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Similarly, Nash goes ballistic when he finds out Thane is a rebel. Ciena finds this peculiar because up until this point she hadn't realized that Nash had dealt with Alderaan's destruction by doubling down on his fanaticism towards the Empire, justifying the destruction of his homeworld and family by believing anything they did was worth a utopian future and anyone who fought them was scum beyond compare. Ciena and Thane are reunited, but she's a prisoner of the New Republic with possible war crimes trials for her actions. The Empire is also rebuilding in the Unknown Regions.

Black and White Morality: The book still has the traditional Star Wars treatment, but has a Downplayed Trope example of the trope. The Imperials are, by and large, good people who are being unwittingly taken in by a terrible system that rationalizes evil actions until they become normal. Black and White Insanity: Nash develops a case of this after the destruction of Alderaan. By the end of the book Ciena Ree is a jaded cynic, and her early idealism is completely destroyed.

Nash has always wanted to meet Princess Leia. After it turns out she's a rebel involved in stealing the Death Star plans, Nash views her as this, the first of a snowball effect that leads into his Black and White Insanity. Thane hates bullies, mainly because his father and older brother were both bullies. In fact, he and Ciena become friends because Thane charges a bunch of kids bullying Ciena when she tries to sneak a look at Tarkin's shuttle.

It also ultimately leads to his decision to defect from the Empire and join the Rebel Alliance. In the manga adaptation, the main characters from Rogue One are shown from the back in an exposition scene. Claudia Gray says many of the characters were modeled off of real world actors. For example, Ciena is given command of a Star Destroyer at the age of twenty-five.

She realizes what this means; the only reason she has the command is because the Empire is simply desperate for competent officers to replace the ones killed or captured. Nash undergoes a transformation from an easy-going idealist to a brutal and ruthless fascist over the course of the book.

After Thane and Ciena leave Jelucan, each return they make to it has the planet in an even shittier situation than when they last saw it. And it wasn't a terribly pleasant place even before the Empire came. The last time Ciena sees it, when her mother is framed by the Empire for embezzlement, it's unrecognizable to her, covered in smog and filled with decay in the streets. Even by the end of the story, it's still under Imperial control. Thane and Ciena come from two very different backgrounds. They also join sides which interfere with their beliefs.

Thane thinks everyone is out for themselves and all governments are innately corrupt. It makes him the odd man out in the Rebel Alliance which is a peppy, idealistic, band of do-gooders. Death Faked for You: Ciena tells her superiors that Thane had committed suicide out of grief over the destruction of the First Death Star rather than report his desertion, and says he did so in a way that would guarantee his body was eaten by scavengers.

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Thus any attempt by the ISB to prove she was lying would be futile, so long as Thane had enough sense to get off their homeworld. Ciena tries to do this by crashing her Star Destroyer into Jakku. Thane prevents her from having it. Ciena has a lot of this toward the Empire's callous brutality and shocking For the Evulz.

Thane, by contrast, mentally filters out just about everything which makes the Rebel Alliance an idealistic band of heroes out to save the galaxy. It takes a long time for him to realize they're actually as good as they say. Nash Windrider is a decent enough man at the beginning, but the destruction of Alderaan drives him to full-on Black and White Insanity. The Empire sentences Ciena's mother to hard labor, even though a almost everyone knows she's innocent, and b the hard labor could be better accomplished by droids. Fate Worse than Death: Ciena starts to consider Imperial service this as well as a Ironic Hell due to how evil they've become.

Her code of honor prevents her from ever stopping serving it.

A Downplayed Trope example. Thane works for the Rebellion with Luke Skywalker living just down the hall, but continues to believe the Force is ridiculous nonsense. Doubly so with so many people in living memory who knew the Jedi. Also, despite the staggering amount of weird coincidences that keep bringing him and Ciena together. Ciena's friend Berisse Sai is an Imperial officer from Lothal with somewhat similar views to Nash, but less outwardly fanatical. Thane and Corona Squadron spend most of the year between the Battles of Hoth and Endor scouting out various planets. One of them is D'Qar , which is discussed as being a good potential base location.

At the end of the book the Empire and the New Republic have signed an official peace treaty, but in secret facilities and bases in a nebula the Imperial Navy is secretly being rebuilt away from the prying eyes of the New Republic and plans are being drawn up for the next war. What Ciena and Thane morph into. The problem is that neither of their sides is particularly okay with this. Thane Kyrell, of course. Kendy Idele also mutinied with most of her unit against the Empire on Miriatin, with the survivors joining the Rebel Alliance.

This novel contains the following tropes:

Alderaan causes this for a lot of characters in the book, Thane being the biggest one. Ciena holds onto her Genre Blindness right up until she sees the Emperor and senses, essentially, that he's a Humanoid Abomination. The defining characteristic of the valley culture of Jelucan; originally they were settlers who fled another world when their monarch was overthrown and they refused to swear allegiance to the new government. They place a massive emphasis on never violating an oath, even if it may be morally wrong not to do so.

Ciena believes in this so strongly that it takes her years to realizes the Empire is evil, even Alderaan doesn't completely shock her out of it. Even after she comes to that realization she continues to serve it as best she can; although she feels miserable about doing so. Thane is the one person who shows up to support Ciena's family when her mother is framed for embezzlement.

Years of Imperial rule and oaths have made all of her family's friends, those they stood by in their times of crisis, unwilling and afraid to openly support anyone the Empire has branded as a criminal. Thane is an outsider and a member of the Rebellion, and Ciena swore she'd turn him in if she ever saw him again. But he shows up just the same and Ciena can't bring herself to turn him away. His squadron thinks he's an absolute nutter for doing it, but he doesn't back down. Horrible Judge of Character: Ciena Ree has a major case of this regarding the Imperial higher-ups. She always thinks the best of them and their motivations, even when it becomes abundantly obvious most of them are only out for themselves or sadistic bullies.

Nash believes that Ciena is a loyal, willing Imperial officer like him, never realizing she hates serving them but feels she has no choice. He also never figures out she's in love with Thane, even after she goes out of her way to save him during a dogfight. May be a case of Selective Obliviousness given his feelings for her and his hatred of Thane. Thane believes his fellow rebels are only fighting for revenge against the Empire, or in the case of rebel leaders like Leia and Mon Mothma, because they want to take over the galaxy for themselves.

It takes years of fighting alongside them before he realizes that the rebellion actually practices what it preaches, and really does want to make the galaxy a better place. Ciena senses something about Vader and Palpatine latent Force-sensitivity? This is particularly the case with Palpatine, the more evil of the two. Just seeing him from a distance nearly makes Ciena sick to her stomach. Ciena unwittingly becomes this as she continually focuses on her loyalty to the Empire, while becoming disgusted with Nash for doing the same.

Ciena's own rationalizations about why to continue to serve the Empire despite it personally destroying her life are Not So Different from Nash's. After spending months in the hospital following the Battle of Endor, Ciena is given command of an Imperial -class Star Destroyer despite being only twenty-five years old. This tells her just how bad a shape the Imperial Navy is in. Combined with Sanity Slippage for Nash Windrider.

No one actually expects him to remain loyal to the Empire, but he contorts his brain into a pretzel to make not only Alderaan's destruction justified but a moral sacrifice for the greater good. It makes him a terrifyingly loyal Imperial. A lesser example is Ciena justifying Alderaan's destruction as a preventative measure to save the lives of billions. An action done with only the greatest regret and with deepest sadness. It falls apart when she sees the Empire built a Second Death Star.

Lost Stars

The book starts with Thane being the cynic and Ciena being the idealist. By the end of the book, these positions are reversed. The most brutal die-hard fanatical Imperial is the one from Alderaan. The spiritual poor honorable heroic idealist is loyal to the Empire, while the atheist cynical rich boy is the Rebel soldier. Nash is an interesting case as he never does anything bad except have repellent beliefs, which are very likely him trying to keep himself from going crazy.

He ends up in a cushy position in the Empire with a fast-track to promotion during a time of relative peace for the next thirty years. Switch orientation Lyrics don't fit on one line? Try landscape mode instead of portrait.

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Fmaj7 Fmaj7 Please don't see just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasies Fmaj7 Please see me reaching out for someone I can see Em Fmaj7 Take my hand let's see where we wake up tomorrow Em Fmaj7 Best laid plans sometimes it's just a one night stand Em Fmaj7 I'd be damned Cupid's demanding back his arrow G G So let's get drunk on our tears and Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young C Fmaj7 It's hunting season and the lambs are on the run Em Searching for meaning D Dm Gsus4 G But are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark?

Fmaj7 Who are we? Just a spec of dust within the galaxy Fmaj7 Woe is me if we're not careful turns into reality Em Fmaj7 Don't you dare let all these memories bring you sorrow Em Fmaj7 Yesterday I saw a lion kiss a deer Em Fmaj7 Turn the page maybe we'll find a brand new ending G G Where we're dancing in our tears and Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young C Fmaj7 It's hunting season and the lambs are on the run Em Searching for meaning D Dm Gsus4 G But are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark?

D Dm F G But are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark?