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In a study of two mid-nineteenth century Montreal Unitarian periodicals the author demonstrates that such periodicals conformed to the standard communications circuit but, owing to the emphasis on theology rather than on profit, provided variations at each point: As do other religious periodicals, the two Montreal periodicals provide an insight into the life of their community, as well as into the personal and publication networks, both local and international, of their denomination. To protect the work from copyright infringement in the interim, Fleury and co-editor Theodore Stanton translated the French manuscript material into English and added content.

Reves De Femmes

The European publishers, expecting a French manuscript, were dismayed at translating a translation, while re-translation of their versions into English posed the greatest threat to copyright. A mismatched set of supposedly identical translations was the result. In the s and 70s, a new interest in the prehistory of fantastic literature found its paperback and digest magazine form in projects of textual recovery like the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series, Forgotten Fantasy Magazine, and the Newcastle Forgotten Fantasy series.

This article describes how the material form of these books speaks to their intended audience of fans of science fiction and fantasy, and compares the processes of editing and disseminating Victorian fantasy to the social practices of SF fandom.

In the colourful covers and facsimile reprints of these reprints the exigencies of cheap dissemination and the desire to make the works accessible to a modern audience result in eclectic, modern paratexts under the guidance of editors such as Doug Menville, Robert Reginald, and Lin Carter, themselves active readers who form, collect, and print their own personalized bodies of essential fantasy literature, blurring the arbitrary boundaries between author, reader, editor, publisher, and fan. A study of the promotional discourse at that time by those who developed these series reveals a desire to make contemporary and classical literary masterpieces available to as many readers as possible.

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Poche de Royan et de la pointe de Grave

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The Memoirs of Philip de Commines, lord of Argenton: Edited with life and notes, by Andrew R. Scoble, London, Bohn, , 2 t. Scoble, London, Bell, , 2 t. Reviews of New Books , 2: Baldwin, dans The American Historical Review , Morgan, dans French Studies , There were so many holiday events this past weekend but we decided to check out the Etsy Holiday event Chateau Flaugergues in Montpellier. The gardens were free to visit and it was a nice little event. Even bought a bottle of wine to go with our food truck burger.

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We visited the Perpignan Christmas Market. Open Monday to Thursday Not much happening during the week except the booths but a very pretty location along the river.

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Louise Hurren 11 December at Karen Whitehouse is at Les Memoires de Puisserguier. Louise Hurren is with Maureen Lyons. Liesbeth Hoogaars is in Montpellier, France. Wendy Hicks 10 December at Sarah Hague shared a link. Today, tomorrow, Saturday only, Montpellier light show in the Ecusson.

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