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Have you heard of Martingale staking? Our guide will also show you which system is best for betting wisely and recouping your losses. These systems give bettors patterns to help them to increase earnings by giving strategies to win. Some work by betting more when you win, while others function well by decreasing wagers as you lose. Negative progression systems sound big and fancy, but think about it like this: In this case, you increase your stake each time you lose. Why would I increase my bet if I lose? This method can be super successful, but be careful: If you start a losing streak, you may get in over your head.

The Martingale involves progressively betting more every time you lose. The gain, however, could be quite rewarding. Statistically speaking, you should always win the same number of bets you lose.

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Using this assumption, you choose a percentage of your total bankroll to use for each bet. Each time you lose, increase your bet by one base unit until you win. The Labouchere splits your bet into several wager amounts. It can become costly quickly, which can leave you out of pocket and frustrated.

This is exactly what it sounds like. Positive progression systems are the exact opposite of negative ones. Raise your stake for each win, rather than each loss. Well, they are created either by professional sports bettors or by sports bettors like yourself.

The Secret of Success

Well, the value of the system goes away if everyone is jumping on the bandwagon every time there is an opportunity. All of the lines will instantly correct, and the opportunity will go away. For this reason, anyone who comes up with a winning system will usually keep that system to themselves. Sometimes they will sell their picks or give them away for free on rare occasions , but they will never let you see their system. Think of it like KFC. As you might guess, coming up with a winning system is not easy. If it were easy, there would be no value in sports betting because everyone would be crushing the books until all the good opportunities dried up.

It would be near impossible to get your hands on any value unless you were the quickest bettor in the land.

Your Complete Guide to Sports Betting Systems

The sportsbooks would also put out perfect lines because their system would be flawless. Before we talk about how to build your own sports betting system, you probably want to know why you would invest your time into creating one. Is it right for you? Is there a strong enough benefit there to make it worth your while? The point of a sports betting system is that it has checks and balances that make it profitable under any condition. This means that once you are able to develop a winning strategy, you can start pressing your bets and winning big.

Sports betting strategies

This should be the first and the last benefit on this list. When you develop a winning sports betting strategy, you have a sure-fire way to continually make money betting on sports. When your system has parameters rooted in statistics, it makes it hard for emotion to come into play. The only way that emotion can creep in is if you are undisciplined and refuse to stick to your system. In order to create that system, it will force you to dig into the stats of the sports you are looking to bet.

This will inevitably make you a much more educated sports bettor.

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It will help you to find trends, patterns, and other factors that you might not be aware of. Sports betting systems help to alleviate this problem by giving your betting structure. When you have a winning system or at least a system that you are testing, you have a jumping-off point every week.

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For that reason, the tips and steps below will be somewhat general but should help to push you in the right direction. The logical first step to developing an effective sports betting system is deciding which sport you want to bet on. We recommend choosing the sport you have the most knowledge in. Once you are sufficiently crushing it there, you can look to expand your horizons if you choose to do so at that time.

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Your first and last stop when creating your sports betting system should be statistics. Start by making a list of things that you think are important when selecting the winner of a game.

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  • You can even start assessing how important you think that each of these stats is. You will not be disappointed. Also, think outside the box.

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    • Look for statistics that you think are important regardless of what other people might think. You may find that you come up with a few different checklists that you want to try. Again, we will talk about how to deal with this during the testing phase below. Now, there are two ways that you can go about this. Neither is right or wrong; they just depend on your personal preference. This is a great idea if you are able to differentiate between a bet you would really make and a bet that you might not actually pull the trigger on. It also allows you to test out multiple systems at once without risking a lot of money.

      While this is about making a profit and not about fun, we are human, and we get this. This is why we like to offer up the second method of testing that you can try. You can bet your system with very small bets. This will force you to see if you have any issues with following your system when money is on the line, give you a chance to make money if your system is good, and give you some entertainment value to keep you from going crazy.