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At least, not for me. The only thing I didn't like about the book was the extreme and repetitious profanity. So I don't know how much or how little ended up in the final book, but just be advised, if that's something that is meaningful to you. I want to like this novel--for the title sounds refreshing and the idea is an interesting one; but after reading it I found the author has left many, many things to be desired. I even drew fanart for it: This novel is simply too, too rushed and shabbily put together. The author doesn't seem bothered enough to pause and take her time to develop her characters, deepening the relationships among them a little to be honest, the romance between 2.

The author doesn't seem bothered enough to pause and take her time to develop her characters, deepening the relationships among them a little to be honest, the romance between Ari and Sebastian is just For so many times I was told "I'm a tough girl", "I made friend with all these misfits", "I don't belong anywhere! And the author's attempt of making the main character Ari a strong young woman doesn't work out quite well. At first Ari is alright, she is a girl with a difficult upbringing, who has to toughen up and learn to fight in order to protect herself. Ari's late mother left her a note from beyond the grave, pleading her to run away from New 2 New Orleans 2 ; and her foster parents had especially asked her not to go into New 2, a known dangerous place.

But Ari disobeyed them anyway, going alone without back up. Once inside New 2, Ari turns out to be utterly unprepared and poorly informed about the dangers she might face. My problems with Air don't just end here. For most of the book, Ari keeps saying she is a misfit, a freak, abnormal, simply because the colors of her eyes and hair are unusual.

Then she says she's cursed and she's dangerous to those she cares about, and supposedly people in New even the members of the most powerful families, are afraid of her and her power. But throughout the book I have never seen her losing control or doing something truly scary or destructive, so the claim feels very, very empty. Still, the ending, the introduction of THAT goddess, and the plot twist about Ari's real father are the saving grace of the book. I'll still read the sequel, but I wouldn't keep my hope up.

Dec 15, Once Upon a Twilight rated it it was amazing Shelves: Be prepared to be enamored within the first couple of pages that you read. Kelly did not hold back when she wrote her Debut novel, she brings her A-game. The book brings something new to the paranormal world. The storyline is grand. This book has all the supernatural elements you are a fan of in other books but written in a manner that has not been written before. The Greek mythology is a perfect blend to go along with a futuristic New Orleans. Kelly wrote each characters flawless.

One thing tha Be prepared to be enamored within the first couple of pages that you read. One thing thats very important to me when I read a new book or series is, are the characters memorable? Yes they are in Darkness becomes her. I will give as much as I can without spoiling the book. Picture New Orleans in the future after 2 massive Hurricanes ruin what you know today as New Orleans.

The United States doesn't even consider it part of the country anymore. A group of wealthy families buy New Orleans and change the name to New 2.

Every other supernatural freak in Seattle #3 Urban Fantasy Audiobook - P1

We are introduced to Ari she considers her self very strange. It might be due to the fact that she has white hair and teal eyes, did I mention if she cuts her hair it reappears again. Ari wants to know more of her past such as her mother since sh has been in foster care practically all her life. She finds a message from her mom, its real simple. On this trip she comes across what the books calls misfits.

They began to help Ari in her journey to discover her past and possibly who or what she is. The oldest on the group is named Sebastian, it turns out Sebastian is more than what meets the eyes. Sebastian and the rest show Ari she is not alone in being different, New 2 is a haven for the different. Ari then begins to discover her part and what she finds out is not something you can swallow down easily, will her new friends stick by her side? On February 22nd go to the book store and pick up your copy to find out. You will not be disappointed. Jan 07, Samita rated it did not like it Shelves: There's no mystery to this book if you know Greek mythology.

Of course you won't find Athena dropping the f-bomb in those. Ari, the heroine is so unlikable, the author goes out of her way to show how strong she is physically though. Ari's romance with Sebastian is contrived, there is no anticipation or build up to their romance other than Sebastian smelling nice, so it really doesn't feel like there's a pay off. The ending is very predictable since you know Ari will get help.

The There's no mystery to this book if you know Greek mythology. There's a lot of action and it's easy read though. If I don't read the next book in the series my heart will not bleed. Feb 15, Novel Novice rated it really liked it. After growing up in the foster care system, Ari goes in search of information about her mother, who she is, and where she came from. Her search leads her to New 2 — what used to be New Orleans, before the city was destroyed by a pair of powerful hurricanes. The book is set in the not-too-distant future.

It is in the rebuilt Crescent City where Ari uncovers a world where the paranormal is common and a place where she may finally fit in. The only problem is that the closer Ari gets to learning the truth, the more she puts herself and her new friends in danger. Darkness Becomes Her offers a unique and compelling blend of themes from various genres: And while at times, it can feel as if the stability between all these elements is teetering precariously, Keaton deftly maintains a delicate balance throughout the entire book.

She makes the chaos of this wild combination work, and the result is a refreshing tale for readers of YA paranormal lit. And in a world where the YA shelves are packed with paranormal stories, Keaton makes her mark. And when the truth is revealed, it sets up that many more intrigues and challenges ahead for the next books in this series. And much like my favorite vampire slayer Buffy, Ari knows how to kick serious butt.

How cool is that? And once you learn his secrets, you start to understand the reasons for his immediate charm. Jun 03, Riley rated it really liked it. I read it in five hours. I woke up at seven, grabbed it off my shelf, and was finished by eleven. And it left me breathless. I adore, love, ect. And you mix mythology with Vampires, Witches, and Demigods? And the setting couldn't have been more perfect. I love New Orleans, and I've wanted to go there practically my whole life.

It's got so much history, you could pick up a rock on the side of the road and even it's story would be fascinating. I love the new take on it- New 2. It's like New Orleans, only mix in some kick butt paranormal stuff. The characters are all really well developed. Ari, the MC, is wonderfully bad ass, but she can be little mean.

But this is coming from me, the girl who is always shy and quiet all the time. So, I kind of give Ari points for not being afraid to tell it like it is. And three words for Sebastian, the loovveee interest, are these: Tall, Dark, and Brooding. Can you say, sexy beast? I love all the other kids, but I have to say that Violet is definitely my favorite character in the whole book. She's so sweet, smart, and mature.

She sees past all the barriers. Violet is just special- one of the characters you automatically fall in love with and wish that they were real. Overall, this story was fascinating, action packed, and had an amazing romance. I can't wait for the next book. I highly recommend this book if you haven't read it. Jul 01, Crystal rated it did not like it Shelves: Where to even begin, I am shocked at this book!

The story is about Ari and her need to find out why her Mom commited suicide 14 years ago. Ari's investigation takes her to New 2, which is what New Orleans has turned into after 4 major hurricanes 13 years ago. Now was with the story until this point. Once she gets to New 2 things fall apart for me. Ari finds ou Where to even begin, I am shocked at this book! Ari finds out she is cursed and that New 2 is full of paranormal beings, no surprise there, but she takes this with no WTH moments or anything.

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I felt like Ari should have at least had some questions but nope she walks around like it is no big deal. Then her love interest goes from being just a hawt guy to her boyfriend in about 20 pages. I have read enough YA to know that usually when the heroine and hero meet there will be plenty of angsty drama but these two jumped right into it. Before reading this I probably would have been relieved that I didn't have to sit through pages and pages of teenage drama, but I actually missed it.

When Sebastian kisses Ari it happened so fast that I thought for sure I had missed pages. I have never read any book where paranormal creatures battle it out with Greek Gods, but Keaton has thrown them all in together. I for one thought it was too crowded and made absoultrly no sense. There wasn't enough backstory for the reader to grasp all the whys and hows of the fight between the two. I won't say much about the curse as if you are going to read this I don't want to spoil everything even though one will probably guess the outcome after the second paragraph.

I don't mean to rant I am just in shock over this one and that rarely happens. I guess I should have read the summary better. I'm thinking only time will tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing. It seems as though Kelly Keaton threw everything in a pot and stirred it around. Greek gods, vampires, shape shifters, witches When I finished the book I couldn't decide if it was too much, or if it was just a neat way to mix it all up.

She did manage to come up with a new ish spin to put on it all, though. I really liked her supernatural take on the floods in New Orleans, and the fact that she It was different. I really liked her supernatural take on the floods in New Orleans, and the fact that she basically took all of the heroic figures from The Lightning Thief and turned them into villains. I didn't think the story was amazing, but it kept my interest.

Although, I figured out what kind of creature Ari was almost immediately. Then again, maybe I've just been reading a lot of stuff with undertones of Greek mythology in it? Jan 26, Parajunkee rated it it was amazing Shelves: I haven't read a young adult novel, with paranormal themes, this original and compelling in a long time. Step away from the usual vampire love stories and grab Darkness Becomes Her, you won't be disappointed.

Deep in the ruined South of Keaton's imagined world, a young girl goes on a quest to find out about her parents. Abandoned at a young age, Ari has been a product of social services for a very long time. Just recently she has finally come to live with a family that has shown her k Wow. Just recently she has finally come to live with a family that has shown her kindness and love. It has not dispelled her curiosity though, she needs to find out why her mother abandoned her at four years old and her journey will take her to an area of the world, that like her has been abandoned.

Thirteen years prior, two massive hurricanes ripped through the Gulf and ruined the Gulf Coast. The US government abandoned the area, moved the people out and left the land to be reclaimed by nature. Nine of the oldest families of New Orleans would not relent and petitioned the US government to purchase the area. Ari crossed The Rim into the unknown of New 2, where she was born, and begins to find that not everything is as it seems. The city hides secrets, and the rumors of paranormal creatures and magic that have been whispered about, might not be as far fetched as she thought.

A ride from a stranger and an offer to stay the night in a large, run-down house in the Garden District, introduce her to the forgotten children of New 2 and probably the first friends that Ari has had the chance to make in a long time. But, friends can be used against you, especially if you are one of the most pursued persons in the area - because it would seem that Ari's arrival in the city hasn't gone unnoticed, both my the ruling body of the city, the Novem, and by much more scarier beings than she ever thought existed.

My frist praise for Ms. Keaton will be about her creation of New 2. Keaton embraced New Orleans, turned it on it's side and created something really special in New 2. She really seemed to get the personality of New Orleans and did a wonderful job of conveying it in Darkness Becomes Her. I know you can hear over and over again how different this region is, probably get tired of hearing it, I mean really, it is still the US right, how different can it be? Just everything about this city is unique and a bit off. Something, you get used to when you live here, but stun the people that visit.

Keaton did a great job of showing the subtle odditiy of the city and then taking it further by creating New 2. I could see it happening - if there was any city in the world that it could happen it would be New Orleans. A quote that resonnated with me and showed that Keaton really got New Orleans: I was born here, and I knew my mother had lived here, but somehow it was more than that. It was in the emotion of the place, the air of abandonment, the slight decay on everything, the wildness of the plants and trees, the haunted appearance that clung to the grand old houses, and the dark parts where light never reached--deep in the lost gardens, behind vacant lots, and beyond boarded-up windows.

See a Problem?

It was the freedom of being in a place that didn't give a shit what you were, because it was different too. You want to take Violet in your arms and protect her, just as Ari does and Sebastien makes your palms sweat. Then along with the characters and the setting the original idea behind what Ari deals with and the plot behind the setting is so original I was literally nodding during reading it, highly impressed with Keaton's creativity.

I can't stop singing the praises of this novel. I couldn't put it down. I started reading it the day before Mardi Gras Lundi Gras and it took all of my will-power to not bring it on the parade route to read, Mardi Gras day. I can't wait to read book number two. While this book is a Young Adult novel there are mature themes. There is violence and mature language.

This is recommended for a mature teen audience. Use your judgement parents, it is only a few curse words though. May 15, Kerri Book Hoarder rated it it was ok Shelves: What to say about this book. I ended up skimming a lot of it because I had a bad feeling that turned out to be pretty justified. The book starts off good, and has potential But it needed to be fleshed out more, certain aspects of the plot needed to be slowed down, the mythology had my eyebrows lifting and there are problematic aspects of the book as well, considering it's written by a white author and set in New Orleans or New 2, as it's now called.

As I got a bit further What to say about this book. As I got a bit further into the book, I had to stop and consider it, because the main character is white, and other than one of the characters being described as having light brown skin, I had the impression that most of the others are, too. I can think of at least one character who was definitely black, and he was the one who was practicing voodoo.

Magical powers, sex appeal and the ability to have the heroine fall in love in approximately twenty-four hours? Is it too much to ask to want more from a book? Attraction isn't love, but books like this always seem to present it that way, and they always dwell too much on how the heroine feels every time she looks at the subject of her feelings. It's not that those sorts of things aren't accurate, it's that I'm tired of books focusing on it so much. I also want a bit more depth. On the one hand the idea is really interesting, on the other hand it didn't feel quite believable, to me.

Normally I'm all for interesting interpretations of popular mythology but I wasn't sure that it was fleshed out well enough for me. There's potential here - I like that this is ultimately about women and the power they carry, in ways. Ari, Athena, Josephine - they're the ones at the heart of the conflict, and I like that. Hopefully the second one is better. From the get go I was hooked.

Half a star knocked off because Ari is a pretty average teenage girl and has her moments of insecurity. If only she could always be like Cera from 'The Land Before Time' always bad ass and never doubts herself until she makes a mistake ; The cool thing about this book is that I went into pretty blind.

I knew it was a supernatural book and that was about it. I knew it had vampires in it and so I bought the trilogy. Stupid reason to buy a trilogy, but th 4. Stupid reason to buy a trilogy, but there you go.

Darkness Becomes Her

When I started this book I had no expectations. I read the first few pages became hooked and continued. Pretty much everything kept me engaged. Ari is our main character she has teal eyes and silver hair. She is also an orphan. At 5 or so Ari is put into the foster care system. Her mom committed herself to an Asylum and eventually committed suicide. When we meet Ari she is 17 and at said Asylum trying to get as much information about her mother as she can.

Immediately after leaving the Asylum strange things happen. And in quick succession Ari finds herself in New 2. New 2 is the area that was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. Learning about her mother. Why she is different and what to expect in the future. At one point, I was just as surprised to learn about gods as Ari was and super excited that both monsters and gods could be found in this story. New 2 is what folks "outside the Rim" say is where you can find the supernatural. Tourists go there to see ghosts and haunted houses.

But New 2 is more than what is on the surface and that was one of my favorite parts. When Ari reaches New 2 she is greeted by a band of misfits. I loved all of them, Violet especially. I'm so excited to pick up book 2. If you like supernatural beings and mythology definitely check this book out. I do have to mention Apr 03, K rated it it was ok Shelves: The story takes place about fifteen years in the future.

New Orleans has long since been destroyed by hurricanes and subsequently deserted. The United States has washed its hands of the place. Hope there is more from this one. May 31, Roseanna rated it it was amazing. I wasn't prepared for the intensity of this book. The blurb really intrigued me, a couple hotties, some experiments going awry, being on the run while trying to just survive. I loved the relationship between Simon, Gene, and Beth. I knew he had to be something spectacular, but was not guessing that.

I hope they get their own books. This book has a sort of New Species Laurann Dohner and accid I wasn't prepared for the intensity of this book. So if your like me and love those, this will be right up your alley. Near the end I was biting my nails almost in tears over what had happened to Beth, then I had to tell myself, that Eve Langlais is an awesome, kind writer who would fix it. And boy did she. I was very pleased at the ending. The narration is awesome. Marie Smith killed it in Dating Cupid, so I knew she was going to tear this one up too.

I was not disappointed. She is such a great reader. The flow was smooth as butter. May 18, Dawn rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone over the age of 16 years. The story was a new take on the creatures of sci-fi, fantasy, and some paranormal. Thank you very much Ms. Langlais, for sharing your creativity and story. There are very interesting characters in the story. The twists and turns are also very different from what most people would expect.

Beth is a very brave and has a great personal strength, as very good friends. Beth main character has overcome a great deal and has eked out a life that works for her. Then one day her past comes back to her and she meets a new friend that she never expected. As her new friendship grows she experience new and exciting feeling sad that she never thought where possible. I hope you enjoy the book as much as me and my daughter did.

It is very worth the time to read. Mar 22, Miranda Beazley rated it it was amazing. This book was another amazing addition to my ever growing Eve Langlais obsession. I giggled, I swooned and I overall walked away from this book with a smile on my face and a few tears drying on my cheeks. Enjoyable and entertaining read This was a spicy, thrilling, and funny read.

I like the whole mystery surrounding what Simon's nature I so guess wrong so that was kinda funny. I especially like Beth "girl power" tendencies. I absolutely loved Gene mystic ways and flirtatious personality. Overall a enjoyable and entertaining read. So looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Enjoyable read, a great short to read in between books. Sep 04, Natalie rated it really liked it. Short, fast paced and fun. A human experiment makes Beth something new and something most want dead. Saved by Simon and introduced to Gene, she finds out about a prophecy and love.

I liked this one, not too serious, a little quirky and pretty much a light read. Plenty of little smut moments and dead vamps. This is a well written and performed story! I really liked the characters, I loved the characteristics that Beth was given in this story. Her sense of self worth really made the storyline so much more enjoyable for me.

The storyline includes lots of action and lots of sexy action with two likeable alpha males! Can't wait for book two Lana's to be available! Jul 09, Nicole rated it it was ok. Not poor writing, but when I don't have to pay attention and I still do not miss anything, the predictability is a bit too high. Definietly more romance than plot, was hoping for more substance not that I wanted the moon knowing the genre, but still.

May 30, LilyElement rated it it was ok Shelves: Hybrid Misfit is book 1 in The Misfits series. I really wanted this one to work for me but it didn't quite hit the mark. That's probably a me thing though since I don't really care for menage books and failed to notice this was one since I tend to not read blurbs. So if you enjoy menage books take this with a grain of salt. Beth is a succubus that works as an exotic dancer. That's a pretty smart profession choice since she can feed of her clients. Anyway, as a child a lab experimented on her and Hybrid Misfit is book 1 in The Misfits series.

Anyway, as a child a lab experimented on her and some other children each of which became something paranormal. She's the only succubus, the rest turned into vampires. One night at the club Beth sees a few of the others that escaped and they're coming after her. A shifter comes to her rescue and the sparks are flying between Beth and Simon, and his best friend that's a genie named Gene. With Beth dangled as bait, they wait for the others to attack so they can figure out what they're up to.

Hybrid Misfit is a menage with lots of steamy scenes packed into this quick novel. I do enjoy ELanglais' writing style, it's super steamy with lots of interesting paranormal beings mixed in. I will be checking out more of her other books in the near future, though I'll have to start reading blurbs.

Nevermore (Supernatural, #1) by Keith R.A. DeCandido

If you're a fan of paranormal romance menage books you'll probably love this book! Hybrids, Ice Dragon, Genie oh my Jun 03, Andrea Heltsley rated it really liked it Shelves: Super sexy and steamy. Hope there is more to come. Eve Langlais' Hybrid Misfit.

Hybrid Misfit

Perfect combination of comedy romance adventure and sex. Mar 15, Helle Gade rated it it was amazing Shelves: The most of her life she spent imprisoned. When she finally escaped, it ment a life as a fugitive. Except it wasn't her captors she was being chased by, no it was her fellow prisoners.

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Luckily she runs into two hotties that might have the answers she needs. I highly recommend this book as well as the authors other books. You won't be disappointed. What a HEA she got! Love this story - as with all of Eve's books - I'm not disappointed: The story starts off a little confusing when we're trying to learn what happened to Beth.

When she was a child, she was brought to a government testing faculty.. They were shot up with the DNA of demons, angels, and other types of strange creatures. Until the Vampires got tired of the tests and being told what to do and attacked the scientists. Beth ran as soon as she could get away from the compound, and she didn't look back.

Beth Ran and ran and ran some more, until she realized she needed a home, and a job in order to survive. There was one thing she was good at, and it helped her succubus side. She became a stripper of course: And because she was so good at it, she was able to get a job in the high class club. She met 2 others like herself, one was a warebunny, and the other was a siren.

Only these two were different, just like she was. And they became friends fast. Book 5 of Order in the next 19 hours 2 minutes and get it by Friday, September Book 6 of Book 7 of Coyote's Kiss by Christa Faust July 12, Book 8 of Night Terror by John Passarella September 13, Order in the next 16 hours 2 minutes and get it by Friday, September Book 9 of Rite of Passage by John Passarella August 14, Book 10 of Fresh Meat by Alice Henderson February 19, Book 11 of Carved in Flesh by Tim Waggoner April 16, Book 12 of More About the Authors.

He has also written comics Daredevil Noir, Iron Man: Rapture, Hellstorm, Son of Satan: Equinox , games, and animation.