are in colours. Kim Goody released a single version in Despite being featured in several episodes of her Saturday morning show No. Loretta Chandler also sung this song on the "Mr.

Just Don't Turn Around

In , a little-known rock band called Eyes , which at one point featured James Christian of House of Lords on lead vocals, covered the song on their self-titled album, which Journey and Talisman frontman Jeff Scott Soto sang on. It was released under the Curb Records label. In , Eyes, this time featuring Jeff Scott Soto on lead vocals, covered the song again on their album "Windows of the Soul. In , Albert Hammond , co-writer of the song, recorded the song for his album Legend.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Scandinavian CD single; the artwork is used in other European releases with different title layouts. We thought, 'If [Arista] really wants us to do it, why not? We thought if we can transform it a bit into minor, in the chorus and so on, it could be OK.

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The Top 10 Tunes of Each Summer". And if we work together, we can stop them. There were eight kids total, and they each moved with purpose. On the concrete buttress next to where he kept his sleeping bag, a scrawny black kid was spray painting a logo in red: Peter is spending more time with Amanda; he starts to suspect she might have been infected with PEMA when she was abducted four months earlier. She started walking again, but her stride was different and strange, kind of a slow shuffle.

Noa and Zeke break into a warehouse outside Phoenix that they suspect of being a secret lab facility.

They were on the bluff overlooking the warehouse. The others had dropped them off an hour earlier, then left with the van to execute phase one of the plan.

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Headlight beams slid away from them as the car turned up the final approach to the warehouse. The guards had gotten to their feet and were staring at it as if a UFO had just materialized out of the sky.

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  4. But he gets trapped inside when someone enters unexpectedly. Peter ducked behind the door as it popped open, sucking in to make himself as narrow as possible. A hand tossed a small bag into the hall. Peter held his breath.

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    It landed with a crackle a few feet away—white plastic knotted at the top, with the outline of cardboard containers inside. His death could be blamed on Chinese takeout. Noa and Zeke have retreated to their home base in Santa Cruz; but thanks to a traitor in their midst, the compound is raided.