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Burns Sci-Fi Space Western - available soon in print and electronic format! A mild-mannered alien-human hybrid accepts the Justice of Commerce position on a remote planet, hoping to act out some of his Old West fantasies, and ends up facing a real showdown with marauding aliens.

Anoli-human hybrid Passonne Boulongee - one of a kind in the universe - finds out the hard way he's more than just an alien with striking blue skin and flowing white hair.

After a clever coworker convinces him to 'live his dream' of the Old West by accepting a four-year offworld assignment as the new Justice of Commerce Officer on a dusty, forgotten remote planet, he realizes Beantown's not the role-playing haven he was led to believe. Its only real industry is the exportation of a plethora of hybrid beans, for which it got its name. In , solar was the second-largest source of new generation capacity behind natural gas - its prospects look bright in and beyond as costs continue to decline and improve the LCOE picture.

It's now increasingly recognised that the transition into the post-carbon era must involve not simply "adaptation" and "mitigation" — the stale buzzwords of bureaucracy - but entail radical transformation of our societies at multiple levels. Even the IPCC's forthcoming mitigation plan concedes: But perhaps no clearer manifesto for this transformation came from an unexpected editorial in the British Medical Journal, stating that: Immediate and transformative action is needed at every level: Less air pollution will cut the global burden of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, and heart disease… If we are to avoid catastrophic climate change and bequeath a sustainable planet worth living on, we must push, as individuals and as a profession, for a transformed, sustainable, and fair world.

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The post-carbon era is upon us. Unfortunately, the Zombie Incumbency is in denial — but one wouldn't expect much more from the walking dead. The only question, therefore, is what can each of us as individuals do — however small within our own context - to start becoming the change we want to see in the world?

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Because before every giant leap was a baby step. And How to Save It among other books. Follow him on Twitter nafeezahmed. The perfect storm is here The report states unequivocally that: Forget dystopia — welcome to an unlivable planet What's most disturbing about the new report, though, is its business as usual scenarios.

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For anyone who doubts how alarming this trajectory really is, the following IPCC statement is notable: Burn, baby, burn In a series of carefully-timed reports released on the same day as the IPCC's climate impact assessment, Exxon-Mobil said that it will continue to sell fossil fuels without restriction despite climate change, and that it was confident governments would do the same: The walking dead vs the rest of us But Big Oil is dead wrong.

Rising and volatile gas prices, and the structurally disadvantageous nature of coal and nuclear due to ageing nuclear fleets and high production costs led Citigroup to conclude: Topics Environment Earth insight. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? BP closes Brisbane refinery, with hundreds of jobs to go.

Up to jobs will go in closure sparked by competition from large Asia-Pacific refineries, says company president. Affiliate Publishers feature your advertising link here!

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Thanks for your patience while we gradually build the catalog of books available through our site A widow and her young son face danger of intergalactic proportion when a programmed killer is sent to retrieve stolen alien technology. Learning to Love on Indian Time by C. A woman newly ordained as a minister travels across country to become pastor in a small South Dakota town and wonders if she'll fit in with the western and Native American cultures. With the help of a ruggedly handsome rancher, she learns that everything in these parts - including love - runs at a different pace, 'Indian Time.

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An aura of light surrounded him, illuminating his perfection with intensity strong enough to induce an epiphany. This was an angel - or The Devil incarnate - in a black tuxedo.

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A mystery writer trying to gain the respect her craft deserves runs afoul of a caustic talk-show host who hates mystery writers with a passion that engulfs them both. Yesterday they were strangers Samantha McCall might look like a hot and spicy romance author, but writing under the name Sam McCall, she pens murder mysteries Samantha's agent promises her big break will come with a last-minute scheduled appearance on a popular nighttime TV talk show. Samantha knows the host's reputation and is not so sure that's a good idea. Acid-tongued talk-show host Tony Garrett hates the mystery genre and despises the writers even more.

Without even seeing the author about to appear on stage with him, he maligns 'Mr.