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Evidence-based Medicine Working Group. A new approach to teaching the practice of medicine. Journal of American Medical Association ; Google Scholar , Crossref , Medline. A new journal to help doctors identify the information they need.

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British Medical Journal ; Rosenberg, W, Donald, A. An approach to clinical problem-solving. On the need for evidence-based medicine. Journal of Public Health Medicine ; Google Scholar , Medline. Evidence-Based Medicine ; 1: How should cost-effectiveness information influence clinical practice? Delamothe, T , ed.

Outcome into Clinical Practice. British Medical Journal , Minimum data needed on patient preferences for accurate, efficient medical decision-making. Medical Care ; Adding insult to injury: New England Journal of Medicine ; In praise of the old time religion. An Explanation and Characterization.

Stochastic Dominance for Elliptical.

Decision Theory And Decision Analysis Trends And Challenges

Optimal Hypothesis Testing with a Vague Prior. Rational Comparisons and Numerical Representations. Robust Decision Making as a Decision. Experiments in Robust Decision Making. A Perspective on Recent Developments. Relevant studies were identified using the following electronic databases: This list of terms reflects the different terms used to refer to MCDA in the literature. In addition to electronic databases, the following conference proceedings were hand searched: The reference lists of previously published review of the literature and studies identified through the electronic databases search were also scrutinized for relevant citations.

Identified studies were independently examined by two reviewers G.

The trends that were analysed include health care by year of publication, journal source, country of publication, MCDA technique, type of intervention and application area. The literature search identified publications Fig. Of these, 23 duplicates were excluded. The screening of titles excluded 28, the screening of abstracts excluded 41, and the screening of the full texts further excluded A total of 66 publications met the inclusion criteria and were reviewed, including 61 articles, four dissertations and one technical report.

A bibliometric analysis was undertaken to present the publication trends of MCDA methods in health care by year of publication, journal source, country of publication, MCDA technique, type of intervention and application area.

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The citations meeting the inclusion criteria were published from to An increase in publication trend occurred in the years , , , , and These indicators suggest a statistically significant and steady increase in the number of published articles over the review time horizon and that the exponential model derived from Fig. The 66 publications were distributed among 47 journals that covered a wide range of areas. All retrieved documents were published from 20 countries Fig. The retrieved publications covered a total of 60 interventions or disease areas.

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The retrieved publications covered 14 areas of application Fig. The systematic review identified a substantial number of publications, and the bibiometric evidence presented is very optimistic concerning the growth of MCDA. The retrieved publications addressed a wide range of decision problems and used various MCDA methods. It is worth nothing that patients' involvement is not intended to transfer power to patients, but to endorse the decisions of clinicians and policymakers.

The finding about the majority of research published in scientific journals being in medical decision making is not a surprise given that it is the official journal of the Society for Medical Decision Making, thus represents the flagship journal of this particular research field. It is obvious that MCDA research became more global based on the fact that the publications covered different world regions.

Findings about the United States ranked first in terms of number of publications can be attributed to several factors, including the priority that has been given to improving the quality of health care and increasing the value of health expenditure. Our study reveals a significant use of the AHP certainly because it is very flexible, helps capture both subjective and objective aspects of a decision, and countless software have been developed to suit this method.

Cancer was the most researched disease topic because it is an important health problem globally. Based on the International Agency for Research on Cancer, there were an estimated In the past years, the advances in technologies, better understanding of the natural history of diseases have led to progress in diagnostic procedures and the refinement of treatment parameters.

This study also confirms the findings of prior work in that MCDA has the potential to improve decision making. The current work differs from the prior bibliometric analysis 27 and the review of the literature 28 that have documented MCDA applications in health care. First, the present study consisted of a systematic review. Second, this study sought to comprehensively review the literature by setting a larger time frame to capture a larger variety of studies.

The findings from this study should be considered in light of potential limitations.


First, the systematic review focused on English language publications; thus, relevant publications in other languages were not included. Second, it cannot be presumed that the search strategy, despite being inclusive, identified all publications. Nonetheless, a great number of electronic databases were used, bibliographies were hand searched, and experts in the field were contacted.

Third, the lack of standards for reporting on important aspects of MCDA may have undermined the quality of some publications. Even though the methodological quality of the publications included in the review was not appraised, at face value, the manner in which the studies were conducted appears to be relatively sound. Fourth, the publication bias favouring optimistic findings may not be underestimated.

The evidence presented in this review makes a valuable contribution to discussions about research methodology and best practices for decision making in health care. The evidence also tends to suggest that MCDA provides a sound and rigorous approach for decision making in health care. This article was written as a part of a doctoral dissertation. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Health Expect v.