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Projects must positively impact elementary, middle, or high school students. Strong proposals must demonstrate innovation and a clear method of implementation. Unaffiliated individual applicants must contact program staff prior to applying. The goal of this program is to increase diversity and interest in the STEM disciplines, prepare students Applicants must create or verify the required registrations by September Applications are invited from individuals who are pursuing advanced research that offers value to humanities schola Applicants are advised to ensure the required registrations are complete well in advance of the deadline date.

This program enables scholars, students, teachers, and the publi Funding is intended to liven the urban atmosphere while giving artists a Grants to USA IHEs, state agricultural research stations, other research organizations, federal agencies, national laboratories, private organizations, corporations, groups, and individuals for research addressing agricultural resilience and sustainability. Funding is intended to support programming and initiatives in the areas of Educational Programs, Nutrition and Fitness, Innovation and Technology, and School and Grants to Pennsylvania local governments to support municipal recycling programs.

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Funding may be used for the recycling of materials such as glass, aluminum and steel cans, corrugated cardboard, plastics, newspapers, as well as other marketable grades of paper. The proposal budget may account for eligible materials collect The Fellowship is intended to support projects that advance causes in progressive politics and social justice, as well as transformative media and technology initiatives. Special interest is sh Grants to New York nonprofits to provide free high-quality legal services to eligible clients.

Funding is intended for individual case services, pro bono services, community legal education, pro se assistance, referrals, online outreach, and group services. In furtherance of its mission, and in recognition that no singl Funding is intended to support the artistic work of artists residing in the Region's seven counties: Awards to Texas communities, organizations, businesses, and citizens to recognize outstanding contributions to environmental protection and preservation.

Awards are made in the categories of education, civic and community, agriculture, individual, environmental educators, innovation operations and management, pollution pre Funding may be requested for technology upgrades, facility renovations, tools for STEM programs, and safety improvements. Preference will be given to requests tha Funding may be requested for activities that promote local artists, support organizational effectiveness, and offer cultural experiences that welcome people of all Grants to Pennsylvania nonprofit organizations and businesses for projects, attractions, and events to encourage tourism in Clearfield County.

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The first round of applications is due September 28, Funding may be used for website design and improvements, tourism promotion, and signage. Applicants must use the media Grants to Arkansas nonprofit organizations and public schools to support investment education programs for students in grades Funding may be used for the purchase of appropriate educational, software, and resource materials or equipment. Award decisions will be based upon program merit, number of students impacted, a The program will allow end users to enter their login information once to access the supported applications, and will enable the IT teams to man In-kind grants to USA, Canada, and International educational institutions and public sector organizations for management and consulting services to assist in migrating users to an online office suite.

The suite is designed to bring institutions cloud storage, faster email, and other benefits. The purpose of this grant is t Projects must be primarily of a engineering, manufacturing, or technical nature, rather than literary, artistic, or performance-bas The purpose of this program is to help agricultural operations within the state become more profitable and sustainable through strategic investments.

Eligible Investments and Exclusions: Opportunity for rural Northeastern Minnesota communities in eligible regions to participate in a program to advance access to technology and broadband use. Grants to USA, Canada, and International education institutions and public sector organizations for new technology services. Funding is intended for institutions with a small IT budget to allow them to implement a development platform for use by staff, students, and faculty.

The grant includes the following mobile app f The program of funding is to support programs that encourage arts and music awareness, professional development, events, performance, and education. This annual grant is available to no Eligible schools are from the following school districts: Be certain you understand them and follow them to the letter. Note the deadline and whether the proposal must be received or postmarked by that date.

Be clear about your mission. The proposed program should be clearly based on the challenges you face. The purpose of the grant is to meet the specific needs you have identified, so adequately describe the reason you need the program and include the use of statistics and other research data when possible.

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  • Write a golden abstract. Most proposals, particularly foundation and corporate proposals, require a project abstract. The abstract defines your entire project—needs, goals, objectives, and budget—within a few paragraphs or a page at most. This summary is usually read first. Grant writers often find it helpful to save writing the abstract for last because you can include excerpts from your own text, edited to suit the shorter format. Make the abstract easier to read by using subheads and bullets.

    Use the active voice in your abstract. Smart goals are specific, measurable, attainable or attainable with budget , relevant, and time-bound. Every proposal will require at least one section that describes the broad goals and measurable objectives of your project. Your budget and budget narrative must closely match the described activities.

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    Your evaluation should carefully measure whether the stated project objectives are being met on a timely basis. Work with other educators and parents, especially those who have a passion for the project—and even better, grant writing experience! Write a standout cover letter. The cover letter should bring your project to life and actively engage the recipient in one page with 3 to 4 paragraphs.

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    Keep your tone positive. Your first paragraph should be short and focused. Introduce yourself and your district or school, and summarize any recent communication with the funding organization. State your purpose, the amount of money you are requesting, and who it will serve. Include a final thought about what this funding partnership can mean, and focus on solutions, not problems. Be grateful and collaborative.

    What are technology grants for teachers and why are they needed?

    Even if your proposal is not funded, it is a good policy to send a thank you note to the grantor for the opportunity to submit your proposal. Ask if it is possible to receive reviewer comments so that you can see why your proposal was not funded. Use the reviewer comments to improve your proposal-writing techniques.

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    If you are selected, keep your funder informed about the progress of your project, particularly about documenting results—it can make it easier to obtain your next round of grant funding 3 Take advantage of these technology grant databases. There are also links to non-federal grants programs on the site. Why it works One stop site for government grants, large and small How to get it Every grant has different criteria, so check listings for details. Who needs it The site has grant information for schools and school districts, nonprofits, libraries, colleges and community colleges, and researchers.

    Why it works Provides links to government and private funders for a wide variety of projects.

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    Funding opportunities range from pure research grants to arts programs, biomedical and health care research, community services programs, children and youth programs, K education funding, international programs, and operating grants for nonprofit organizations. How to get it Every grant has different criteria, so check listings for details. GrantWatch What is it Search engine identifies grants for: Who needs it Any individual or entity who is looking for a highly detailed source.