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Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. You will be granted will unlimited wealth for a hour.

#2 Law of Alchemy / Unlimited Wealth

You get a heads up a week before. What can you do in one week to take full advantage of that hour of unlimited wealth? Geez, probably set up brokerage accounts with every trader I can, and in my hour just buy the everloving crap out of every stock ever. My massive buy should push the prices of those stocks high, so when they inevitably decline I can use those losses to offset my tax obligations for money I later access by selling off stocks.

Buy loads of things that you want on multiple credit cards the week before you get the unlimited wealth, and then just make sure you pay all the debt back in full during that one hour otherwise you might be screwed. You wouldn't have high enough limit to do much damage and payments can take several days to process.

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    Unlimited Wealth: 17 Hari Menuju Kebebasan Finansial by Bong Chandra (1 star ratings)

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