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Release the trigger, put the safety catch to safe, put the change lever to repetition, do up the dust cover and re-take control of the weapon. I stand ready to be corrected. Edited for mong typing. Ravers LE Kit Reviewer. I think he is talking about the function test for the A2 which you are supposed to carry out during the WHT.

From memory it goes a little something like this: Cock hook and look, carry out 7 point check, release working parts, ensure fire selector switch is set to 'R', ensure safety catch is applied, pull trigger making sure safety catch works i. It always struck me as odd that instructors make a full scale fecking tattoo out of the functions test - far more complex when explained and swotted up for a WHT than it should be.

Recruits Revision - Army Cadet Force Revision

But then again, I failed my first WHT. Something to do with the safety catch. DarkNinja LE Mar 23, How very SLR of you. I resemble that remark! You must log in or register to reply here. Started by chuggafugga Apr 16, Replies: Started by CptDanjou Jan 31, Replies: Shooting, Hunting and Fishing. Why didn't we simply take the M instead of SA Started by chuggafugga Jan 5, Replies: Time for change - EU calls time on daylightsaving Latest: Current Affairs, News and Analysis.

MILFs you would do. Targeting specific flabby areas? Sam The Bam 4 minutes ago.

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Things that irritate me Latest: Critically ill man 'former Russian spy' Part Two Latest: Thai cave rescue operation Latest: John G 11 minutes ago. How well travelled is Arrse? If a Weapon hasn't been under your direct supervision, you must make sure that it is clear before use. When handing somebody a weapon you must show them that it is clear and that NSP normal safety procedures have been taken, they must also take this action when handing you a weapon.

You must never rest the muzzle of a Weapon on any part of your body. The Weapon must always be attached to you by a sling, unless performing formal drill. A Weapon must always be in an unloaded state prior to travelling in a vehicle or performing non-tactical maneuveres on foot.

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  8. A Cadet must not be allowed to fire a Weapon unless they have been practised and instructed, and are being supervised. History of the ACF: After enrolling younger men to defend England, she realized the advantage this would have for the under priviliged boys of the Slums and created the first Cadet detachment, Southwark in Her aims were to teach the boys of the slums life skills like cleanliness, self-discipline and respect. The purpos e of Drill is to move a body of Cadets, or an individual from point to point in an organized fashion. It teaches Cadets to be smart and obedient and lays a base for self-discipline.

    First Aid is meant to provide, emergency Aid for an injured or sick person and prolong their well-being until proper medical attention can be provided, this can be remembered by the 3 Ps: Prevent the situation from worsening. Danger check for any danger that could injure you or could have injured the patient. Shout for Help twice you can't provide First Aid and phone the emergency services at the same time, so it is always useful to find help.

    5 Drills To Improve Weapon Handling - SWAT - POLICE Magazine

    Airway check that their Airway isn't blocked. Breathing check for breathing, if their breathing is normal and their airway isn't blocked, put them into the recovery position. R and Circulation if none of the above work start performing C. R, and check for circulation by pinching on their thumb, it should go white and then fill in with red blood. Assess the situation look around you, checking how they could have been injured. Make safe make the situation safe for you and the patient.

    Emergency Aid provide the necessary Emergency Aid. Get Help fairly self explanatory. Replenish and Report this means restocking the equipment you used e. R stands for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, and is performed when the patient isn't breathing.

    Gun safety

    It involves 30 chest compressions and then 2 rescue breaths, if the victim has been drowned then 5 rescue breaths are needed. This can only really be taught at detachment though, so make sure your paying attentinon. The Recovery Position, is a position that allows the patient to breathe normally and possibly dislodge any airway blockages, this can include their tongue or a piece of food.

    It also means that if they vomit it will go down and out their mouth, and not lodge in their throat, this is used when the patient is unconscious but breathing normally. This however must be taught at your detachment before being performed, you must also never perform CPR on a conscious person!