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Tags leaves , nature , photography , photos , poetry , puddles , reflections , trees. Tags art , life , photography , photos , poems , poetry , puddles , reflections , tanka.

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Tags beauty , haiku , nature , observation , Ornithology , photography , poetry , puddles , robins , walking , witness. Tags Finger Lakes , Ithaca , leaves , nature , photography , poetry , puddles , reflections , Six Mile Creek , spring , tanka , water. It summed up a lot of the vibe we were feeling: The first three issues were entirely funded by James.

It seemed like a good idea to spend it on [Buzzsaw]. I had a job copyediting junk mail for the Book of the Month Club. These 24 pages are the result of a collaboration between a tight-knit group of friends, relatives, acquaintances and soothsayers. The process was pretty informal.

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I tended to take a lot of the business of the magazine onto myself, too. I did as much marketing as I could.

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I found the printer. I handled the layout. I spearheaded the SGA funding move. Buzzsaw was extremely important to me then, and I still feel a lot of pride and fondness for it now.

Puddles of Ithaca : Richard R Davison :

But this is the first issue. It is a work in progress. Everybody threw [the first issue] away on us. We put them in The Ithacan bins and somebody went around and cleaned them out and threw them out. We streamed out of our dorm rooms and combed the whole campus to find any place that the issues were in the trash. Any of the issues we could find, we put back on the stands. I was certainly angry.

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I was more angry when we took the issue to the Student Affairs Office and they suggested that we could call the police and accuse people of doing it if we wanted. There were professors who came out and offered to help us. Michael Serino, [the Ithacan faculty adviser], was one of the first people. One really great moment came when we released the first or second issue. I was waiting in line at Egbert, for the dining hall to open.

Puddle Stomping

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. My neighbor's three-year-old boy loves this story and the illustrations, which are on my Kindle, and often asks to look at them. The illustrations are charming, don't look like Beagles, I agree, but the story is cute and educational as a season in a boy's life 60 years ago in Ithaca, New York. The author himself, who features in the story as a young lad, is an educated, intelligent, and caring man who retired as an educator and now devotes himself to family and friends, and this book is obviously a labor of love.

His childhood was evidently happy and full of activity, as a boy's should be. Much has been lost in the intervening years, as children now tend to be sedentary and live much of their lives indoors. Charming though the print book is priced a bit high for the average purse. Pet lovers will delight in this tale of an exuberant young pup who brings joy into the lives of family and neighbors. Puddles of Ithaca, a uniquely personal story, will appeal to both children and adults, especially those who have experienced the love of a curious, fun-loving dog.

The cartoon-like illustrations bring the story to life and leave a lasting impression of "a boy and his dog. Folks who lived in the Ithaca area at the time the story takes place will enjoy it as a home-town puppy story, but the beagles we had when I was growing up did not look like these pastel, pudgy littermates.

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Nevertheless Puddles' adventures are illustrated in a kid-friendly way. An adult will have to read the story because many sentences are too long for beginning readers. Children will enjoy the action in the full page illustrations as they listen. Kudos to illustrator Mike Motz for his delightful renditions of puppies and people. Davison's granddaughter writing my own review of Abuelo's wonderful book.

He and my grandmother, Dorinda Garcia Davison, had someone make a Puddles costume and I have often worn it to presentations. Everyone loves the true stories in this exciting book. All of our family members, and especially my brother and cousins, love Puddles of Ithaca. Love to all, Mikayla Dorinda. I was given permission to write this and wanted people to know.

Puddles of Ithaca is a book for young and old alike to embrace. The book illustrations enhance the story of Puddles arrival in the life of a young boy and Puddles' impact on the entire family. You will return to Puddles of Ithaca, again and again, to read about the antics of a pup that have a profound impact on the entire family. This is definitely a story to be cherished and reread for generations to come, a timeless story of love, friendship and the added dimension that a four-legged friend can have upon our lives.

A definite addition to any child's library. See all 5 reviews.

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