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If Cass and Roxanna's unfolding relationship doesn't keep you riveted to the page nothing will.

Quartet - Somerset Maugham. The Colonels Lady Part 1 of 3

Be prepared to stay up long into the night even after the final page is turned thinking about all that happened, not just between the hero and heroine, but at Fort Endeavor and on the battlefield. View all 12 comments. Jul 19, Kelli rated it it was ok Shelves: Ok, I give this author gold stars for her obvious passion for Kentucky and for history.

Her research is good. However, reading this, I cannot get into it as believability. I don't think Roxanna would just pick up and follow her father to his fort and I think Frantz is sort of copying from The Last of the Mohicans with that one. Especially at the beginning of the book, the characters are stiff and very one dimensional. The conversations the two main characters have, are so convenient and formal Ok, I give this author gold stars for her obvious passion for Kentucky and for history. The conversations the two main characters have, are so convenient and formal.

I get so tired of this formal, make believe talk--the scenes aren't written with ease. Her research is good, and some bits of this story have glimmers of intenseness that make one keep reading. But then in the end, it leaves me disappointed. I did think the end with the battle was well done and interesting, aside from the multiple annoying 'No's to marriage' Roxie keeps saying to Cass.

And then out of the blue she finally says yes. The rejection was getting old. So were the reasonings of her character half the time. Oct 08, Tweety rated it really liked it Recommended to Tweety by: She's so difficult to put down! This book was no different. I don't know why, but despite that I've yet to give one of Laura Frantz' books five stars.

Don't let that put you off, while this didn't make five it was a solid four and there's nothing about the book that I didn't like. The hero and heroine not being able to love each other because of goodness knows what, aside. I had fun, even though I know when I pick up one of Frantz' books it'll be an emotional roller coaster ride.

I enjoyed the details that made me feel like I was really there and how as in real life, not everything goes perfectly. I'm late reviewing so I can't remember enough to add more, but I recommend this book, the heroine is one of my favorites. PG Some fallen women, battle wounds, etc. View all 3 comments. Originally posted to https: Set in , the story opens with five women and a child huddled in a cave attempting to evade a band of Indian raiders. Among the group headed to Ft. Endeavor in the Kentucky Territory is Roxanna Rowan. She has travelled all the way from Virginia to meet her father, who is about to resign his commission.

Upon their safe arrival, Originally posted to https: Upon their safe arrival, Roxanna learns her father has been killed by friendly fire. I enjoy the way Frantz invites readers into a scene! Whether she is painting a sweeping landscape or an intimate scene between two characters, her imagery and attention to historic details are all-absorbing. Also, the woman can write a kiss… This is not something I would usually comment on, but the way she builds the chemistry between Cas and Roxy is commendable! In a story rife with conflict, I would have liked the author to leave her characters with some flaws—in my opinion the ending was too tidy.

Allowing a character to extend grace and then erasing the need for that grace undermines the gravity of the action. I often do not revisit an author when a previous work has failed to capture my imagination. While the story was a bit long 13 hours and 8 minutes , I never fatigued of Jennings voice or cadence. Aug 21, Leona rated it it was ok Shelves: I was lukewarm on this one. There were parts that were stellar, and other times when things fell apart.

There were also threads left hanging. Aug 16, Gwendolyn Gage rated it it was amazing Shelves: Laura Frantz is an exceptional author. The plot gripped me from the beginning, and the author lost no time revealing the book's theme of love, forgiveness, and war-time intrigue. Colonel McLinn has accidentally shot his scrivener while on campaign in the Kentucke wilderness during the American Revolution.

His scrivener's dying request is for McLinn to take care of his only daughter, Roxie. Imagine McLinn's surprise and heartache when he returns to his post at Fort Endeavour and finds Roxie there -- penniless, destitute and teetering on the edge of spinsterhood despite her beauty. Her father was her only hope of a future. What will happen to her now? The characters came alive, causing me to care about what happened to them.

Even the main character, Roxie, had a refreshing personality! I have read so many books spotlighting "cookie-cutter" heroines, where the writing focuses on her reactions to the hero and her circumstances, leaving her uniqueness as an individual in shadows. Roxie is anything but "cookie-cutter", and by the time I turned the last page, I felt as if I knew her personally.

And the hero, McLinn! He's more than the gruff but gentlemanly soldier. He's haunted by his secrets, and an evil twin brother. What I loved about him besides his Irish heritage and good looks is that even in the face of rejection, he allows himself to be vulnerable. The pace was a bit slower that what I usually like, but never once did the story lose my attention, demonstrating the author's skill. The day-in and day-out aspects of the story made it more real and life-like. I was transported to the Kentucke territory during the time of the American Revolution, and I learned so much about how they lived.

What they did to pass the time in a lonely wilderness fort hemmed in by the danger of war. I was blown away by the beauty of Frantz's writing voice, and her eye-opening descriptions. How many times have I read a book and lost track of what the scene looked like during fast-paced action or dialogue?

Never happened in "The Colonel's Lady". Just as I began to lose the scene in my mind's eye, Frantz would bring it back in riveting clarity. That was for Laura and those who have read the book -- I'm not saying anything further. I'm a new fan of Laura Frantz, and will be collecting all of her books.

She currently has two others out there: I can't wait to read them! View all 4 comments. May 12, Angelc rated it it was amazing Shelves: The author is very knowledgeable about Kentucky history and you can tell she has a great love and respect for the area. She makes you feel like you are right there at the fort with Roxanna and Cass.

I was very impressed with the detail of the setting as well as the depth of the story. The story was heavy at times, often melancholy and a little sad, which isn't what I normally read. However, it fit the harsh setting, and there was always a hopeful, survivor type of attitude that was more uplifting than sad. I liked the way the Christian message was sent in this one. Roxanna had very strong faith, but whe was never condescending or pushy about it. I especially liked her attitude towards the 'fallen women' at the fort.

She never condemned them for their mistakes, she just tried to help them fix the mistakes without scolding. My favorite secondary character was Bella. She was a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is breath of fresh air. Her snappy dialogue always added some spice to the story. The romance was very nice, but I think this book will appeal to others too, not just romance fans.

There is so much history here and many story lines other than the romance. A wonderful, in depth look at the Kentucky frontier, with a meaningful story and romance. Jan 28, Jennifer Mccann rated it did not like it. Well, this is my first, and likely my last "Christian" novel. And admittedly, this is a rant. First, the heroine, Roxie, is just plain stupid. I know you need conflict for this story, but the conflict of a stupid person doing stupid things is not good.

It is stupid to set out alone for the frontier.

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It is stupid to decide to follow an army like a camp follower. It is stupid to simper. Here is her character: Oh I will pray on it. Oh God help me. I am an old, plain, lame spins Well, this is my first, and likely my last "Christian" novel.

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I am an old, plain, lame spinster not worthy of love. You don't love me. I need to pray. Girlfriend, if you need to pray that much, go find yourself a convent. Lookit, sister, if you are good enough for God's love. You are good enough for an ordinary man, so if you truly believe in God and His love, then you shouldn't be all, I am not worthy of love BS.

I don't care that she got jilted by a man she didn't love. She even said she pretended to love him, so that jilting shouldn't have "hurt" her to the point where she felt unworthy. And Bella to Roxie saying she has something those other girls don't - purity. I knew she meant purity in spirit not body but barf. This character is simple. Oh and she couldn't accept Cass until he confessed that he had accepted God into his life.

Why must a person confess it? Why can't they just live it? Why isn't that enough? And why isn't she smart enough to see him live it, rather than confess it to accept it? He gave up drink because she suggested it and saw the error of his ways, that the drink did not feed his soul. But that isn't proof enough. He has to say those stupid and irritating words to get her to believe him. And all the damn praying. It is as bad as traditional romances with all the sex. Yeah, I said it, the praying is just like the sex! Just skip right over it.

It isn't enough that she the author says they prayed, but must repeat the same grace prayer over and over and over. I guess "Christian" is code word for preachy. And that Greer character, when he proposed, said he prayed over it and felt that that was what God wanted. So God must not have wanted that. How wrong you were to interpret what God wants.

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How arrogant you are to presume to know what God wants. How many acts and desires by men have been justified by "I prayed over it and this is what God wants? If I were reading this as a paperback, I would have thrown it across the room. My iPad did not deserve the abuse heaped upon it because of this stain in the written word. Apr 06, Staci rated it it was amazing Shelves: Beautifully written love story that is rich in historical detail.

I highly recommend this novel for fans of Lori Benton. Jun 18, Joy rated it it was amazing. I'm a little late to the Laura Frantz party, my book blogging friends have been singing her praises for a while. But now I see the appeal. I found her writing style lyrical and poetic and reminiscent of another one of my favorite authors, Tamera Alexander. The Colonel's Lady is the kind of novel you'll want to savor on lazy Saturday afternoon even if your lazy afternoon means reading a good portion of it in parking lots while playing family chauffeur. Whether you can while away a rainy day on y I'm a little late to the Laura Frantz party, my book blogging friends have been singing her praises for a while.

Whether you can while away a rainy day on your sofa, or have to sneak it in between running errands, I must insist you read this book.

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The relationship between Roxanna and Cass may have been forged on a deathbed promise, but it grew in intensity as the story progressed until it mirrored the colonel's intense personality and the intensity of his kisses. But throw in a few plot twists readers won't see coming, and a climatic battle at the end, and you've got a recipe one of the best historical romances of the year. Well done, Laura Frantz. I'm looking forward to reading your backlist.

Thanks to Revell for my review copy. This book had it all - breathless romance seriously, I sometimes held my breath along with Roxie lol , puzzling mystery The ending took me completely by surprise , heartwarming friendships, and threads of God's redemption and grace woven throughout. This was my first read by Laura Frantz - it won't be my last! Jul 25, Hannah rated it did not like it Shelves: Beautiful cover, ridiculous story.

I am a big time sucker for 18th century romance like Anne Greene's Masquerade Marriage. I don't mind if it's mildly cheesy. I am forgiving if it's sappy. But this book was just plain dumb. Actually, it was so dumb I loved reading it. She manages to make her fluff special, unique--gloriously cheesy.

The Colonel's Lady

The actual story is about a self dramatizing dork who has a major crush on an implausibly patient and distinctly plain, carrot-headed military man. It doesn't help I tend to think red hair on men is not attractive. The book was much too long for the content. It was impossible to believe this witless woman would not have been married to the colonel in a matter of months, and equally impossible to believe she would not have been better supervised and guided by a guy as supposedly stern and imposing as he is.

In real life, he would have made her a wife in no time at all, leaving no room for the ceaseless and increasingly tedious plot perambulations. Supposedly the book has a spy plot thread and a few battles, some religion, and intense scenes of action. None of these areas felt particularly real. The meat of the book lay in a few specific scenes: Racing time, man, and flames Product details File Size: Revell August 1, Publication Date: August 1, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

A Luca Mystery Crime Thriller: A detective who falls for the missing man's wife? When she's a suspect? When Mary Schrock tries to convince her best friend to leave their Amish community, will a simple quarrel lead to tragedy? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention frantz laura romance historical roxanna fort war father mclinn christian kentucky cassius fiction cass frontier roxie rowan god heart faith.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Stephanie McCall Top Contributor: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Roxanna Rowan left Virginia for the Kentucke wilderness to join her scrivener father at Fort Endeavor. She expected to come alone and have a joyous reunion with him. Instead, she arrives with four Virginia prostitutes and a mute five-year-old in tow, and learns her father has been killed - on Christmas Eve, no less. Now the one person standing between Roxanna and destitution is Colonel Cassius McLinn, a mysterious Irish-born Patriot with a dual reputation as a gentleman soldier and the "Bluecoat town burner.

Why is Roxanna so drawn to this man - a hard-bitten, unbelieving, temperamental sort who's the last thing she needs? And most importantly, is there any hope for her future - or the one they could have together? I only recently discovered Laura Frantz, and The Colonel's Lady was definitely a foray into her best work. Roxanna and Cassius are gorgeously drawn characters, multifaceted, human, yet eventually willing to let God mold and shape them.

Roxanna's compassion and levelheadedness are perfect foils to Cassius' sometimes impetuous and stubborn nature, and his penchant for court-martialing anything that moves. By the same token, Cassius awakens a hidden fiery side to Roxanna that she had long denied. At times, she's the only one who can handle Cass' irascible tendencies, and it's touching, if not downright funny, to see her succeed. Over time, Roxanna and Cass develop a lovely relationship, one of the most pleasurable I've read about in a while.

They understandably bond over her scrivener work, but they also match wits in cribbage, and come together to take care of little Abby. As Roxanna notes, Cass the soldier, Cass the employer, and Cass the father are three very different men. Yet knowing them all allows her to know herself, grow, change, and eventually become the woman he, and others, need.

Laura's secondary cast is absolutely brilliant. Characters like Bella, Graham, and Five Feathers may not get much page time, but they're written in such a way as to stick in your mind. Without giving too much away, a villain nicknamed Lucifer is one you love to hate, and one you enjoy seeing go down as a result of human faith and divine intervention. There are also some revelations about little Abby that add shading to her character and make her a more important player than most little kids are in this type of novel.

Laura doesn't cash in on the kid factor much, but when she does, it works beautifully. The Colonel's Lady is not necessarily a suspenseful novel, but there is a lot of suspense woven in, especially during the last quarter or so. Some of it feels a little thin, but most is done well. The revelation of who the spy at Fort Endeavor is, was one of my favorite parts - I had my eye on one specific character, so the real culprit surprised me, but still made sense. There's also a scene near the end where Roxanna interacts with the villain behind the spy, which is crafted with a practiced and deft hand.

The Colonel's Lady feels a little long, and there are some places where Roxanna and Cass going round and round about their relationship gets a little old. But considering what both of them had to deal with, I can understand why they'd take longer to wise up to what's right in front of them.

Overall, the novel is a triumph, and I look forward to more like it from Laura Frantz. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. In , a search for her officer-father brings Roxanna Rowan to the Kentucky frontier--but she discovers instead the young Colonel Cassius McLinn, a dark secret and a compelling reason to stay. Single women -- Fiction.

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Frontier and pioneer life -- Kentucky -- Fiction. Julia Boyer Reinstein Library. Summary In , a search for her father brings Roxanna to the Kentucky frontier-but she discovers instead a young colonel, a dark secret Publisher's Weekly Review In , Roxanna Rowan is aging into spinsterhood, having been jilted by her betrothed. Make this your default list. The following items were successfully added.