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The bizarre and the mundane often bump up against each other, shrug and join forces… FIND ME has a funny way of resonating beyond its pages. The same could be said of van den Berg, whose debut novel lingers and aches in the memory.

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Often sick-funny and deeply weird, but also moving. Like her short stories, the novel borrows from the addictive properties of genre fiction and mainstream television. Questions plant themselves between paragraphs, unanswered, and curiosity steams through her book like a freight train of hope. Self-discovery has seldom felt like such an optimistic and essential pursuit as it does in the hands of Joy… impossible to forget.

Some of her lines are so arresting that I wanted to underline them, mark up the margins with stars or exclamation points. Joy feels compelled to make contact with the mother that abandoned her.

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She wants to embrace her life, but first she must teach herself how to do so. Her characters-like so many of us, like maybe all of us — often find themselves caught in Chinese finger traps, often of their own making, and it is something special on the page to watch as Laura van den Berg examines the ways in which they pull at the warp and weft. Her stories are gripping, filled with lonely characters—lovable head cases with elaborate personalities. Find Me , a master showcase of confidence and craft, is no exception. The combination makes her world very real, mythic, and feral.

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Everything, of course, but the people, who are still recognizably, poignantly human. To her credit, van den Berg is more interested in the survivors than the landscape.

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It is as if, in the last two pages, Van den Berg lets go of her hold on the key, and the novel winds itself down in a breathless, beautiful scene where Joy, too, lets go. Please click one of the following options to start:.

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